Custom silicone wash a face to brush what problem need to pay attention to

by:Keyuan     2020-09-10
Cleansing skin with goods is absolutely necessary for modern men's and women's skin care products, as living standards unceasing promotion, while cleansing and skin care basic become everybody to do every day care, silicone products used in cleansing and skin care products for in some years, as a class of silicone cleansing instrument at present is relatively mature products, from the understanding of cleansing and skin care products, the market now in addition to the manual cleaning, I'm afraid only silicone skin cleaning brush majority. With the expansion of market demand, cleansing instrument competition also increases gradually, from the earliest mid quality to seek the market demand in the current price, and let the quality of the silica gel cleanser levels not neat, on market pricing from thousands of to discount a few yuan is present, and with the silica gel product quality balanced many consumers difficult to discern, 'exactly what should buy? 'Say it today! Silicone cleansing instrument said thoroughly, it is to use the silicone, plastic, and electronic, most products are not complex, and complex is the composite structure and the product shape is practical, and the price of different brand and the quality difference mainly lies in the details of the material details and manufacturing products, such as little of life why so expensive brand, mainly because of its materials and process details, and how to identify them? Silicone cleansing instrument was several material combination, but it pays attention to the appearance and electronic parts, electronic parts is mainly composed of vibration frequency and the water level and discharge capacity lithium ion of these problems, and the most main or shell silica surface, so the whole product structure or from the silica gel to decide. Of choose and buy a silicone wash a face to brush the first thing you need to know the silicone material, silicone material also points in the 369 s, etc. , from ordinary to food grade to high strength, high transparency and medical level and special glue has different performance difference, and do the cleansing instrument usually choose high tensile food-grade silicone, environmental non-toxic and high tensile resistance is the key to it, but for the material and silica gel is not very understanding friend is difficult to identify, relatively simple method is stretching back stretch or stretching area (whether white If there is fog, do not belong to the 100% food grade rubber) Pressing the deformation dynamics method and so on for a long time. Product appearance to determine quality, appearance on the main view product parting fine-grained and needles and tidy degree of thickness, usually silicone cleansing instrument mold technology is the key to make it, if the silica gel products factory make mould perfect then made the silicone face meter natural more perfect, basic can't see the product from the normal consumer vision of parting and needles, but from professional eye can judge the quality of the product and mould work, so you only need to see this product parting line and brush head thickness and appearance effect is good. Effect of surface treatment technology is only a touch of it, soft smooth is the most basic requirement, and products are generally need to surface treatment, the market now more common for the fuel injection process, feel the effect of the CRC is introduced in this paper is mainly composed of spraying effect, and this effect is also divided into different levels, such as dry sliding, the effect of different dry sliding and smooth by surface treatment of the ink, and in addition to the spraying process is also has the UV surface treatment process, mainly solve the electrostatic dust, recognize it from the aspects of the difference between requires certain skills. And silicone cleansing instrument purchase at different prices as well as the brand is not important, the important thing is that you want to know the quality of the product and work process, and different professional knowledge also have different cognitive, so from the point of view of the different industry, you will be able to identify it is not the same!
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