Details of insulating rubber parsing

by:Keyuan     2020-12-05
Rubber insulation for us to need not strange, because in our cognitive sense is rubber insulation, but for the industry, and high power machinery and equipment, insulation rubber far more than we understand so simple. Insulating rubber sheet is a kind of has a larger volume resistivity and electric breakdown resistant rubber sheet. Insulation rubber sheet is one of the insulation board, insulation rubber sheet the choose and buy of attention to matters we must pay attention to its quality grades. Insulating rubber sheet quality request has two aspects: on the one hand, the volume of insulating rubber insulation resistance, dielectric constant, high breakdown voltage, high power of identity, such as corona numerical down comprehensive motor can weigh the insulation rubber sheet; In general, insulating rubber sheet can motor inspection request not so specific, just experiment voltage and has a certain margin between the voltage, the best use of sufficient to guaranteeing personal peace. Industrial non-slip | insulation resistance to high temperature | anti-static rubber sheet, on the other hand is the labor of insulation rubber sheet rubber is different from quality is different, the tense body now physical function, and the breath of the insulating rubber sheet, durability, flexible, waterproof, prevent mildew and use fixed number of year, etc. Insulating rubber sheet using the request and condition, such as utilization of wettability, sunlight, etc. Anti-static rubber sheet is widely used in substation, power plants, substations, lab, friends and the wilderness charged homework using tension made of insulation class with glue insulation against surface should be no harmless irregularity. Harmless irregularity refers to one of the following characteristics, which damage the uniformity, damage on the surface of the smooth surface, such as holes, cracks, department of uplift, incision, mixed conducting foreign body, creasing, gap, high ripple and casting marks, etc. Harmless irregularity refers to a temporary labor process of surface irregularities. ( 1) Has the very good elasticity. Under the external force impregnation stretch of crystallization. Since the reinforcing a lot; Uniform molecular weight is very big. ( 2) Natural rubber is a kind of crystalline rubber. Is given to its high mechanical strength. Is has a good processing function. With good dispersibility and total soluble chelating agent. ( 3) Because of its broad molecular weight distribution. Easily with packing and other major rubber miserably with, easy to end rolling, extrusion and other mechanical processing and paste shape. ( 4) Has good permeability, waterproof resistance, cold resistance, insulating rubber sheet electrical insulation and heat insulation function, etc. ( 5) Not resistant to aging is a natural rubber fatal problem. Industrial rubber sheet in the use of the applicable scope is wide, the product of good toughness and antiskid, seismic product use is suitable for hotel, conference halls, sports occasions walkway, hotel, gym, kitchen, stack, such as the bathroom air laid, with non-slip, fitness, such advantages as bright red, black, blue, green, grey, brown, a variety of light for your choice, woven bag packing, walk but volume poly packing asbestos rubber sheet series product tension has all kinds of high, medium and high pressure, they can withstand oil, acid, with steel net asbestos rubber sheet in foshan custom rubber products co. , LTD. Is specialized in silicone rubber products, welcome to inquire.
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