Daily necessities, history of foreign silicone bag you know! !

by:Keyuan     2020-09-30
Among our necessities, carrying bag sealing bag is a common kind of articles for daily use, which caused by global artificial waste accumulation is too much, human have to environmental protection as the top priority, reduce environment, air, polluting substances and articles, as early as in 2013, the United Nations passed environmental meeting, a vote out strict controls xiangsu harmful material manufacturing necessities of life, which is carrying bag and packaging category, in Europe and the United States more strict control type, cause they have had to introduce environmental protection silicone material, so to make plastic bags by silica gel material extrusion product in recent years, in North America, Europe and the United States plastic preservation, received such a bag is gradually withdrew from the river's lake, let the silicone bag. Speaking of silicone bags, a lot of people will question, silica gel is also one of the rubber and plastic materials, not why it can completely replace the plastic material? Actually this problem for a thorough understanding of the silicone friend is not difficult, but for friends don't understand the silicone material is more difficult to understand. Silicone products and plastic products have in common, they are both rubber and plastic materials in the category, but it doesn't mean they source materials and production techniques and the additives are exactly the same, but different source materials mainly derived from technology, silicon material is the main raw material of the silicone oil, silicon resin, silicon dioxide and white carbon black, silica as the main source of material, test silica molecules after you will find that it does not conflict with any material, insoluble in water and any other material, so it after processing can achieve non-toxic odorless form completely. And the main raw material comes from several kinds of plastic, common for polypropylene, polyester, nylon, can degrade the large response in several kinds of material composition material, so use can lead to certain polluting and dangerous. As a silica gel bag, use it can change a lot of unnecessary environmental protection, such as repeated use for a long time, after the cleaning is in use, environmental protection and durable can fully contact with human skin long-term use, long life more durable, after repeated durable and durable, resilient resistant to high temperature and low temperature, still relatively complete and practical above the function, so it can replace a lot of plastic material. In addition silicone rubber products process compared with the plastic product technology is more extensive, but also in the process of silica gel products production and processing by shape and color appearance more color to adjust, in addition, the silicone water bag can also be customized according to the requirements for structure and the modulation of hard softness, products can be according to your request to customize the processing, the plastic besides hard materials is limited to the shape and the color look more aspects. At present our country is the silica gel production power, and use far less foreigners, the main reason is because of foreign environmental problems as well as the personal habits, silica gel bags and silica gel food bags, and so on the category of product is more popular.
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