Details about the classification of the latex material it with silica gel what are the differences?

by:Keyuan     2020-09-29
Speaking of silica gel and latex, presumably many consumers will put the two when, as a kind of material, because they have very similar appearance and comfortable feel so in the necessities of the two kinds of materials do not understand friend may be material and performance advantages of it are indistinguishable, silicone products and latex products are now widely used in our daily life, but what for latex products it detailed classification? Latex and silica gel on one of its raw materials are from rubber trees cut out, and white solid content of about 40%, the same adhesive molecular particles of 1. 6 microns, latex, it also can be divided into a variety of process synthesis, generally divided into the following three kinds of commonly used and more mature: 1, synthetic latex is a kind of rubber latex emulsion polymerization. To add water and colloid generated solution polymerization surfactant, make the rubber particles dispersed in water, and then steamed in addition to the solvent. If the rubber is not fully dissolved in solvent, raw rubber and rubber can be in the presence of aqueous phase containing emulsifier, kneading, until some form stable rubber. The purpose of the synthetic latex and synthetic latex are basically the same. 2, natural latex rubber tapping the outflow of liquid, has milk-white, solid content is 30% ~ 40%, average rubber particle diameter of 1. 6 microns. Fresh natural latex rubber composition 27% ~ 41. 3% ( Quality) 0, 44% ~ 70% water, protein. 2% ~ 4. 0, natural resin 2% ~ 5%, sugar 5%. 36% ~ 4. 2%, ash content 0. 4%. In order to prevent the natural latex solidification by microorganisms, the action of enzymes, often join ammonia and other stabilizer. Natural latex is mainly used for production of sponge products, extruded products and impregnated products. 3, synthetic latex that normally made by emulsion polymerization, such as polybutadiene latex, butyl benzene latex. To make the solid content of 40% ~ 70%, first make the rubber particles agglomeration into larger particles, then adopt the method of similar to natural latex concentrate. Synthetic latex is mainly used for carpets, papermaking, textile, printing, coating and adhesive industries. And silica gel is by adding the silica rubber emulsion, silicone oil, silicone resin and silicone reinforcing in the vulcanizing agent with curing become different hardness of silicone rubber raw material, product and processing molding thickness difference between the different additives, different performance, comfort and service life of the material is different, so the silicone products and latex products on daily life all have their own category product categories.
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