Depth profiling silicone rubber industry status quo

by:Keyuan     2020-12-04
Silicone rubber, the word, in the domestic market is not ideal. Silicone rubber industry problems: 1. , customers are not willing to open mold production, yes, the same products find mould supplier is bad? Why do you want to find you? But for some of the senior and old customers, the silicone rubber is small adorn article that was able to solve the problem of food and clothing. Does he always have stable customers, need to purchase. 2, electronic case ( Cell phone sets, game consoles and band) Year after year, and it is also needed, but the novice to come in, really a little difficult, mostly do were well done. To do so, cause, some manufacturers of goods do not come, some slack. 3. Unit price is not low, but seals, remote control button, you can do. Although no profit, but if is ready to a client, the client is also very stable. Problem 1 silicone rubber products. Silica gel is small adorn article, had a similar 'rubber band' wind, not to earn money all not line. Because this thing and promote themselves to open small factory, find their own foreign trade, hope to the feeling of a parvenu. The threshold is low. 2. Hutch for silicone rubber silicone kitchen utensils and kitchenware industry, I feel he is pretty good, if they want to develop mold, product development, the sales should be good, and the unit price is not too low, the customer also will be more stable. But kitchen utensils and appliances business customers will fly slowly, always have to enough patience and perseverance to do a customer. After all, this is food grade, not like small adorn article casually. In a word, I think a silicone rubber is small adorn article customers the most unstable, unless there is a big customers, and this guy is also in a hurry, go in a hurry. With the wenzhou merchants '. But, want to have the keen market observation and leading force in customer development.
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