Details can be key to influence the silicone products!

by:Keyuan     2020-09-25
In the production process of some small problems sometimes tend to affect the silica gel products quality and production process. Such as product bad when parting parting, kill yourself torn burrs is too big lead to products, and some mould develop hole number is too much, and more intensive products, compare the small products in the stripper to ensure that the second nozzle screen printing can better and faster production, so make sure the whole mould when the mold surface shall not have falls off phenomenon, this need to solve the problem of these details during production, for this kind of phenomenon. What should I do? Is compared commonly small things need to do the mold release such as sealing ring, hand ring, some daily sundries, one is to be able to make faster when the cutting edge, secondly, in order to more convenient when logo printing. Processing method is as follows: 1 water spraying can ensure rapid stripping, stripping, so he had to do a few die after spraying a little stripping water can't guarantee the mold surface sticking later. 2, stable time control of the mold, the mold ahead of time will lead to products appear soft and sticky mold phenomenon seriously, time is too long, can cause the mold appeared products too brittle blow mould easily from the middle fracture, so the fixed time in and out of the mould is the best way. 3, the dosage of the glue material influence the thickness and quality of products, also is the need to control in a certain weight, too light will lead to products in missing Angle, burrs too thick too heavy can also lead to products from the cutting edge tear easily. 4, temperature and pressure control in the range of products, high and low temperature can also affect the product not easy demoulding and tear phenomenon, after too much stress can also affect the whole mold products do not connect. Factors influencing the product for the silicone products manufacturer is not only the above several reasons, there will be many external factors, such as mold, environment, raw materials, and so on, for the silicone products not easy mold release can also in this several reasons for problems, but for most of the phenomenon appeared in the mould and the machine, so the silicone products manufacturer recommendations in the production process of looking for a variety of factors in a comprehensive solution. Xiamen silicone manufacturers - Silica gel products co. , LTD. ( )
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