Development and current situation of high hardness silicone liquid products

by:Keyuan     2020-09-18
Along with the development of organic silicon industry, product technology level and the upgrading of technical requirement, liquid silicone products molding process has become the mainstream in the current processing way, if anyone wants the product selection of high quality high precision processing basic liquid without any defects, so the liquid silicone technology development trend of the value, and with the mature technology of liquid, the silicone raw materials has certain limitations, high hardness, liquid silicone technology can mature? Liquid silicone raw material after more than 50 degrees, normally the product processing difficulty will increase, because it's different from solid molding, raw material belongs to the watery paste form, so when the hardness of the lift, mixing and cylinder will be more troublesome, and as hardness increase resistance to tear strength decreased, the higher the hardness, the more prone to fracture and damage phenomenon. High hardness of silicone rubber products is one of the many products need to use, and liquid silica gel at present in our life of some products, which are frequently used both in performance and feel to comparative advantage, but a lot of silica gel products factory is not willing to use high hardness of liquid silicone material, because the higher the hardness of feeding the slower the liquid material in the mould, production and processing will seriously affect the efficiency and the loss of mould, and bad will affect the production efficiency. Silicone products manufacturer is known to all solid state technology has reached 90 degrees hardness requirements, with mature technology in the future is likely to exceed 100 degrees or higher hardness, and in the liquid silicone production technology of high hardness silicone material is not mature, in the early years began to study abroad instead of solid forming of high hardness silicone rubber, liquid but due to technical problems have been difficult to solve, need to make sure that the strength of the material liquidity and high toughness in ensure that raw materials do not have any added crosslinking agent to ensure that the vulcanization molding time, and liquidity, so the material has been limited to the low temperature has been difficult to break through. Now liquid silicone products raw materials from the original 50 degrees up to 60 to 70 degrees, now gradually break through technology level of the development of liquid silicone products also gradually mature, from only a few countries control high hardness technology so far has been spreading around the world, the sex is complicated by the diversification of products and change the demand of high hardness of liquid silicone material also increase gradually, now 70 degrees is the technical limit of organic silicon industry at present, but believe that high hardness liquid silicone materials in the near future will gradually break through the limited technology.
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