Comprehensive understanding of the making craft of silicone mobile phone sets

by:Keyuan     2020-09-24
Communication tools in today's society has become the indispensable a communication tool, and the mobile phone is become one of the most important communication, now with the rise of smartphones, the expansion of the market, our common phone cases also gradually affected, the friends all necessary basic a following from now, for the pursuit of fashionable young people are following with anxiety on the choice of choose and buy don't know what kind of suit, that good, as the saying goes, good quality is really good, so as a silicone products manufacturer of small make up want to say 'silicone mobile phone sets of' the 'good' for you to choose elegant and practical silica gel protective sleeve! Believe everybody understanding of silicone mobile phone sets of not a few, its material is qualitative soft, feels CRC, and practical function, the basic function of surface everyone understand, but about technology and processing of materials you may not be so understanding. Now your phone is likely to bring a following from it, but for like silicone mobile phone sets of friends like cell phone sets, but don't know the source and the way of production, it also makes for those of you who feel the silicone products have harm is a kind of unknown answer to a riddle, I don't know is to use or not! Silicone products to the disadvantage of this statement or some, of course, is only for low prices, disadvantage, to save costs and simpleton manufacturing just like this! Regular silicone mobile phone sets, as well as some silicone products are common in our life must go through a variety of check can only be applied to life, not just ignore the manufacturer of quality, production process according to the supplier for food grade solid silica gel plus platinum quality vulcanizing agent to get mixing rubber mixing, mixing rubber process can add the color of all sorts of color of rubber to make a habit of one color, for hydraulic press for high temperature and mould pressing, in the process of solid silica gel products we referred to as 'molded silicone, is also one of the most common manufacturing process, in the high temperature of the mold temperature 200 make rubber silicone protective sleeve shape, after complete moulded in the cutting edge, and the fuel injection, laser and so on craft to make all kinds of patterns. Advantages of fine clean, decent, green environmental protection, dust-proof and fell, hardy heat-resistant, among the numerous phone cases has obvious advantages. Xiamen silicone products manufacturer - Silica gel products co. , LTD. ( )
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