deairing with a vacuum chamber

by:Keyuan     2020-06-05
Bubbles often appear in many molding and casting materials, especially polyurethane resin and silicone rubber.
This may be in the mixing stage or in the pouring stage, but the most diligent artist will still fall victim to the boiling that people hate when the mold or casting appears in March.
Some even twist the final lineup in an ugly way.
Mold makers and casting artists try different techniques
From pouring the molding material into a high fine line to shaking the casting material violently, so that the bubbles rise to the surface and then pop up the bubbles with pins.
Even shaking tables or pressure cookers are often used to remove annoying bubbles.
But some irritating people tend to stay.
So, nothing can do the job of eliminating bubbles like a vacuum chamber!
How does it work?
The vacuum chamber works with the pump to suck out all the air from the mold manufacturing and casting materials.
The material after defoaming will have no bubbles at all and can be used safely.
All you have to do is mix the molded or cast resin or rubber properly before putting it into the vacuum chamber.
Keep in mind that in the process of vacuuming, the material expands beyond the scale, so the chamber should be large enough to hold 4 times as much as the material that is defoaming!
Turn on the pump and let it play its magic.
Once the chamber reaches 29 inch of mercury (at sea level)
The material will start to rise-like foam -
A minute or two.
It will eventually drop and plateau, indicating that the air has been cleared and there is no more air in the room.
But it is better to continue to operate the pump and chamber for a few minutes.
Close the pump and open the release valve on the vacuum chamber to balance the air pressure.
Mold manufacturing or casting materials can now be removed and ready for use.
While it flows freely and smoothly, you still have to be careful when pouring the material, as the process itself introduces annoying bubbles in the mixture again.
In response to this, some artists once again put the entire mold box or mold into the vacuum chamber for a few minutes.
This can not only remove any new bubbles, but also allow the material to fall into complex and tiny bottoms in the model or mold.
All in all, a compact vacuum chamber and pump is a perfect addition to the artist\'s studio.
It sits quietly in the corner, helping to create a bubble
Very easy free mold and casting.
Get yours now!
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