Corneous layer can thin silicone cleansing instrument

by:Keyuan     2020-09-29
Silicone cleansing instrument is used when we wash our face little tool, simple and convenient to use, can help us deeper skin cleansing. But others will have concerns, thin cuticle can use silicone cleansing instrument washs a face? Use the words will be more bulky pore? 1, cleansing instrument will not be narrow or widen pore silica gel cleansing instrument has good cleaning effect, although it does not make pore greaten, but will not help to shrink pores. Mechanically and cleansing instrument can only help clean the dirt from the pores, texture is soft, safe non-toxic, zero damage to the skin. Cleansing instrument itself does not get larger pores. Shelter evil people and practices will only help deep cleaning, keep pores smooth, to a certain extent can also help prevent because too much dirt in pores large pores. 2, why have the feeling of pore decrescent use cleansing instrument use cleansing facial instrument after some people feel the skin exquisite and smooth, has pores smaller. This is because using silicone cleansing instrument brush will originally enlarged pores oil dirt clean up, and will face accumulation of waste cutin layer also clean, skin become more smooth, look feel pore is small. But the silicone cleansing instrument factory suggested that the sensitive skin and mixed skin cleansing instrument USES all choose small brush head, the skin cutin layer thinner people had better with less or no. Corneous layer thicker can bold attempt, but don't overdo it. If the long-term use of high frequency, will destroy the skin itself has some protective barrier, that thed loss outweights the gain.
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