Conductive adhesive and ordinary rubber production and processing the difference between what?

by:Keyuan     2020-09-19
Conductive adhesive is one of the most conductive electronics more category, the main function for thermal conductivity sensor, suitable for precision assembly, lead to low temperature, especially suitable for heat sensitive components interconnection, and it also has good flexibility and fatigue resistance, in terms of adhesive used more widely, but it is currently in products of silicone rubber with conductive silicone rubber varieties, which are frequently used in the process of silica gel products factory production, they have different production performance difference, specific differences are as follows: conductive silicone products: conductive adhesive is widely used in electronic assembly sensor, including the thin wire and printed materials, floor, ceramic glued metal plating, metal chassis, bonding wire and tube, adhesive components and through the printing line flat faces, adhesive waveguide tuning and hole repair, etc. , all these functional stems from its material mixing properties, including silver or copper, nickel, carbon powder, such as filling agent to conductive coefficient of bonding strength additives and rheological promoter adding material as their major, so also created one of the advantages and defects of conductive silicone. Advantages: 1, it has to do with all sorts of material base material and cost are necessary for good adhesion flexibility in 2, formula design, can use different curing agent, catalyst, crosslinking agent, toughening agent and so on. 3, heat resistant performance is good, the product adapt to a variety of fixed form, can be in photosynthetic thermal environment under normal use 4, fast curing yes, low temperature control in the production and processing, material dispersion is good, can achieve the overall effect of conductive faults: 1, the solid and liquid temperature limited production, secondary curing speed, less liquid 2, material performance is outstanding, lead to larger viscosity, higher temperature easy sticky mold, influence the production efficiency. 3, lower resistance to oxidation, good dispersion result in too brittle materials after curing, easy to tear, back stretch down 4, mixed gum easy damage conductive molecules, molecular chain volatile phenomenon occurring during curing destabilise resistance 5, dispersion is larger, with ordinary silica gel material secondary molding pressure and easy migration, bad control product offset ordinary silica gel and the conductive silicone production still have certain differences in performance, in terms of silica gel products processing, ordinary rubber efficiency, defective rate is low, the performance of the production is different, common plastic tensile toughness than normal conductive adhesive is better, and conductive adhesive in addition to the conductive performance highlights, in the aspect of toughness and material life will be affected by a certain, in anticorrosion, high and low temperature resistance, wear resistance and electric insulation aging are falling.
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