Custom silicone key pack

by:Keyuan     2020-09-10
Silica gel bags, custom silicone key package, to receive a key and door card, bank CARDS and bus card, etc all kinds of daily use small jewelry accessories, decoration, there are safe! Silicone key bag custom adopt food-grade silicone materials environmental protection, health and safety non-toxic, durability is strong, the green environmental protection, and convenient cleaning, stain resistant, high temperature resistant, hardy, texture soft, not easy to damage, long service life. Silicone key package can be customized size, color, logo, cartoon fun, more than image customization design, exquisite lifelike, close skin, feel comfortable and don't be stained with dust, fashion, convenient and highly decorative. Imported silicone, high quality hardware, lock switch, easy to use, the quality pass. No pollution, easy to clean, clean sanitation, use for a long time, the deformation do not fade. Silicone key bag custom has simple structure, easy to receive the goods such as keys, door card. Silica gel coat can prevent chafing receives goods and other goods. O wire can hang on the hand, shoulder belt hook or bags, convenient to carry. Bank card size, ensure the safety of silicone with CARDS and keys can pack together. Glue of humanized design, long-term saving and keys from scratching by the collision, more convenient to take. Raw materials using high strength rubber, has good elasticity of the product specification: 27 x6. 5cm 38g。
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