Differences and characteristics of different conductive filler of conductive rubber

by:Keyuan     2020-12-04
Formulation of the conductive rubber products, its conductive properties depend on the selection and dosage of the conductive fillers, the conductive rubber manufacturers to introduce the difference between the different conductive fillers and characteristics. Common carbon filling systems are: carbon black, carbon fiber and graphite. Refer to ( 'Nickel plating graphite conductive rubber performance and technical parameters of introduction') 1. Carbon black which is divided into: carbon black acetylene carbon black, furnace black, cracking carbon black, carbon black, etc. Acetylene black features: high purity, good dispersion. Furnace black features: high electrical conductivity. Cracking method of carbon black features: low electrical conductivity, but the cost is low. Channel characteristics: carbon black conductive performance is low, particle size small, often used for coloring. The conductive rubber products recommended: carbon black conductive rubber, graphite conductive rubber 2 nickel plating. Carbon fiber is polyacrylonitrile carbon fiber here ( PAN) Class, its electrical performance is good, the cost is higher, but the processing problems, need with conductive contact. 3. Graphite, is divided into: natural graphite and artificial graphite. Its different graphite by origin, varies from place to place, difficult points and refinement. Common metal filling system is: metal powder, metal oxide, metal pieces, metal fiber. The metal powders: gold, silver, copper, nickel, etc. The most common. Metal oxide is commonly: ZnO, SnO2, In2O2, etc. Pieces of metal: aluminum is the most common. Metal fibre: aluminum, nickel, stainless steel, etc. Metal implants based on the oxidation problem, the price of gold and silver is higher, can be used for transparent color products, conductive performance is poor. Of course there are other filler of conductive rubber, such as glass beads, metallized fiber, etc. , the metal surface coating metallized, such filler of conductive rubber, it is worth noting: bad problems in processing time. Relevant article recommended: different conductive silver material of electromagnetic shielding conductive rubber rubber application formula design of rubber and filler selection
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