Custom silicone products should pay attention to what matters

by:Keyuan     2020-09-08
Custom silicone products should pay attention to what issues? Xiamen silicone products factory for many years of professional experience in custom silicone products, from a large number of mould opening for custom case sums up the need to pay attention to the problem are as follows. 1, review drawings custom silicone products are generally according to the requirements of the assembly or modelling structure need to open mold production separately, then the integrity and accuracy of drawing is very important, it directly determine the mould proofing of silica gel products can test and qualified? Assembly of the silica gel products will be fully considered in the design of the matching degree, elasticity while assembling, size, etc. Silicone key if the design is too large card will appear a key phenomenon; Silicone cases do minus tolerance, as far as possible when the design because the silicone elastic, feet too much can be assembled is too loose, fall off easily. Industrial silica gel products, in particular, if the size design is not reasonable, will directly affect the assembly and product use effect. 2, choose matching of silica gel products factory in recent years the domestic small and medium-sized silicone products manufacturer have sprung up news fast growing up, each a silica gel products factory has its own advantages and characteristics. Have a professional do the silica gel gifts, silica gel multicolor silicone products, they will have their own standard mold products to sell, now in multicolor silicone gifts research and development will be more progressive and professional; Also has a professional do the silicone button, silicone keypad is actually process the longest and most artificial, to the conductive black grain, K to do color, screen printing, spraying, and require the radium vulture and glue, if not professional manufacturer of buttons, their complete process equipment may not be enough, some processes will be outgoing, the factory should not be completed so that the quality and delivery are not effectively guarantee. Xiamen silicone products factory is a professional for custom all kinds of silicone rubber products factory is mainly used in industry is the custom, open mould according to customer's drawings, material selection, according to the customers' consumption production according to customer's request, with a fashionable words speak is to tailor, distinguished experience because targeted, different GeChang advantage will have difference, so we need according to oneself when choosing suitable silicone products factory of silicone products to choose suits own factory cooperation, not only by the parties offer choose low-cost manufacturer, only choose professional people, reasonable price to make the products with good quality, enjoy high quality and reliable after-sales service. 3, contract rights and obligations after find silicone products factory is to carry out the cooperation details, then both parties need to agree on the silicone product acceptance criteria, talk about good price, open mold cycle, sample delivery, production cycle, payment, etc. , be sure to write in the contract in writing, not my head convention, this also is to protect the rights and interests of both sides, you good faith.
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