Customized silicone cartoon easy pull key chain have what problem

by:Keyuan     2020-12-11
Custom silicone technology for customers, many Disney silica gel is easy to pull the key chain. Cartoon is easy to have key chain appearance design is exquisite, feels smooth and soft, is a beautiful and practical silicone gift. This product has a lot of problems on production and manufacturing, not every a silicone custom factory can be customized. The silica gel technology in the production process, the problem is, and how to solve! First is the security problem, this product main user groups are children and teenagers. Silicone technology USES the food grade silicone material and color cream color, the product can pass the EU certification and FDA certification, etc. Appearance problem, because the product design is stereo cannot use screen printing, glue craft effect is too rigid, die dantian color is not strong. The silica gel 'multicolor unibody' technology on science and technology, product design is vivid, solid color set of accurate positioning. With handle and the quality problem, everyone know silica gel is easy to stick dust, silicone cartoon easy pull so key is no exception. Silicone technology will to feel oil processing, product by processing products have dustproof ability, at the same time, it feels very smooth. Silicone technology will also for products, secondary vulcanization processing. So that you can thoroughly remove, the product in the process of sulfide produced by a small amount of peculiar smell. Maybe a lot of customers in the custom silicone cartoon easily pulled the key chain, will encounter factory have delivery delay. To silica gel technology customized customer, more we don't have to worry about this problem. 15 groups of sulfide production workshop, refining indoor, quality inspection room, pad printing chamber production such as processing equipment. Original content, reprint please indicate the source
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