Colorful fashion silicone products dyeing process

by:Keyuan     2020-12-04
Familiar and colorful silicone mobile phone sets, and colorful bracelet, are very good-looking fashionable, many procurement friends questioned on color of silica gel products, afraid of the color of its quality problems, dyeing materials and the technology is safe, the silicone factory today said the silica gel products dyeing process for you. Silica core of dyed goods _ silica masterbatch silicone raw material is transparent color, colorless insipidity is a living material, high adsorption performance strong except alkali it does not conflict with any material, but because of the silicone raw materials must be kept in the middle of the production process of all kinds of style much money, is it a lot of options so the silicone products manufacturer masterbatch is used to add all sorts of color to it, to keep it is not a single appearance. The safety of the silicone masterbatch silicone masterbatch is through the silicon material, silicon oil, pigments, dispersants together, so only choose to use the silicone masterbatch to make the color of the silicone products because of its stable performance, high dispersion on products using uniform, environmental non-toxic, non-polluting, long stored don't expire, many features are similar to the silicone raw materials, pigment type can also be divided into many types are mainly of organic pigment and inorganic pigment. The silicone masterbatch technological requirements 1. Silicone masterbatch is indispensable item silicone products manufacturer, it is the main process of rubber mixing process of use, if not add pigment of rubber mixing process then mixing glue is transparent color after forming sulfide get transparent silicone products. 2. Silicone masterbatch color carefully fine tuning is needed to achieve good effect, also is a kind of important technical work, silicone manufacturer can reach thousands of many colours were similar products are the hardest modulation. The properties of the silicone masterbatch: the choice of light resistance, light resistance strong can do not change color effect is generally divided into eight grade! Heat resistant performance, the better the performance of its heat dispersion force, the higher the dispersion force for a representative to the product color uniform distribution.
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