Conductive silicone keypad production process

by:Keyuan     2020-09-03
Conductive silicone keypad production process is as follows: first, then the draft design of design are generally according to the customer provide the sample size of draft for production of drawing, generally use graphic drawing software, such as CAD or AI software, such as customer can not provide sample, we can according to customer's request, cooperate with clients for free draft completion of design and production. Second, the open mold opening mold is master mold according to design good programming time, done in the company of CNC machine tools, some difficulty higher rubber buttons need to use spark discharge machine copper industry to the mold. Therefore making technology content is higher, and relatively longer time; General large modulus calculated on 10 days of delivery. Mould, the production quickly. Three, color mixing according to the customer designated in the international pantone color number color mixing, we toning than alignment, color difference. Four, the approved material conductive silicone buttons needed materials are environmental protection rubber materials, hardness respectively 30 degrees to 70 degrees either. Five, the upper die, do a good job of after is computer production moulds. After installed mould, need will warm up the machine, a machine daily output of about 100000 PCS of production. After six conductive silicone buttons, molding quality checks out to workshop quality control, mainly check whether accord with product specifications, if there is any discrepancy, will all be scrapped processing, heavy industry processing, machine processing, etc. Seven, the trimming to produce conductive silicone buttons will leave residual, or surrounded by a group of front, in the quality management department inspector after inspection, the product to the process after trimming. ( Trimming per person per day on average about 30000 to 50000 PCS) 。 Eight, after finished goods inspection fixed edge, is the finished product. Also the finished product must be returned to the qc department check the trimming quality, whether there are unqualified products, if you have to decide rework process. Nine rubber button by the inspector to check quality, packaging, finished product, packaging packaging according to customer requirements. Each package (usually 5000PCS) , and 10 per box package, or 20 packets per box, completely according to customer's requirements for packing. Ten, sealing the inspection before packaging is completed by the number of qc department OQC inspection, check the product model and other related quality problem, don't ask any questions, sealing and sent to the warehouse, etc.
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