Common sense to understand building silicone sealant, its difference from there?

by:Keyuan     2020-09-20
Silicone building silicone sealant are mainly base glue, packing, crosslinking agent, catalyst and other additives. Glue is the basis of the sealing silicone rubber material, determine the performance of sealant. Base gum is 107 room temperature vulcanization silicone rubber chemical structure is hydroxyl-terminated polydimethylsiloxane, packing is some inorganic powder, such as white carbon black, calcium carbonate, coarse whiting, the function of packing is to provide the strength and hardness, rheological properties, etc. Crosslinking agent and catalyst is sealant curing system, through the base adhesive sealant and crosslinking agent and catalyst, and reaction of moisture in the air from liquid state into the elastomer. Silicone rubber sealant production process is the various components that make up the sealant mixing process. Usually production method is to use kneading machine, the basic material and packing and mixed when necessary and use grinding machine grinding, and then use planetary machine will crosslinking agent, catalyst and other additives in the vacuum state. Compared with other kinds of sealant, silicone building sealant has good elasticity, good resistance to high temperature and low temperature flexibility, weather resistance, ozone resistance, uv resistance performance is good, service life is long, but the organic silicon cost is relatively high, usually is a bit more expensive than other types of sealant, strength especially the tensile strength is poorer, with information on some poor water resistance than polyurethane sealant, oil resistance than polysulfide sealant. Building sealant can be classified according to different methods, the general classification method is classified according to the chemical composition. According to the sealant with the basis of the chemical composition of the rubber, the sealant can be divided into polysulfide, polyurethane, organic silicone, neoprene, butyl rubber, acrylic rubber, etc. Dosage is bigger on the market at present is silicone, polyurethane and sulfur. Building sealant classified by way of packing is divided into one-component and a two-component packaging, one-component packaging is all raw materials are mixed together, that form the sealant seal packing in plastic bottles or flexible packaging aluminum film, when used with glue guns will play out in the product with packaging. Is A two-component packaging consists of two components A and B, in general, A component is the foundation, rubber B component is curing agent. Filler and other additives according to the need to join in component A and B component, should be used when using special mechanical equipment ( A two-component glue machine) Mix A and B components in accordance with the provisions, the proportion of uniform, A and B component curing reaction, separate components or separate B components are not used. Sealant on curing characteristics can be divided into chemical reactions, solvent evaporation, heat capacity type cold setting different classification. Silicone sealant type belongs to the chemical reaction.
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