Custom silicone creative lamp

by:Keyuan     2020-09-08
Silica gel products relative to the plastic products have many advantages, such as environmental safety, flexible, durable, do not glue stains easy to clean, high and low temperature resistance, etc. Silicone material made of articles for daily use is more and more common, for example, we often used at ordinary times of silica gel maternal and infant supplies, silicone gifts, creative silicone kitchenware, silicone products, silicone creative product is very novel character. Silica gel creative lamp custom parameters product name: silica gel creative desk lamp, night bright pig emotion lamp specifications: 103 * 125 * 96 mm light color temperature: 1800 k - 6500 k interface type: dc3. 5 power: 1. 6W( 0. 2 w * 4 0。 2 w * 8领导) Battery life: highlight about 3. 5 hours, low light weight about 200 hours products: 0. 145 kg battery capacity: 3. 7 v 900 ma charging time: 3. 5 hours gross weight: 15. 5 kg packing number: 60 cases of rules: 56. 9 * 44. 4 * 37. 9 cm silicone ideas desk lamp customization features 1, silica gel lamp tail DC3. Five charging mouth, use the attached DC3. 5 usb charging line, about need 3. After the completion of the 5 sales can be full of, charging indicator light go out. 2, the light changes in temperature, light and dark, left rotating light will slowly become soft, soft and comfortable is more suitable for the night, spin to the right will be more and more bright, the light of the different brightness adapted to different environment atmosphere. 3, double click on the button at the bottom into the delay time to turn off the lights, a six-speed delay to turn off the lights, one for 10 minutes, rotate to the corresponding time will automatically turn off the lights and long press time into timing off mode key for 2 seconds. 4, a product set up two kinds of light, natural light and moonlight, a key switch as the classic two color, and according to the environment three block adjust brightness, chooses import led lamp bead, life 20000 hours, using 5000 hours of battery life only 1 degree. 5, built-in filter chimney, let light appear softer and no splash screen, use for a long time also not afraid to damage the eyes, soft environmental protection silicone material, soft body like baby's skin smooth and elastic, no matter you are happy or unhappy, she is your friend. 6, touch or remote control color change, seven kinds of color you like, you can cycle changes, to his girlfriend dating create romantic atmosphere, energy-saving led lighting effect is good, soft and not dazzling, is used to study can protect the child eyes.
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