decorating, printing, finishing systems: product lines reviewed.

by:Keyuan     2020-06-11
Grinding Machine and supply company decoration, printing, finishing system
Sand blasting equipment for textured molds and rollers.
Ackman Gould, INC. Provides hot-
Stamping Equipment and supplies.
The standard machine size range is 1x3 in. to 12 x 16 in. ; custom-
There is a 24x36 built in.
Four-mark areapost design. Roll-on hot-
The stamping machine is in the range of 5 to 30.
Wide with continuous and reciprocating conveyor belts.
Standard lines for vertical machinery can be customized to install power slide tables, rotary turntables, peripheral marking accessories and automatic feeding systems.
Also, hot
Stamp line and flex-
The automatic cutting/stripping and terminal system can connect the pipe marking machine and accessories. ACROMARK CO. , INC. Hot-
Stamping machinery including air
Operation and hydraulic press in 1/2to 40-
Ton range of standard molds
Head size up to 24x36.
And one more-step roll-
About the unit of the cylindrical part, linear-contact roll-
Large size diearea work (e. g. , panels)
, And hot system for blow molding bottles-stamping.
Optional equipment provided includes index mechanism for multi-color heat transfer, turntable, fixtures, molds and parts feeder for automatic processing. In-
House design and manufacturing for special customerspurpose hot-
Stamping system.
Complete supply of graphics card business unit-
Stamping/decoration system.
High machine model
Speed registration, continuous form-
Feed embossed and hot-stamping.
The system can be used for label production of plastic or coated paper stock;
Automatic feeding, hole-
Punching and punching; single-
Or multi-color nomenclature;
And continuous stringnumber hot-stamping.
Admiral Coating Products Co. , Ltd.
Complete hotline available
Small, manual stamping equipment
Operating Unit 75-100 tons printing machine.
In addition to the vertical pressing line, the roller line-
On the machine, peripheral printers and bottle chargers can also be used.
All devices can be purchased entirely through tools, testing, and ready to run.
The company also supplies non-ferrous materials and wood
Grain foil and foil compatible with engineeringgrade plastics.
Advanced process Supply Company
Screen printing equipment, ink and supplies are available. Three-
Size, tablet, cylinder and web screen-
It is said that the printing system can be printed on a substrate of any size or shape. UV-
Heating and curing device
Sensitive and other substrates are also provided.
The company\'s EXcello color and chemical department produces more than 60 color ink lines for screen printing, as well as extrusion, frame, photo emulsion and various accessories.
Equipment manufacturing division of the company (
Screen printing equipment, USA)
Wide range of screens available-
Printing equipment for printing on plastic substrates. Semi-
Automatic flat printing machines of various sizes are printed on flat plastic substrates, while the Hercules horizon printing machine can automatically print up to seven colors on a variety of plastic substrates.
A multi-functional 3D printer is also available to screen plastic bottles, milk pots or buckets of 5 gallons.
The complete series of traditional and uv curing/drying equipment completes the decoration cycle.
Flame processors are also available, as well as screen printing inks compatible with many plastic types.
Air Hydraulic Company, INC.
Make all kinds of heat
Stamping Equipment.
9 reciprocal presses are provided: 6 pneumatic presses ranging from 1/4 tons to 3 tons and 3 hydraulic presses
The power Press ranges from 5 tons to 15 tons. Special four-
The rear hydraulic press can also be provided up to 60 tons. Roll-
Include a vertical roller on the printing machine
On the media that can accommodate 9 peoplein. -
Long rollers capable of decorating 360 degrees on a cylinder-
One-Step molded parts.
Unique \"Accu-
The \"rolling\" press is specially designed for corner packaging and cone-shaped parts of large flat objects, which can roll large heat transfer or foil in case of eliminating air pressure. This pneumatic-
Power Press with 5-to 12-in. -
Long silicone roller and 15-to 36-in.
Horizontal itinerary.
Professional custom hot Company-
With special support components such as index tables, slides, pickup-and-
Place the unit and the vibrating feed bowl.
Custom brackets and steel molds are also available.
All printing machines are equipped with highaccuracy, heat-
The transfer index of the decal can also be modified to all hot brands
Stamping Equipment.
Another type of screen printing provides silk screen, padding and heat
Such as ink, screen, pad, mold, board stamping equipment and supplies.
American production machine design and manufacturing high
Quick offset printing system for prefabricated containers and covers.
Items such as cans, cups, tubes, bathtubs, jars, bottles, canned ends, prefabricated caps, caps and covers are decorated in one-time in up to six colors.
Line copy, half tone and full flow-
Color artwork can be copied.
Material handling equipment and heat or uv-
The oven is incorporated into the complete decoration system.
Screen printing equipment, USA
View advanced process supplyAMPLAS, INC.
Full set of Uteco Central impression drums or stacks available-
Type printing press for in-line or roll-to-
Roll printing of paper and film.
Make an on-Demand pressure-
Sensitive Label applicator.
Machine application label, size from 3/4x3/4. to 3 x 3 in.
, A parcel traveling on a conveyor belt.
Impression attachments are also provided, allowing users to print labels as needed.
Supreme Machinery Co. , Ltd.
Manufacturing printing, marking, heat
Stamping, screening and decorating machinery for all types of plastic substrates and shapes.
Letter equipment-
The company has manufactured printing machines, letterflex, multi-color dry offset printing, concave offset printing, spraying and dipping.
Most systems are completely customized.
Design and include automatic feeding, printing, traditional or uv-drying. Ink, wash-
Up solutions, printing boards and molds are also available.
Production of various types of plastic press, press, plastic Press, rolling machine, flame press, slitting device, tension control device, with automatic splicing and
Industries offering services include paper, foil, textile and plastics.
The company supplies standard equipment, laboratory machines and customized equipment
Equipment designed for the newly developed process, whether as a component or a turnkey system.
Related packaging company
Printing press for in-
Line flexo printing with blown film line.
The width of the press is from 24 to 120.
Speed up to 1000/minute.
Using solvent or water, one to six colors are printed on one or both sides of the unitbased inks. The Span-A-
The Flex model can handle networks up to 160.
A wide print head that can be placed anywhere on the network and printed in the range of 12 to 36 in.
These units are said to be ideal for printing warning information. AUTODEC, INC. Offers semi-
Full automatic screen printer for round, flat and oval objects, full automatic offset printer for round, square and flat objects. Three-
Size screen printer available 1-, two-, and three-
Color printing at a speed of 4500 to 6000 parts/hour.
Uv in units-
It is reported that the curing system can provide fast working conversion.
Pre-installed AUTOROLL Machinery Co. , Ltd.
Five and a half of the company
Automatic screen-
The printer model is decorated with objects ranging in size and shape from pens and floppy disks to 5 gallon barrels and large control panels.
Three automatic screens
The printer model is decorated in a wide range of three-
6-size parts, containers and packagingin. diam. or width.
A9 is a high
Fast, flexible, multi-color container printing system for interpretation, feeding, surface treatment, uv-or solvent-
Curing, pressure-
Sensitive Label.
The company offers a variety of customized feeding, delivery and reloading systems.
Drying and curing systems include Ventron conveyor belts and automatic curing linear uv-
Uv curing system and Rotocurecuring systems. Pad-
Transfer printer model from one-color, 3 1/2-in.
Picture Padflex 100 to fourcolor, 23 1/2-in.
Image Padflex 600.
Standard accessories enable surface treatment, ink maintenance and feeding, flash drying and multi-color printing.
Automation includes loading and unloading, transportation, inspection and unloading.
The company provides the Marabu screen-and pad-
Print computer color matching, pad, board, screen, doctor blade, scraper material, grid, typesetting and artistic creation.
Technical services include complete factory or-
Factory training and machine maintenance.
The company has a wide range of on-site services and technicians in the industry.
Eli tag.
Labels available at Avery International
Applications for flexible/extruded plastic containers mechanical and extruded vinyl labels.
B & H Manufacturing CompanyOffers the BH-
2000 series labeling machine for sheet, foil, laminate, polypropylene film and laminate and expanded polystyrene foam label;
Application methods include
Packaging, spot or mold-
Cut off the roll
Labels can be applied to round, square, or rectangular containers using hot labels
Melt Glue, cold glue or hot plastic.
It is said that the company\'s BH 7000 machine is an economical, high
The speed labeling machine capable of applying labels at a speed of 700 PCs/min. BINKS MFG. CO.
Produce a range of manual, automatic and robotic sprays
Painting equipment including air, airless, airassisted-airless, high-volume low-
Pressure, static electricity of liquid and powder, complex composition and anode-
Spa model.
The product line covers almost all the spray processing requirements.
Including painting, spray pump, circulation system, air-
Supply and exhaust systems, air compressors, protective equipment, fluid and air handling systems, hoses, connections and accessories, pressure tanks and air filters.
Other equipment available include line stripe system, wind brush, extractor, air dryer, regulator and various accessories.
Boster Group Ltd.
High color concave printing machine
Fast coating and printing on the packaging film is available.
The Relax/rewind device is part of the printing press but is available separately.
The device handles web width to 55 in. and has a 54-in.
Print width, speed 1,500/min, repeat range 18-36 in. or 18-50 in.
, Depending on the model selected.
Tension is 4-100 lb.
Options include laminate equipment, dedicated dryer, electronic register control for accuracy, mesh-drawing, and tension control.
Automatic flight splicing and automatic rewind transfer at the deployment end are standard functions.
Pacific imports-CanadaEXPORT CO.
Assign a row-to four-
Two-color pad printing machine, tradenamed Super primes, from Hong Kong.
Also imported a series of lowcost, one-and two-
Color pad printing machine in Hanky, Taiwan.
Stamps and templates CanadaLTD.
CASSCO machine manufacturing Cassco hotline-
Specializing in stamping, turntable and accessories of automobile, cosmetics and electrical decoration tools.
In addition, it also produces silicon rubber sheets, molds, rollers and tools.
Vacuum suction is also available
Closing Device, automatic feeding device, turntable, slide table, indexing device and part for accelerated parts disassembly after stamping-
Handling equipment.
All kinds of mats
Printing equipment and supplies are also available, including fully automatic, multi-color systems, automation accessories, clichés, a wide range of inks and padding in hundreds of shapes and sizes.
Printing and drying systems Cincinnati Limited
Screen Printers and dryers for decorative plastic sheets are produced. Company\'s semi-
The automatic machine can print up to 20x40 ft;
Custom size available.
Heating Air-standard delivery
The Jet clothes dryer is available in sizes up to 84.
Wide, unlimited length.
Special conveyors can accommodate up to 4 relief or pull configurations. deep.
Infrared is also provided-
Curing System and walkingin ovens.
Technical services are also provided.
Matrix companyMakes spray-
Automatic and semi-automatic paint masks and shieldsAutomatic spray-
Paint equipment, vacuum metal processing equipment for primer and topcoat (flow-
Coating machine)
Vacuum plating equipment, air
Clamping device for operation, spindle machine, automatic face mask-
Solvent-free or cleaning systems with solvents, machines coated with decorative and functional coatings, and UV coating and curing systems.
Artisan Machinery Co. , Ltd. Model CMC hot-
The stamping machine has a printing area of 1x4. to 20 x 30 in.
From hand and range-operated to 19. 2 tons.
Standard flat, slide and turntable are available.
Units of 3 tons or more can be at high pressure or 1-
Tons of pressure to save air consumption.
The company offers a wide range of accessories, including stamping, labeling, flexo printing, recessed printing and offset printing equipment.
Decoration tools
High production standards
Production of automatic painting and decoration machines, equipped with automatic mask washing, automatic painting and wiping machines, fixtures and masks for manual spraying, solvent and solvent-free mask washers, and automatic flow spraying equipment for vacuum metal processing.
Decoration Engineering & Supply Co. , Ltd.
Foil marking and spray provided
Painting equipment.
Foil marks are equipped with rollers from 1/2 to 1/2.
Use 150 watts.
The company also offers complete spray operation including airbrush, Booth, oven and air
Air-replacement system
Fluid control equipment
Handling equipment, compressors, safety equipment and maintenance services.
Decoration Resources Co. , Ltd. The RP-10S heat-
It is said that the transmission application system is a multi-function unit designed for up to 360-
Heat roll printing-
Transfer Label and stamping foil.
The system can print lipstick tubes, deodorant barrels, lip gloss, mascara tubes, extrusion tubes and many other cylindrical products, even those with moderate thinning. The ST-
10 compact, heated desktop
A transmission system used to decorate cylindrical or flat parts.
The company also customized the machinery designed for heating
Transfer decoration with label tool.
There is also the company\'s Hydro GraFix machine, which covers three-
Size parts with recessed printing.
System Design, licensing, consulting and installation are available.
The company also offers heat transfer, glass transfer, sublimation, selective metalization, direct screen printing and offset printing.
Contempt Machine & Tools Ltd.
Produce all kinds of embossed equipment sold in the name of Automark. Model EMB-
440 is able to print characters between 3/32 and 3/16. high;
The material can be from 1/2 to 3.
Any width is high. Model EMW-3-
40 is the keyboard-operated tube-
Short running branded devices with optional memory.
Applications include PVC and shrink tubes. The 7800-B-
40 it is also keyboard operation and marking to identify labels and other objects.
Other product models ACEP-
Brand 1B and 3B.
Denison Manufacturing Co. , Ltd. Offers a heat-
The transfer label system, called Therimage, allows a one-time multi-color decoration on a plastic container.
Labels are printed by means of dents or screen printing, in up to seven colors on special release paper, and transferred to the container at speeds up to 150/min through special application equipment.
Reliable machine partitioning.
Art Decoration CompanyOffers screen-
Semi-finished printing equipment
Automatic and fully automatic system.
Small and large flat panel printer
Flame stamping equipment
Handling equipment and Dry conveyor are also provided.
Complete accessory series of pads, plates and doctor blades for transfer pad printing can be provided.
Shipping industry Limited
Automatic electrostatic spray-
Painting equipment in air
Auxiliary or air-free models, as well as singlestation, hand-
Spraying system for liquid and powder coating.
Standard or custom painted rooms are also produced.
Design and build custom multi-color dry
Plastic plastic printing machine.
Services include automation engineering.
Directed Energy
The company provides DigiMark variable information laser-
Marking system, indelible marking of plastic parts, plates, tubing and casing line numbers-the-fly.
The system is completely computer-
Message capacity is not limited.
DUBUIT in the United StatesMakes semi-
Fully automatic screen printer for plastic containers of various shapes and sizes.
Dull Industrial Co. , Ltd.
The company\'s paint finishing system department designs, manufactures and installs turnkey plastic paint finishing systems.
Provide a complete system for pre-cleaning of plastic parts, top coating operation of spray booth and radiation or convection curing.
The company has perfect electrical control and environmental emission reduction equipment capabilities.
Additional facilities of Canadian company of engineering and management
Located in Concord, Ontario.
Oriental marking machine
A range of offset printing machines and direct printing machines are available, including manual printing machines
Operation and automatic, as well as printing accessories including ink, type and photocopy.
The company features carton and label printer, a universal handand air-
1 offset pressand three-
Color flat Press and high
High speed cylinder printer.
Oriental Science
Delivery pad-
Printing equipment from Belgian international Printing Company.
ECLIPSE systems
Complete spray series
Coating equipment including pistol, automatic spray gun, electrostatic spray system and pressure tank. ELECTRO-SHIELD CO.
Manufacture specialized guns, equipment and chemicals for EMI shielding through sprayplating (silver-reduction)method.
Product identification company
Custom turn key heating
Transfer decoration system can be provided in addition to silk
Color Product decoration and shielding heat transfer of labels.
The company also provides art design services, engineering assistance, custom tools and fixtures and machining for planes, contours and rollersOn the application.
Custom turnkey decoration systems can also be provided.
Imperial Technology Co. , Ltd.
Provide vacuum metal equipment, vacuum instruments and components, water vapor freezingpumps, closed-
Circulating chillers, temperature sensors and controllers.
Energy industry CorporationOffers pad-
Printing equipment for high quality, precision printing on a variety of objects, shapes and surfaces, including electronic components, cars, toys, medical and home.
The device is suitable for regular and irregular objects and can be processed from a single objectto four-
[Wet] Multi-Coloron-wet\" printing.
Fully automatic custom production lines are provided including feeding, coordination, Surface Pretreatment, ionization, drying and unloading.
Full set of accessories including printing edition (
Platitudes of steel and plastic)
Flat Panel processing equipment and various printing pads are provided.
Technical advice was also provided.
Division of color and chemistry.
View advanced process supplyJ. N. FAUVER CO. System for in-
The mold coating of SMC includes the coating material, the metering/injection system of the hydraulic power unit and a set of push-
Rear cylinder used to open the flat Press disc.
The metering device can pump the material directly from the storage tank.
Franklin Manufacturing CompanyHot-
Franklin ranges from 1/2 tons to 60 tons of stamping (
1/2, 1 1/2, 2 1/2, 6, 10, 15 tons)
And the characteristic company\'s \"Linear-
Wedge drive, \"it is said to generate high pressure with minimal air consumption and compensate part-to-
Change of part height.
Fixed or mobile roller press for hot-
Large area stamping or heatingTransfer decals. Electric-
The eye index unit registers the decal /-0. 010 mils.
The company also produces peripheral marking machines capable of stamping up to four colors of foil in registration for stamping
Die-making bottles, automatic label printing machines, magnetic stripe machines and high
Speed signature panel for credit card and holographic printing machine.
Customized machines can be adjusted according to automatic feeding requirements.
Full set of supplies (e. g. , dies, make-ready, foils)
Services including prototype decoration are also provided.
Specializing in marking, coating and coloring of plastics-
Insulated wires, pipes, profiles, pipes and hoses.
The company designs, manufactures and sells a complete range of marking equipment, engraving and marking wheels, inks and coatings.
Engineers can help solve all problems related to product marking. GLADEN CORP.
The company\'s product line includes a wide range of standards and custom silicone rubber tools for thermal printing, heat transfer and paint mask applications.
Manufacture custom hard tools such as metal molds and support fixtures and provide standard and custom machinery for hot stamping and related processes. GRACO INC.
Manual and automatic painting system is designed and manufactured for traditional, static, air
Auxiliary airless and airless spray.
Single pumping equipment-and plural-
Component coatings, sealant, and adhesives provide pressure up to 63 gpm, up to 4950 psi. In-
Mold coating system was manufactured for SMC.
After forming the part, the polyurethane coating is pumped into the mold. N. P. HALLENBECK CO.
Manufacturing Pneumatic Heat
1 to 50 ton stamping machine with patented pulleys, levers and gears-
Power multiplier for high voltage.
Hallenbeck specializes in machines designed for hot print injection molding parts with no high sinks and valleysPoint distortion.
The equipment uses steel molds and metal nests that are not manufacturedready.
There are two machines.
Rear stage bypass systemand-
It is reported that the plate structure eliminates mold slippage associated with C-
Frame printing machines, as well as special pressure sensing systems, minimize waste.
The pressure of the power splitter machine used by the company for small rubber printing molds is said to be low enough to eliminate parts that are not supported by stop and hot stamping. A. C. HAMILTON INC.
The Moss series includes automatic offset and screen printer, dryer, flame-
Handling Machine, spoiler and orientation device.
Distributed throughout North America through. C. Hamilton Inc. and A. C. Hamilton & Co. Ltd.
Moss offers high
Technical decoration.
The printing machine can be used for almost any type of plastic container from pipe to bottle, jar, barrel and other cylindrical, tapered, rectangular or oval.
Havel Enterprise Co. , Ltd.
Production screen-
Printing and pad printing
Printing machinery for decorative finished or unfinished products.
-Customized engineering services available
Modify existing standard machines to meet special needs.
Vector Plus from computer company
Controllable pad printing machine for up to 3-ft diam.
Imaging at a cycle rate of 30/min.
Screen printing machinery production line starts from the table-top-
Mini printer of size, can print up to 6x6.
Image with tools that can be used to print a circular, flat or tapered device.
Sprinter 100 and HI-Q-
The 200 wire mesh printer is the next larger size capable of printing 14 in. image or 42 in.
Image, respectively.
There are larger standard models to choose from.
High Vacuum Equipment Company
Supply all types of vacuum metal processing equipment including CDC-
1000 series CD metal processing system, high
A speed sputtering system for depositing reflective aluminum coating on a disc.
Highland Supply Company
The company\'s machinery division designs and manufactures customized printing, painting and laminating equipment. HIX CORP. Offers heat-
Transfer Press for applying decals to the product.
It\'s also hot.
Air dryer with conveyor belt for curing coating, paint, ink (
Water, plasma, etc). HOPPMANN CORP.
Provide centrifugal feeding/interpretation/positioning equipment for parts and containers to be decorated and/or sent downstream for secondary finishing operations.
Models from 8-various sizesthrough 60-in. -diam.
The feeding speed of the feeder bowl ranges from 20/min to 2200/min, and the shape and size are also unusual.
All equipment designs include quick tool replacement features, low maintenance, reliability, and gentle handling or parts.
Vibration parts are not used.
Royal stamp engraving, INC.
Complete range of manufacturing standards and special hotlines
Up to 75 tons of stamping pneumatic, mechanical and hydraulic machines, hot stamping with upper rollers.
Fully automated systems provide standard and special raw materials for production.
The company specializes in providing hardcover flat, concave, convex and roll heat-stamping dies.
Brand typewriters can also be used for hot-
Stamping plastic pipes, wires, flat plates.
IMTRAN Industrial Co. , Ltd.
Full service manufacturer of Padtransfer-
Printing and screen printing
Printing equipment.
The device is designed to be decorated in the shape or configuration of the product on a variety of materials that cause problems.
All equipment is manufactured in the United States. S.
With microprocessor control. Pad-
Print function from table-top, one-
Color Machine through fully customized multi-color unit.
Screen printing factory from small halfAutomatic Table-
The top is via an automatic bottle printer.
The company also offers a number of options to complement its range of devices, such as various types of indexing systems, pre-processing stations, and various levels of automation and part processing.
The company provides services for its equipment and provides a full range of supplies and services.
It includes steel and plastic printing boards, printing pads and screen screens.
In addition, a complete set of printing inks is provided, which can meet almost any demand.
Industrial marking equipment, INC.
All kinds of automatic input
Line flexo printing machine for continuous mobile network or paper-
Fed film, foil and laminate are available.
The system features rotary operation, an interchanging Rubber Board and instant dry ink. \" INTA-
Roto Machinery Co. , Ltd.
Design and manufacture of network conversion equipmente.
, Coating machine, laminating machine, concave printing machine, marking machine, engraving machine, unwinds, rewinds, press roller, coating roller, printing roller, idler roller and cooling roller
The Italian Trade Commission provides information and catalogues on various types of Italian decoration, printing and finishing machines: flexo printing machines in up to eight colors, silk-
For bottles and containers and heat-
Stamping machinery.
Sale of spray metal equipment, chemicals and coatings for coating conductive and decorative coatings.
Plastic surfaces can be made to simulate any polished metal such as brass, copper, chromium, gold, bronze and pewter.
The company also provides primer, topcoat and dipping dye for vacuum metal plastic and metal surfaces. CHARLES M. JESSUP, INC.
Make automatic and half
Automatic Bottle making and flat screen printing drying equipment.
Also Production Manual, three-
Size printer recommended for laboratory work and prototype.
Shielding inks for all plastics, including conventional inks and uv inks
Curing, screen making equipment, color matching and free technical advice and guidance are also provided.
KAMMANN machinesOffers screen-
Container printing equipment.
The equipment is designed for high speed multi-color printing.
There are rolls too-to-
Screen printing equipment for labels, decals and nameplates.
KASE equipment
Multi-color offset printing equipment is provided for prefabricated plastic containers and covers.
Multi-colored silk
Screening equipment for the manufacture, identification and decoration of plastic substrates.
The secondary processing operations provided include film, flat cutting, stamping, lamination, molding and die-cutting. KENSOL-OLSENMARK, INC.
Manufacture a complete range of vertical, rotating and rollingon hot-
Stamping machinery.
There are 11 models of standard vertical press, from 1/2 tons to 16 tons, and the impression area enters from 2x4. to 24 x 36 in. Four-
With a pressure range of up to 100 tons, postal machines are available.
Volume 400 series-
The machine consists of conveyor beltsfed, moving-
Reciprocating head
Bed and tray model with roller width from 12 to 24 in.
Six rotating equipment models are provided for decorating cylinders.
The company also produces tools, half
And fully automatic machines, which are specially used to decorate the automation system of electrical appliances, cars and electronic components.
Also produce hot
Sealing and welding devices with electronically controlled dwell time provide a range of 1/2 to 16 tons.
The printing machine has a constant temperature control heater head of 2x4 in.
Up to 24x36 in.
Popular Kingsley machines-
Stamping machine in hand-operated (M200-S)or air-operated (AM200-S)models.
Units designed for small sizearea stamping (up to 1 x 3 in. with a 2-in.
Gap under head)are offered. KREMLIN, INC.
Produce a complete range of finished products with air mixing-
Auxiliary airless finishing system supplemented by airless, air atomization, electrostatic paint and coating equipment.
The company\'s positive displacement pump series includes fixed-and variable-ratio.
Both units have-and plural-
Component pumping system.
With its air mixing finishing system, its JXLP is highvolume/low-
Companies specializing in high voltage systems and Electrostatic spraying systems
Transfer paint and coating system. KRONES, INC.
Make a complete production line
Performance, cold glue, hot-
Melting and pressure
Sensitive labeling equipment for plastic bottles, cans and special containers.
Other products manufactured include tampering
Liquid/beverage filler, clear neck closure sleeve applicator, zero
Installation of pressure delivery system, electronic bottle inspection equipment, combined filling/capping/labeling machine system and turnkey system. KURZ-HASTINGS, INC.
Complete line of heat
The press, foil and mold include vertical (reciprocating)and roll-on machines.
More than 30 models, you can decorate the parts in the range of 1/2 to 24.
A wide dedicated machine for complex shapes and a machine continuously stamped around the radius angle are available.
Equipment was also provided
Stamping production lines for all types of extruded profiles and plates.
Developed new equipment for in-
The stamping foil printed on the register is directly fed into the mold decoration of the mold where the electric eye is located. LEMBO CORP.
Equipment including station and U-
Type register and non-register concave printing press with in-
Line lamination and stamping, and a combination of flexo/concave presses.
The company also offers a full range of ancillary equipment, such as inspection stations, gas pipe rods, safety Chuck, and noise-free network extender.
Web-also available-
Painting machinery (reverse-
Rolls, knives, dents, etc. )
Used in flooring, Industrial and Decorative markets.
Lembo offers installation and turnkey systems supported by its own oven/dryer department. LEMBO-MIDLAND LTD.
A wide range of decorative equipment, including letterpress, flexo and intaglio printing machines, intaglio printing machines and hot stamping equipment, are available
Stamping Equipment. Complete in-
Line systems can be integrated to perform various processes according to customer requirements. LEYBOLD-
Heli Technology Co. , Ltd.
Coating metalization system for heat and electronics
Beam evaporation or sputtering of metal and non-metallic coatings on plastic films for decorative packaging and dielectric products.
The laboratory and production vacuum coating system for metal discs can be provided.
The production line includes evaporation, continuous single-disc sputter-
Coating System and high
Throughput batch and-
Line sputtering system.
Free machine, INC.
Embossed and laminated machinery for single mesh and multi-mesh, as well as Valley Printing for surface decoration of relief products are provided.
The major includes the stamping machine for floor covering and floor tiles, the stamping and finishing unit for wall covering, and the in-
Line lamination and stamping functions for wall coverings and automotive applications.
Complete set of accessories and custom
Equipment designed for specific needs can be provided.
A complete range of chemicals and related equipment for plastic plating is provided.
Chemicals and equipment for semi-bulk, bulk and rack plating.
Applications include RFI/EMI shielding for automotive, electrical, plumbing products and electronics. MARKEM CORP.
Manufacturing heat
Stamping coding machinery and related articles including printing elements (e. g.
, Brass and steel, insert, word block, type stick, mother board, etching and Rubber Board)
Ink, stamping foil, thinner and cleaner.
Applications include marking of electronic components, fabric labels, and packaging.
Some printers have pressure.
Sensitive paper or fabric label.
The system includes a manual printer, a direct offset press and a concave Press.
A whole line of bar code printers, printers-
Applicator, laminating machine and supplies are provided.
The company can also print the flexible film packaging of the printer, using the \"touch\"Dry ink system.
Matthews International
Line offset system for product identification and rotating heat
Brand for plastic and size character recognition, in-house contactless printing system
Online identification of plastic parts or networks and extrusion materials.
Various installation arrangements, guiding systems, fixtures and brackets are provided to simplify installation.
A series of ink is also provided.
Semi-finals of M & M Studies
Automatic and automatic flatbed screen-
The printing equipment used to decorate the plastic sheet has a size of 9x12 in. to 60 x 96 in.
The manual printing table can handle the size of 22x30 in. to 60 x 120 in.
Also uv-
Uv curing reactor
Curing Ink on plastic and a series of dryers.
Screen printing accessories are also sold.
Yuanbao Electric Chemical Company
A variety of conductive coatings, spraying, electroplating and electroplating equipment are provided for electroplating on plastics, electroplating of holographic lenses, decorative metal for toys and dolls, and EMI shielding.
The new method also makes it possible to plating on almost any non-conductor, providing design possibilities for metals on plastics, ceramics, wood, glass, wax and rubber.
These combinations offer new strength. to-
Features of weight, electrical, insulation and flexibility, shape selection is almost unlimited. METCO DIV. OF PERKIN-
ELMER provides equipment and materials for application heat-
Spray metal coating.
Equipment includes wires
Burning equipment for spraying, electric-
Arc equipment for metal spraying, thermal spraying powder combustion device, high speed oxygen spraying
Fuel Systems and guns, and high usage-
Energy plasma for melting metal powder for coating application.
The company also provides a washing machine spray room. MEYERCORD CO.
The main product line of the company is heat-Transfer of decals;
However, it does Engineer turn key heat
Stamping and heating
Transmission system.
Midtech systems manufactures machinery and tools for decorating rigid plastic parts and other rigid substrates.
The equipment range includes single-
Color and/or weton-
Wet multi-color pad printing of fine details on irregular surfaces.
Accessories such as steel and short clothes
Running plastic printing board (cliches)
Pad and ink are also provided.
The company also provided a standard hotline.
Use single stamping equipment
Color foil and multi-color heat-Transfer decals.
Supply List of above units-
Station tooling, multi-
The station is carried out through a turntable or a straight line conveyor and is equipped with a complete turnkey system for automatic loading and unloading. Custom-
Building units were also built.
Materials for vacuum metal processing include tungsten wire, aluminum, copper evaporator.
Midland-morco Thermal IndustriesROSS DIV.
Provide industrial power spray washers, drying furnaces, flow coating machines, curing and drying furnaces, and complete finishing system, UV-
Curing flow paint can be used with the company\'s U-V Flo-Coater.
Modern engraving machinery
The company\'s embossers start from 0 and have a texture of high density polyethylene and low density polyethylene film in the meter at the same time. 7 to 4 mils. The in-
With matching line reliefs
It is recommended to use steel flower rollers in the film blowing extrusion production line, bag making machine or flexo printer.
It is reported that cold embossing will lead to very high
High quality texture, especially in high density polyethylene.
In addition, there are reliefs for blowing film, using carved steel rolls on rubber support rollers.
The process includes preheating, cooling embossing and postcooling.
It is said that this method can produce fine fabric texture, reduce surface reflectivity and control the stress distribution of individualsproducts film. MORRELL CO. Self-contained in-
The mold coating system of SMC contains the metering and pumping parts for the coating material of the injection body.
All necessary hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical controls are provided for the operation of the coating process.
All components are installed on one base except the press
Including the syringe head (
Built for the Morrell patent).
Material supply components including single-or two-
Component Coating.
Each component is equipped with a water supply pump and an elevator, a nitrogen blanket to prevent moisture (
In the case of two people
Component System)
Optional temperature control and low materiallevel control.
The metering and mixing ratio is controlled by the hydraulic system, which includes valves-
Assembly, manifold and power unit with nitrogen accumulator.
Electrical control is usually controlled by a programmable controller. NAZ-DAR CO. Offers screen-
Printing equipment, supplies and inks.
The Norwood marking system manufactures marking systems that are designed to be an integral part of the molding, extrusion or conveyor line or die cutter.
Compact system can be installed in-
The production line and runs at production speed to reduce the labor or necessity of other more costly secondary marking methods such as labels, handprints, etc.
Hot stamping, stamping, ink and dry ink systems and supplies are available (
Foil, ink, type).
Also off-
Production line, semi-independent system
Marks, marks and decorations automatically or manually.
Most plastic applications have stamped areas and machine speeds-
One character to 4x4.
Or larger, with speeds up to 1000 prints/min.
Company Werner.
Complete range of volumes availableto-
Roll flexo printing machine for flexible substrate.
OMI International
Provide process, chemicals and equipment for chemical plating.
The process includes a complete system and electrical interference for decorative plating (EMI)shielding.
Fully automatic electroplating equipment system has also been manufactured: return-
Type automatic plating machine designed to handle high yield and automatic push-type split-
High-rail equipment
Includes volume rack work.
It also provides a modular lifting system capable of handling multiple programs, as well as for full-range control.
A wastewater control system with a full range of support equipment, engineering survey and regulatory assistance was also provided. PAD-
Printing Machinery Company
Full pad available-
Printing machines used to decorate the simplest to most complex plastic parts as well as most other types of substrates such as metals and ceramics.
Printer from one-to six-
Color ability and half
Automatic to fully automatic system with automatic feeder and discharger.
The company specializes in customizing the engineering decoration system for professional printing requirements and provides all accessories such as on-and off-
Drying equipment after line
And pre-treat propane flame and high
Frequency discharge processing unit, as well as ink for various substrates, pads and printing plates.
Will also find the right decoration company is not going to do-house printing. PANNIER CORP.
Industrial direct and offset printers are available.
Offset Printer has power or friction-driven models.
Can be used directly-
Line installation or manual application.
Printing ink is also sold.
Paper Machinery Co. , Ltd.
Conversion Machinery is provided, including paper and tablecloth folders, combined disc machines, printers, slitting machines, matching-
Steel relief, nested pillow relief, spot relief, flexo press 4-, six-and eight-colors (
There is or is not in-
Coating machine and dryer on the back of the line), single-station coater-laminators.
Technical staff, development labs and management information centers are also available.
Permanent label machinery
Production and sales of full set of printing equipment.
The robot series is a programmable servo. motor-driven silk-screen, hot-
Stamping and heating
Capable of marking transfer devices up to 360 degrees around irregular shapes.
A complete range of mechanical, CNC module pads are also provided
Printing machine, plus a series of accessories.
Complete inventory and custom hotlinestamp and heat-
Semi-transfer labeling equipment
Fully automatic applications are also available.
In addition, the company has a wide range of stock and custom silk production lines
Screen equipment for flat, oval, circular and tapered products.
Plastic Systems, INC.
Distribution of flexo and Central
Impression pressure bed from MA. F.
Italian spa for film and paper, between the ages of 20 and 65.
It is possible to print up to eight colors at 1000/min.
Special machinery available-
Production line system with bag making machine or extruder.
Special features include automatic die release, automatic temperature control, combined push-
Traction drying system and solids-state, d-c, variable-speed drives.
Repeat times from 10 to 60.
Now all the presses have been modified to be used with waterbased inks.
New computer control for stack and CI.
The printing machine allows full automatic registration and control at full speed.
Precision Screen Machine Co. , Ltd.
Screen printing equipment for rigid, semi-rigid manufacturing
Rigid and flexible materials. H. P.
The production line of PREIS engraving machine company includes twoand three-
Size engraving machine, two sets of computer engraving system, all kinds of accessories.
All models of sculptors can be converted into carved diamonds
Drag the mark, electrical mark, or acid etching by adding the appropriate mark or spindle unit.
Floor stand with vertical feed
Most models also have screw units and two shelves.
Cence 1 is a computer-
Controlled engraving system for industrial applications.
It combines the countryof-the-
Art and Technology easy to operate.
PRINTEX provides a complete set of pad printers, from small manual single-
Full automatic Four Color Machine-
Color Printer with index conveyor belt.
The printer can be used for medical parts, electronic products, household appliances and toys.
Recent developments include machines equipped with programmable controllers to make it easier to connect with automated processing systems
UV-durable photosensitive polymer sheet and sheet processing equipment
Curing Ink and uvcuring systems. R. D. N.
Manufacturing Company, INC.
Production of a series of embossing machines from 1 to 40.
Width of manual and automatic control.
The characteristic of the machine isc and d-
C. variable speed drive.
The company also designs and manufactures
Rollers are engraved on it. RANSBURG-GEMA, INC.
Provides static liquid and powder finishing equipment for automatic and manual applications.
It is reported that the electrostatic process reduces excessive spraying, thus minimizing coating waste, volatile organic compounds (VOC)
And the cost of cleaning and hazardous waste disposal.
The company has developed an automatic electrostatic turbine disk (trademarked)and Torbobell (trademarked)
System and manual electrostatic gun for plastic processing market.
In order to optimize the electrostatic attraction, the parts need to be properly grounded and completed in a variety of ways, including (
But not limited)
Application of electrostatic preparation coating or primer, use of metal work brackets and use of conductive additives during molding.
The latest developments in paint chemistry allow low-
Bake the powder paint onto the plastic part.
These advances have given the plastic industry the benefits of powder coatings such as high-performance finishes, eliminating hazardous waste, reducing energy consumption and EPA compliance costs. S. M.
Graphic International provides five decorative processes for 3D plastic containers: screen printing, offset printing, thermal printing, pad printing and labeling, and a combination system.
Company representative OMSO (
Offset/screen printer)and Madag (pad and hot-stamp printers). SAKAS, INC.
Provide relief and hot stamping for pipes, paper and profiles.
Shimida Machinery Co. , Ltd. Offers semi-
And full automatic pad
Used to mark and decorate the transfer press for bending, concave, convex, irregular, corrugated and flat surfaces.
The machine can be printed on almost all substrates.
A patented ink delivery system is said to be almost maintained-
Free to enable the operator to convert quickly.
Image reproduction size can be from 2. 5 x 2. 5 in. to 6 x 12 in.
Ink and accessories are also provided.
All machines are available as multiple machines
Color, fully automatic system. Stand-
Up model SP 820 with sliding ink transfer system, easy to install
Up and clean, pneumatic control, extended printing surface up to 8. 5-in. diam.
Two ink systems.
And an ink bottle and an open one. well system.
The chain that covers the SP 820 to four
The color pad press with 42 fixtures is a new option.
Benches are also available. model silk-
Screen printing machine: Midget 10 for flat printing, up to 8x8.
, Round, oval or cylindrical and thick CP10/12
Movie screen printer from semi
Fully automatic system with automatic desktop to 15x15 in.
Service Construction Company
Full pad available-
Printing equipment, machines from standard to special design.
The company\'s R & D lab can test the customer\'s parts to determine the type of pads and inks that best suit them.
Other supplies for pad printing include ink, pad printing, cliché, etc.
SIAS American Equipment Co. , Ltd.
Produce 200 screens
Printing machinery.
The most popular machines are container printers, flat cars, roller printing machines, flat half
Automatic, manual printer, web printing machine and printing machine for offtolerance work.
The company provides standard screen printing machine, custom design andof-a-kind machines.
Sias All-also available
Steel mesh frame.
Silicone Products & Technology Co. , Ltd.
Design and manufacture of various silicone rubber molds and rollers as well as for heat-
Stamp decoration.
Dedicated to new or existing heat-Stamped equipment.
Spray Plating System Co. , Ltd.
Manufacture Special guns, equipment and chemicals for decorative metallized and EMI shielding.
The \"spray\" system is designed to provide a vacuum-like appearance for plastic products
Metal Products.
Stoxx vacuumA line of semi-
Automatic Vacuum
The size of the reactor room provided by the coating machine is from 24-in. diam. x 24 in. long to 84-in. diam. x 110 in. long.
The machine is designed to produce thin coatings
Coating metal and non-metallic materials on various substrates.
Traditional bottom/topcoat aluminum decorative metal has begun to be enhanced through functional applications such as EMI shielding of plastic electronic housing.
From optical coating on plastic TV to other functional applications
Camera lens for contact with metal on photovoltaic cells. STORK X-CEL, INC.
Company rotating screen-
Printing/coating and recessed printing
Production line system for production of wallpaper, floor covering, synthetic leather, roof products, TARP, backrest
Lighting signs, awnings, decals, labels, decorative packaging, etc.
The device is capable of handling various polymer coatings on paper, fabric, foil, non-woven fabric, plastic film and other subtle substrates.
Wide coating weight can be obtained from 0.
1 to 20 miles in width from 13 to 180.
Used for coating on one or both sides of the mesh at the same time.
Straub design company
Deliver and heat-
The stamping machine automatically delivers parts to the power conveyor at 30-3040/min.
Parts are separated and positioned, hot stamping or heating
Transfer the decoration and automatically arrange it to the next process.
The size of the machine is 5 feet long x 2 feet wide x 30. high. TAFA, INC. Company\'s arc-
The metal spray system can melt and spray nickel, stainless steel, bronze, copper and other wires.
It is reported that the coating produced in this way has a high bonding strength because
High adhesion of particles.
When processed with traditional methods, the deposited metal is said to have the ability to resist collapse or cracking.
Another major application is spraying
Metal mold surface.
The spray gun is similar to the paint.
The wires are automatically fed, and despite the application of molten deposits, it is reported that the temperature of the substrate has only increased slightly.
The arc melts the ends of two electrically isolated coating lines, and the atomization air jet blows tiny metal particles to the decorated surface.
Typical spray speeds range from 5 to 150/hour.
Various accessories and auxiliary equipment are available: extension of spray inner diameter, mixer for spray pattern, shrink of diameter spray pattern, automatic scanner and fully automatic system. The arc-
It is said that the spraying technology is particularly useful in metal capacitors and similar electronic system components. in the shielding of plastic shells, it provides wear-resistant, heat-conductive, wear-resistant metal coatings on plastic, produce fine plastic molds.
TAMPOPRINT company see Trans technology USATECKNIT, INC.
Equipment and supplies for spraying conductive coatings and paints on plastic shells are provided. THERMO-
Heat Sealing Machine Co. , Ltd. , INC.
Manual and fully automatic heating-
Moving motivation for heating drum sizes ranging from 5x10 in to 5x10 in. to 36 x 54 in. Yes.
The large machine is equipped with three cylinders.
Optional equipment for automatic loading and unloading of workpieces is provided. THIERICA, INC.
Complete decorative painting system including radiation-or gas-
Firing oven without solvent and solvent-
Type paint mask gasket.
In addition to the standard painting equipment, the company will also customize the design, manufacturing and turnkey systems to adapt to specific products such as the hard coating of the headlights lens from the car to the buttons of the car dashboard.
These systems may include chains. on-
Edge conveyor, oven, in-
State-Booth, cleaning of production line fixturesof-the-
Art spray application equipment and picking equipmentand-
Transfer location
The company\'s expertise is not limited to decorative paintings, but also includes automatic adhesives, light and other protective coatings.
Cross-tech company
Leader of transfer pad-
Printing technology is the exclusive distributor of Tampo Printing equipment and accessories.
Clear Image from 0. 003-in. diam. to 10 x 30 in.
It can be effectively reproduced on a flat or irregularly shaped part, or it can be printed 360 degrees around a cylindrical part at a speed of more than 30,000 printing/hour. Some high-
Speed model, up to 10,000 cycles/hour, function off-ink-
The cup system always keeps the ink viscosity constant.
Fully automatic ink pump with viscosity control can also be provided. Wet-on-
The wet application principle of this process allows printing an infinite number of colors as a single operation.
Engineering and manufacturing facilities provide the ability to create turnkey systems containing fully automatic feed loading, ionization, Corona pretreatment printing, curing and unloading.
The company offers various low
Cost printing boards that can be easily processed-
The customer provides the house for the run of less than 100,000 prints.
A full range of inks, pads, auxiliary equipment and services are available.
Transfer printing foil Co. , Ltd. Supplies roll-
Heat in, vertical and peripheral-
Stamping Press, foil cutter tool, bracket, Nest, mold (
Rubber and metal)
And the complete system.
The company develops new systems and updates existing hot
Stamp decoration system. U. V.
Process supply Limited
Full screen availableand pad-
Printing System of plane and three-
Size parts.
The company provides a full range of support equipment based on uv.
Supply Instant curing ink including safety products, test equipment, maintenance supplies, adhesives and scratchesand solvent-resistant.
It is reported that the system is right
Pollution and energy saving.
Compact and portable new fiber
It is reported that the optical transfer system peaks in key UV radiation bands, producing successful curing during the decoration and assembly of small parts, or curing the adhesive when small parts are assembled.
The multi-stick uv point curing system provides connectivity for additional flexible optical rods, curing up to three separate areas at the same time without reducing uv strength.
The new one is compact air.
The drive pump is installed on the air conditionerTrol-
The curing conveyor pump is used to deliver a small amount of raw materials to the application machine.
Up to 1 traffic.
8 gal/mn supplies flexo printing, offset printing, wire mesh, roll coating machine and recessed coating machine.
United silica gel
Key pad provided
Transfer printing system and complete hotline
Stamping Equipment. The Uni-
Up to four printers
Color printing applications with image sizes ranging from 2x4 in.
Through 8x22.
In addition to the standard heat-
The company also offers stamping equipment to make silicone molds, paper and rollers, complete nested fixture systems and automation options for a variety of decorative applications. UNIVERSAL HOT-
Stamping machinery company
Unidex heat of the company-
There are three basic models for stamping machines: * M-
900 for perimeter stamping on circular objects from pen barrel to 5-in. diam. parts has 9-in.
Itinerary and 4x6. platen area. * CM-
911 convertible 9-in.
The stroke can be stamped in a round, oval, flat or contour shape. * C-
375 is a 12-in.
Travel, Template area of 7x12 in.
, And the ability to seal 360 degrees on the cylinder and elliptical shapes at a time, as well as on both sides of the ellipse and the plane.
The standard equipment of all models is air-
Buffer system adjusted according to surface changes.
Heat transfer is possible for all machines.
Foil and mold are also provided.
Van Damm machinesOffers dry-
Offset printing equipment for infrared
Red or uv inks for decorative prefabricated plastic cups, containers, cans, vials, tubes, covers and mesh.
The speed of Cup printing is up to 450/min, the speed of the lid is 800/min, and the speed of the tube is 200/min. Shrink-
Sleeve equipment for applying PVC and PS tube labels to dairy products, food, cosmetics and medicines
Label decoration and tampering
Obvious sealing applications are also provided. THE WAGNER CO.
Make the countdown, periphery, and roll-on hot-
Stamping Equipment.
Standard Specification: m2500, 3/4-
Manual tons; A1500, 3/4-ton air-operated;
A1000 model, 1/2-ton air-operated;
Model A2000, A4000, A6000, A8000, A10K, 1-, 2-, 3-, 4-, and 5-ton air-operated;
Model H10 K, H15 K, H20 K, H24 K, 7 1/2-and 12-
Hydraulic operation of tons; and models PH4-5, PH4-20 PH-60, 5-to 60-
Ton hydraulic operation.
6 peripheral printing machines available: Model PRB6, PRB12 and PRB24, 4-
The diameter of the part is from 1/2 to 30 in.
Models c3 and CD5 provide chain drive trays for high speed, and models SR3 are designed for stamping irregular shapes such as square, round, oval or rectangular shapes. Two conveyor-type, roll-
There are R8C and R18C, 8 in on the printing machine. and 18 in.
Roller width capacity.
These unit sizes are repeated for two reciprocating BGP volumes
On styling, R8R and R18R.
The reciprocating BGP unit is hydraulic driven.
The company offers four types of boxes. motion, roll-
On machines with various stroke and roller width capabilities.
Models BMR3, BMR6 and BMR12 boxes-
Motion machine of C-
Frame structure and various travel lengths.
The boxer is a big box.
2 in motion machine.
Roller width and 3 amp travel from 36 to 48.
Extrusion roller-on, hot-
XR3 stamp printing machine is also available.
The Weber marking system is a complete set of computer printers that can produce labels or templates of up to 16 in.
There are serial numbers and bar codes to choose from. CRT-
Label format displayed, machine-
It is reported that prompt operation, function menu selection and memory retrieval are easy to use without special training.
Variable and constant information can also be stored in any tag format.
Pressure-manual and electronic label printers, nozzles and related equipment
Sensitive customization
Printed labels, templates, handprints and other labeling supplies are also available. WEBTECH, INC.
The main product line of the company is
Specializing in the production of stamp foil for thermal transfer printing, wood grain, special patterns and pigments for concave and screen printing.
The company also provides turnkey heat
Stamp systems, foils and equipment that decorate various types of substrates and configurations.
Oudemler company
Production of flexo printing press and concave printing press.
The Merkur series of the concave press can print one to 10 colors with a width of up to 100.
, Repeat range from 13 to 75.
Five Centers
The width of the impression model that constitutes the Olympia flexo line is from 16 to 110.
Repetition ranges from 11 to 120. in 4-, 6-or 8-color versions.
There are several stack models in the width of 16 to 100.
The range of repetitions ranges from 9 to 70.
Depending on the specific model, it is possible to carry up to four to six colors.
The company\'s Alina tail series has four models.
Terminal printer with a width of 9 to 100 and a repeat range of 9 to 70.
Models are available in up to eight colors.
Wolverine flexo Manufacturing Co. , Ltd.
Supply flexo printing machines and related equipment, including:
Type Printing Machine, single
Printing Press, relax and rewind device.
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