Custom silicone ring ring

by:Keyuan     2020-09-17
Silicone ring ring is similar to the miniature of the silicone bracelet, fashion health. Is made of one hundred percent food grade solid silicone rubber after hydraulic press suppression and become, more environmental protection and energy saving. And silicone ring than the traditional ring up more soft, comfortable, not stab hands. Cheap, beautiful decoration, is one of the popular silicone accessories. Silicone ring ring custom product name: silicone ring, silicone ring, hand ring circumference: hand ring width: 70 mm 3 mm band material: silica gel hand ring color: multicolor optional product packaging: 1 ps/opp bags custom all kinds of silicone ring ring, especially suitable for private gifts, organization act the role ofing is tasted, etc. , can be OEM custom also can customize the ODM.
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