Creative silicone bobbin winder, highlight your personality neat!

by:Keyuan     2020-09-19
吗? Headset is a winding quickly receive arrange and create a neat and beautiful wire receive tool. Latest design, easy to use, not only suitable for iphoneiPodipad digital series, such as the rest of the MP3 players and the standard of the walkman headphones line all can use the high quality, environmental protection silicone material qualitative make it won't damage your cables such as baby rope compact convenient, fashionable and generous. With the unique shape of line, you can not only make your digital baby more beautiful, also show your unique fashion taste fish bones, figures, animal shape silicone bobbin winder: from design concept to the whole process of production, have their unique personality, do not know if this design is a masterpiece of creative home or the designer's elaborate? Such a lovely fish bones, SIMS, the pony - - Turned out to be a bobbin winder! Lovely and vivid shape, rib bone is clearly visible, the entire product is unique design the pursuit of individual character and trend of young people love! Not too big. The mobile phone is at sixes and sevens MP3, headphones line tie on bone or a mean person. Sometimes cables is always a mess, it is easy to knot, unlock is not very convenient! Sometimes hard to pull, but easy to break, or listening to the music headset line is too long, also is not very convenient. Silicone bobbin winder can better help you tidy up the headset line and data line, and so on. Allows you to listen the music more natural relaxed out you more beautiful mood! Fashion, tide, generous, clean and tidy. This is your personality. The silicone bobbin winder - - - Is the first choice for our customers, headphones silicone bobbin winder, strong wear resistance, is made of high temperature environmental protection silicone material forming, feel free to use, can contact with all kinds of contact surface, has the stronger adsorption, can be repeated clean, and beautiful appearance, such as new! Bring you different sense!
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