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conductive silicone rubber products wholesale for electronic

conductive silicone rubber products wholesale for electronic

Conductive silicone rubber products wholesale for electronic

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Enjoy using the laser trainer. It isn't 100% on target tho. Not sure if O-rings are too soft or what. Held gun in place with stand so the consecutive shots would be in same location. Unfortunately, with each attempt, the laser hit in a different location. Still gets you on target, but not as accurate as I like.
It is a great Money maker lol it's a RED Light just like the ones you fool your Cats with lol. How Funny is that. It's the light that was put on George Constanza during the movie L M F A O !! It's that Light.
Does exactly what you'd think it'd do. Seems a bit fragile (broke when a friend dropped it) but you can get replacement backs for cheap.
Tactical laser is a perfect fit. Unit is shipped with extra battery. Happy with the product
Works just as good as competing brands that are over $100. Recommend: Definitely YES
Works fantastic !!
Great for increasing my accuracy! And, when my original cartridge failed after about a thousand shots the seller replaced it very timely!
just what i wanted
Excellent product and service it's Great!!!!!.
at 5 yards the actual bullet will be about 1-3 inches off where the laser is reading. but stil works i suppose
Got it for my dad for his birthday. He's been having fun with it.
Seems to work great so far in my cz PO7. Definitely recommend using a double action capable gun for this. Racking the slide each time i pull the trigger would get annoying. Also there are several apps on Android designed to work with these lasers. Lots of fun and good cheap practice. Helps with trigger control and reduces flinching.
Works exactly as advertised in my G19 (Gen3). Stays put in the chamber while racking the slide but pops out easy enough. Nice crisp POI dot, maybe 1/2" off the sights at 6 yards (could be me). Mine came with 3 extra batteries, an extra tailcap, a plunger to remove the cartridge from the and an extra cartridge.
just a simple o-ring you can get any regular oring to due the same thing
Bought two to check out, and they are exactly as advertised, and yes... it's really the Italian one :) Tested ability to hold CO² pressure at reg 10-12 psi, as well as 25 psi (room temp force carbonate). No leaks, and pressure relief valves held up as well. Relief valve will spit if you shake hard and allow liquid to slam into the top... but this is normal (this is how ram pumps work ;) and not a defect. The inclusion of one spare o-ring kit was a nice bonus. Buying another pair right now!
Last a long time
Looked nice but ripped really easy. :(
Product arrived fast, and was exactly as described.
If you are thinking that they might be too small, don’t. These are perfect. They stretch to what size you need without overstretching. I’ve not had any to come off and not lost any. I will purchase more and highly recommended them.
Got what I wanted and paid for and I'm happy with it
The first flip through - lots of vivid colorful pictures of some pretty and complex looking stuff I can't believe is just rubber o-rings with metal rings. Some designs incorporate the czech "fisher" rings, lampwork, and large hole "donut" style gemstones. Ok, it has my attention... So I go back to the beginning, the intro shows the 3 basic elements: rubber ring pulled through a rubber ring, a rubber ring folded over another ring and secured by a metal jump ring, and then a combo with rubber rings folded over with more rubber rings pulled through. That's it?! Pull some rubber rings through rubber rings with string or pliers?! and yet somehow this book is AWESOME! :) I'm extremely impressed with the complexity of some of the designs, and I have a whole lot of respect for the author coming up with such cool, innovative, creative ways to make jewelry with a cost effective materials. I have experience in chainmaille jewelry, and the price of the traditional precious metal wire is through the roof compared to what it was not so long ago! Some of the color combinations are a little wild, but I think it's great for the book. You should have no problem figuring out which ring went where as you try to make it yourself. It will look classy, interesting and complex when you're done. NOT, as I would have thought, something you'd see on a goth punk working at your local McDonald's. :) Oh, the stretch means no clasps! Another cool feature of o-ring jewelry! Supplies aren't too hard to find with a quick web search. And they won't tarnish... this technique is getting better and better the more I think about it!
in good condition just not what I was expecting
Made every project in this book, love, love love!!
This book is really different and has so many fun projects in it I didn't know where to start! I love the different designs. The rubber o-rings bring another level to chain mail for jewelry. They add color, texture, and new possibilities. If you enjoy chain mail and like fun funky types of jewelry this book is for you. It is one of the best purchases for books I have made in a long time.
I love this book...omg it is wonderful
Purchased this book as a christmas present for my girlfriend. Although she's a goldsmith and this book is about rubber rings, she 's very happy with it, and is already hoarding O-rings to try to recreate some of the creations in the book. Very clear images showing what to do and lots of tips on the easiest methods to recreate the jewelry in the book. The book leaves enough room to improvise and make alterations so you can make them more to your likings.
This is the same as O rings for bridge injector
Absolutely love it!!! Just got it today and have already received complements!! Unique and beautiful!
Absolutely gorgeous. I am so happy with this purchase. It is so much more in person. I bought one for my daughter and she loves hers too.
Great product for a great price!
Bought as a gift.
Great way to practice
Great starting-point information for the rubber technolgist.
The gluing system support could be a closer fit, but it does work as intended.
just what I needed
Seems to be good stuff. Very expensive tho. IMO
It works every time the firing pin hits it. It's fairly precise. It can somewhat be adjusted by rotating the cartridge until it aligns either slightly above or below the front sight. The o-rings keep it secure without it rotating on its own. I noticed that when I first put it in, it was designating to the low right. I rotated it counter-clockwise 1/3 turn, and it was right on top of the front sight at 10 yards. It stayed there after about 50+ trigger pulls. I then simply marked the 12 o'clock position on the cartridge with a marker to take the guess work out the next time I use it. PROS: Inexpensive, works every time, includes spare batteries (Fits perfectly in the Ruger American Pro Compact 9mm) CONS: A little misaligned, but nothing that can be fixed by rotating the cartridge.
Got this and immediately tacked up a paper target onto my office wall. The free version of G-Sight app is very basic and if you want to expand your shooting abilities and have multiple variations of skills testing, you will have to break down and buy some of the app's addons. however, the training laser works as it should and is a reasonable price. For the price of two 50 rd boxes of ammo, you can get 3,000-4,000 shots out of this laser. if you are a serious shooter or want to be one, this seems like a must-have.
This is a great little item! I bought it to practice without the cost of ammo or having to go to the range. I have put hundreds of firings on it and it has worked perfectly. My wife loves it as she has been practicing at the house in what we think would be likely shooting scenarios and directions if there was ever a need for self defense. The laser pulse stays on just long enough to see how the gun is moving after firing. Though I have only had it a short time, am impressed with how I have been able to improve my aim. It worked very well in 2 different striker fired pistols. On a side note and not going into the details, the post office was a little wacky with delivering it but the seller (John Kremer from Impulse USA) was very responsive when I contacted him.
This is is for the 9mm version in a 9mm semi-auto:The cartridge will NOT load into your handgun using the magazine, it is too long. You need to pull back the slide and lock it open. Only then can you put the cartridge directly into the chamber. The best way to remove it is to drop the magazine, pull the slide all the way back so it locks open and push a small dowel rod down the barrel to "pop" it out. If you don't like this you can order the .380 ACP and it will load in your 9mm via the magazine. The downside is the .380 will "wobble" a bit and the computer won't always register the hit or will register multiple hits. When using the proper 9mm size in a 9mm handgun (Glock 43 and Kel-Tec P11) I had a much lower failure rate. With the double-action only P11 You can keep shooting as quick as you can, with the Glock I had to pull the slide at least 1/3 back to reset the trigger. This is a function of how the guns work, not the cartridge.
I use it with a Laserlyte target and it works well. It wasn't really worth it with my Glock because I didn't like cycling the slide between each shot. However, if you drop it into a DAO pistol like the G2C, which you can pick up for $200 or so, you end up with something like a SIRT pistol for the same price (but you can use it for more than just training). If you already have a DAO, it's definitely a no-brainer. You should get this. A hundred rounds a day at a laserlyte target for a couple of months should bring just about anybody's skill level up a notch or two.
Works well, but is slightly off. This may be due to how it sits in the chamber, or the fact that the laser is through the bore opposed to in line with the sights, but the laser consistently hit below target regardless of distance and other variable.
This is such a great training tool for dry firing indoors. I've been practicing my quick draws almost everyday and it's pretty accurate. It even comes with 2 sets (6 pcs) of batteries on top of the batteries that are already inside the bullet. The only reason why this isn't a 5 star rating is because with my glock 19, the extractor hits the back rim just a tad and has been leaving scratch marks on rim. Each time I rack the slide, it gets a bit sticky as it finishes racking because of the ejector touching the rim. Maybe it'll be better once the scratch marks get deeper.
fun to practice with.
Thanks works great
These work perfectly...!
I bought 4 of these for my keezer. Very well made kegs from Italy. Easy to clean and use. Pressure release ring can be pulled up and turned 90 degrees to keep it open, and to vent during a closed transfer from one keg to another. 7/8” wrench or socket works to take off the posts for cleaning them and the dip tubes. Remember to add keg lube to the o-ring on the lid, make sure the lid is seated properly, and then hook up the CO2 at least 30psi to secure the lid in place. Doing so will insure your kegs won’t leak. After the lid is pressurized and secure, you can unhook and vent the CO2, then set your regulator to the desired amount. The extra set of O-rings was nice too. Always good to have backup in case of the rubber failing sometime in the future. Keg lube will prolong the life of them though. Overall, they’re great quality, built very well, and definitely worth the investment. Would definitely buy again if/when I need more new kegs.
Very fast shipping and strong rubber.
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