deadly silicone injections: one woman\'s final hours

by:Keyuan     2020-07-10
Alejandra Viveros and Guadalupe Viveros are two sisters who are wanted for their silicone implants in Los Angeles. (
Los Angeles Police Department)
Los Angeles police station (CBS)
For a 22-year-old, the pursuit of beauty can be fatal. year-
An old woman in California died after receiving a silicone injection on her hips.
Autopsy results are pending, according to KTLA, But Mayra lis contrcontrcontrera is believed to have died of respiratory distress
Television in Los Angeles
\"Stories like this are too common,\" New York beauty surgeon
Michael Kane told CBS News.
\"In this country, people die from illegal injections of silica gel every year.
These hip injections are usually done by people who don\'t have a license because I don\'t know that any licensed professional will inject a lot of silicone into the body.
\"The Google cloud service was interrupted and the missing connadik state mom Virginia Beach shooting protesters in many cases interrupted Harris, using industrial silicone instead of medical silicone for underground silicone syringes.
In addition, a large amount of silicone is injected (
In the case of breast augmentation, silicone is encapsulated)is dangerous.
The lucky victim will grow thick scar tissue, Kane said.
Unfortunate people usually die from pulmonary embolism, where silicone enters the blood and causes a clot in the lungs.
Police are looking for two sisters in connection with the case.
According to ktla TV, investigators say the 53-year-old sister, Guadalupe viverros, claims to be a doctor in Mexico but is not allowed to practice medicine in the United States.
After other victims told police that they had suffered adverse effects after hip or facial injections, the women were investigated.
According to the police department, the filling has hardened in some cases.
Guadalupe viverros and her 50-year-old sister, Alejandra viverros, were released on bail after being detained on June 21.
Please contact if you think you may be a victim of a silicone sister (818)834-3115.
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