despite dangers, some get illicit silicone shots

by:Keyuan     2020-07-02
Clara tolantino was scared when she was 43. year-
Last year, the old sister died after receiving a liquid silicone injection to increase the shape of her hips. The 35-year-
Old Trantino has good reason to do so.
In 2006, she also paid $2,000 for liquid silicone injections.
\"I didn\'t do that many times as my sister did. . .
But I\'m scared, \"said the Dominican woman who lives in the Bronx.
\"I\'m afraid something will happen to me.
\"Her sister, fiodarza Picado, died in the march.
According to the autopsy, she had about 1,400 mg of silicone in her lungs.
Her thighs and hips are dotted with fresh injection parts.
The Office of Forensic Medicine in New York City says the cause of death is silicone pulmonary embolism.
Liquid silicone is not approved for cosmetic injection in the United States.
It can kill, disfigure, and lead to long
Health problems.
Still, for women who want a more rounded breast, hip and more symmetrical thigh, untrained suppliers are keen to find it on the black market.
Especially notorious
\"There, people, usually male members --to-
The women\'s transgender community gathered together to inject silica gel in the hope of feminizing their appearance.
According to a study reported at 2006 meeting of the North American Radiology Society, 11 women or transgender people have silicone pulmonary embolism and died after receiving a liquid silicone injection.
The study included 44 people over the age of 15. year period.
\"Every complication we find is related to this illegal use,\" said Dr, the lead author of the study . \"C.
San Diego resterpo, a professor of radiology at the University of Texas Health Sciences Center in San Antonio, \"Unfortunately, because it is an illegal act, it is difficult to know how common or what these numbers are. \"Both the U. S.
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the United StatesS.
The Food and Drug Administration has not kept data on injuries or deaths caused by illegal cosmetic injections.
\"From a public health perspective, we need to start looking at regulatory gaps and issues,\" said Dr CDC . \"Priti Patel.
She was one of the investigators sent to North Carolina in 2007, and the top three women developed kidney failure after injecting possible liquid silica gel. The U. S.
The Food and Drug Administration has not approved silicone injections since 1992.
At present, the FDA has only one liquid silicone product.
Approved for the treatment of retinal diseases that are usually associated with AIDS.
Those warnings were still ignored.
Internet or word-of-
They look for suppliers disguised as professionals.
Authorities say they are getting a lot of silicone that is not used for medical purposes at a low price.
\"It\'s like going to Home Depot, buying some industrial silicone and putting it in a syringe for injection,\" the doctor said . \"
Renato Saltz, president of the American Society of cosmetic plastic surgery, has been trying to warn people of the danger of getting cosmetic injections from unlicensed suppliers.
Costs are often the main attraction of the black market.
For example, Saltz said that increasing the average cost of treatment for hips at legal clinics could range from $5,000 to $7,000.
Vendors without licenses charge thousands less.
The woman injected her with medication, and her sister did not respond to the information she had left to her relatives at Yonkers\'s house, torantino said.
Pichardo\'s death did not sue her.
In addition to liquid silica gel, untrained suppliers use other substances to modify the body, including paraffin, Vaseline and gel.
About a year ago, Zakiya Teagle, 33, from Tampa, Florida.
Hillsborough County Sheriff\'s Office said she wanted to increase her hips and that she and a friend paid $250 per person for 20 injections that should be gel and saline.
Soon after, the two women began to feel pain in their back and legs and were hospitalized for nearly a month for organ failure.
Teagle says there is still a problem with her body.
\"At the place where the injection was made, we still had lumps and lumps,\" she said recently . \".
\"They did move around.
They will feel pain like someone pinched you or poked you with a knife and just poked you.
\"Teagle says she can\'t sit for long periods of time and needs to take a series of drugs to prevent complications caused by residual toxins in her body. Sharhonda L.
Lindsay in Tampa, Florida
The woman who injected Teagle and her friend were suspended for 48 months for practicing medicine without a license.
She couldn\'t be reached for comment.
Tolantino speaks in her native language in an attempt to explain why she and her sister decided to turn to an unlicensed supplier to increase their body.
\"The desire to look better can take you to the extreme,\" she said in Spanish . \".
\"My sister wants to look better and better.
But it surpassed her.
Many Dominican women want \"un poquito \"--a little bit —
The shape of the hips is more.
She said that any moisture she got from the injection is now gone.
A month after her sister\'s death, city health officials warned that a large number of illegal cosmetic injections led to the hospital stay of Hispanic women and male members --to-
Community of transgender women
The mother of fiordalza, margarta piccha, said that she did not understand why her daughter would go so far in order to get the body she wanted.
\"My daughter is beautiful,\" she said . \"
\"She looks good.
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