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Mitchell Lilo\'s white-hot court drama
Baby abandoned in meth lab in February 9, 2011
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This copy may not be in final form and may be updated. (Start Video)JANE VELEZ-Host Mitchell (voice-over)
Breaking news tonight.
Lindsay Lohan\'s court dramaThe 24-year-
The old star called in front of a judge who was charged with major theft and was accused of stealing a $2,500 necklace from a jewelry store.
If convicted, the ILO could have a hard time in state prisons.
What does this say about Lindsay\'s sobriety?
Then there was a shocking operation. A 20-year-
An old woman died after an ass shot at a hotel in Philadelphia.
Police say the woman and three others have traveled from London.
This is not the first time they \'ve been here.
The room was close.
Is this the latest work on a series of back room plastic surgery?
Did the two most beautiful people in the world fall into a vicious war because of their daughter\'s appearance and racial identity?
Harley Berry has a fierce custody dispute with her white ex-boyfriend.
The boyfriend held their beautiful daughter in the middle.
Halle says she thinks her daughter is black.
We\'re asking, why did she choose?
We will answer your call.
Now the problem begins. (END VIDEOTAPE)JUDGE KEITH L.
Los Angeles County Schwartz: What I\'m telling you is that you need to follow the law like everyone else.
Look at this room.
Everyone in this room must abide by the law.
Court, D. A.
Your lawyer, the sheriff\'s deputy, all of you.
You\'re no different from everyone else.
So, please don\'t try your luck because I told you. -
Your lawyer can tell you what I said. -
But I tell you things will be different.
Do you understand what I\'m telling you?
Actress Lindsay Rohan: Yes, sir.
Mitchell: \"Yes, sir. I understand.
Because I have heard many speeches before.
\"Tonight, the judge tried Lindsay.
We will take you into court where Lindsay Rohan faces a major felony theft charge for suspected jewelry theft.
Lindsay argued that \"Your Honour, she did not plead guilty,\" but that she had been suspended for drunk driving, so the judge withdrew her probation.
Did she go to jail? No.
He set her bail at $40,000.
Still, you don\'t know what trouble she has with looking at her.
Lindsay was relaxed and even talkative.
She also took her private bail.
So when the actress was detained, he paid the fee immediately.
She walked out of court.
A media circus exploded outside the Los Angeles court.
Look at this.
When the little star shows up from the shiny black Carlyle in--there she is; va-va-voom --white-hot skin-
This tight dress and patent leather high heels are really showing off her assets.
Helicopters flocked over their heads.
The paparazzi are crazy about selling.
She seems to be working, as they say.
What is this, the court or the red carpet?
I almost thought Joan Rivers would pop up and ask her, \"Hey Dear, who designed your clothes?
\"Can Lindsay really enjoy all this publicity?
Okay, let\'s go back to the beginning.
Not the beginning, but the latest chapter.
A stylish Los Angeles boutique claims that Lohan has the audacity to steal a uniquely designed $2,500 necklace and then be photographed walking on the streets of Hollywood wearing it.
You\'re looking at pictures of guilt.
Lindsay wore the faulty necklace, a gold necklace with emerald.
Now LiLo claims, \"they lent it to me.
Lindsay appeared in court today with diamonds dripping.
So, is she communicating a message that she doesn\'t need to steal jewelry because she has so many things?
She will return to court on February 23.
They will see if they can make some kind of deal in this situation so that the trial will not continue.
Is fairness another case of superstar justice?
I think you know how I feel.
I\'ll pick you up: 1-877-JVM-SAYS.
You think: 1-877-586-
7297, directly to Mike Walters, task manager at TMZ.
Mike, TMZ is in court today.
What is the latest?
Mike Walters, task manager at TMZ: well, Jane, you played the clip of Judge Schwartz saying \"Don\'t try your luck.
You are no different from others in this court.
\"Let me tell you what the threat is.
He said to Lindsay, \"I will withdraw your bail and you will be remanded, which means that you will be held until the end of the trial.
\"It means, Lindsay, he\'s not joking.
If you break any law from now until you move forward, he will put her in prison and she will not be able to bail.
He even said, \"your lawyer is right not to get you out of that case.
$40,000 bail
By the way, Lindsay has his own private bail guarantor, isn\'t that strange for others? VELEZ-Mitchell: Yes.
It\'s crazy.
Walters: I want to wait.
You\'re right, she has her own private bail guarantor like a stylist, go in, get her out, boom, it\'s over.
The problem is, Jane, if she breaks the law, the judge is serious from now until now.
She will end up in jail.
I\'m not sure if she\'s going to jail. VELEZ-
You know what, Mike?
I must say that.
I heard these warnings.
I heard these lectures from the judge because only God knows how long it has been.
Every time she goes to court, she listens to a lecture from another judge and says, \"be careful, be careful.
\"I mean, come on.
Wendy Murphy, you used to be-
You\'re a former prosecutor.
Now, the judge quashed Lindsay\'s probation because she was still on probation for drunk driving.
You know, the last time I checked, you were usually suspended and you were put in jail. No.
She was released on bail in her case.
What\'s going on with this?
Wendy Murphy, former prosecutor: She\'s a superstar cat with 9 lives or 12 lives, or what she\'s doing.
You know, I have some sympathy for her addiction problem.
I said that before.
I really don\'t like the trend when it comes to this kind of thing, because it\'s about rights.
\"I\'m a superstar.
Take whatever I want.
This is a necklace for $2,500.
I think I will accept it. no one dares to blame me.
\"I hope she can jump on that Escalade today and start dancing.
Oh, that\'s Michael Jackson, but it\'s the same attitude as him. -
This is not true.
She thinks it\'s not true.
And I will withdraw her bail.
I will put her in the jar.
I will send this message if I don\'t give her another warning.
You\'re right, Jane.
This is the best evidence of her special treatment. VELEZ-
Mitchell: of course.
You tell me my big problem tonight.
Is there a double standard here?
I have also expressed sympathy, but I do not want to provide a separate judicial system for the stars.
Now the judge at Lindsay told her, \"You have to follow the law like everyone else.
\"But is Lindsay really treated today like everyone else?
She certainly doesn\'t look like anyone else.
So let\'s show her a picture while we\'re talking about this.
You know, if you walk into a jewelry store at home and leave with a $2,500 necklace, do you think they will arrest you? All right? Now, HLN`s Dr.
Drew warned that she might be killed if we threw Lindsay back to prison.
Let\'s hear this. (
Start Video Editing)DR.
Drew Pinsky, an addiction expert: The woman has been under treatment.
She\'s been on treatment.
This is hiccups.
I tell you that if she is off track at this point and goes into the legal system, she may disappear forever.
On the other hand, if the court just tightened things up and said, \"Look, you\'re doing a good job.
You\'re under treatment.
We will continue to monitor you, but the legal system requires you to continue to participate in the treatment and we will report ---
Get reports from professionals that you are engaged and do a good job, \"it will save Lindsay\'s life. (END VIDEO CLIP)VELEZ-
Mitchell: By the way, doctor.
This spring Drew\'s show is on HLN every night.
Can\'t wait for it to start.
But I have to say, Howard Samuels, I am full of sympathy and compassion for Lindsay.
But if we are going to do so, how can we express sympathy to the thousands of others who have been held for lesser crimes?
And guess what?
You are at home, if you don\'t believe me, go against the mandatory minimum family and read the files of all the people who have done 10 or 20 years first --time offenses.
The woman got one chance after another, Howard Samuels.
Howard Samuels, an addiction expert: Well, I have to tell you, Jane, you\'re right.
I mean, this woman has a special standard.
It\'s terrible to see it because it sends out bad information about the criminal system.
But it is important that the woman does not recover.
She was awake but not recovered.
It\'s like a dry alcoholic drink happened here.
Now, I mean, you have to change your behavior when you recover.
This means that you have to have more impulsive control over your negative behavior. VELEZ-
Mitchell: That\'s right.
I want to get back to Mike Walters at this point.
This happened after she left the rehab and it was called theft, right, Mike? WALTERS: Yes.
I mean, I agree, but I think it\'s important to say that, I will.
In the past few weeks Lindsay Rohan has passed every drug and alcohol test she has had at the Los Angeles probation department.
According to the test, she has remained awake since she left Betty Ford.
So I\'m not sure if waking up has anything to do with her getting the necklace. VELEZ-
Mitchell: Well, I think that\'s the case, and I understand what Howard Samuels is saying is that it\'s emotionally sober.
You can get rid of drugs, but you can still have an addictive mindset that is \"the rules don\'t apply to me. I`m special.
I can do whatever I think is reasonable because the truth is a dead problem.
Anything I say to myself, I will automatically believe it.
\"Everyone stayed there.
We got a call from you.
On the other hand, we will answer your phone.
Call me.
Also, we will be with Ms. Kareen Wynter.
She\'s out there crazy with the paparazzi.
Hallie Berry and her white ex-boyfriend said her baby
Boyfriend is black.
Did their fierce custody battle turn into a race battle?
If their beautiful little daughter is black or white, why does she have to choose?
In addition, more information about the Lindsay brand
New charges of major theft
Crazy scene out of court(
Start Video Editing)
Michael lohan, Lindsays\'s father: The last thing I want my daughter to go to jail.
Prisons are cruel at any time, especially for young ladies like Lindsay who don\'t need them. (END VIDEO CLIP)(
Business break)(
Start Video Editing)
Pinsky: In my experience, it is very common for women who come out of drugs, and when they are struggling with sobriety, she is engaged in various theft activities.
Very interesting.
Moderator Nancy Grace: Explain, Dr. Drew.
Pinsky: if they take opium all the time. It`s --
Sometimes I think they just don\'t know what they\'re doing.
Another time, I thought it was a desperate attempt to get an excitement and excitement. (END VIDEO CLIP)VELEZ-
Mitchell: Yes, sometimes stealing is a new climax. And Dr.
By the way, drew premiered on HLN this spring. We can`t wait.
Lindsay Lohan is talking about her white people.
To be more precise, her white man had a hot day in courthot dress.
Let\'s show it to you now.
When you see her coming out of the car.
It looks more like she went to the Oscars and walked on the red carpet. Va-va-voom.
It is a tight dress.
But is it appropriate for the court to do so?
Ms Kareen Wynter, you are crazy outside.
Tell us the crazy scene out of court today.
HLN reporter kareen wynter: well, Jane, you saw the smile on my face.
Not because I don\'t take the story seriously, but because I don\'t take it seriously.
But you said these things from my mouth.
What I was going to tell you is that whenever we cover Lindsay Lohan and her legal woes, you feel like you\'re covering a red one. carpet event.
You know, by the time she arrives, she will have a grand entrance, waiting for her to be a media crush.
Earlier today, photographers were almost all over.
There was a lot of bumps and bruises around me.
Then, you know, she walked out of the House and waltzed and people yelled at her, \"Lindsay, you\'re so beautiful!
\"She was decorated with diamonds.
I don\'t know if you got these pumps, they\'re incredible.
Again, it\'s not a court costume either, but you know, Lindsay Rohan, she always manages to make fairly stylish statements.
I want to add, too, Jane.
Justice Schwartz, she \'d better take the new judge seriously.
This is because we have just learned that Judge Erden Fox, who oversees her other case, DUI, is no longer in that case.
Judge Schwartz will not only oversee the theft case, but will also oversee her probation case for drunk driving. So he`ll be --
She doesn\'t have to worry about the judge\'s juggling.
He will decide her future here.
It would be interesting to see what happens to her probation revocation hearing on February 23 and if she was sent back to prison for violating her probation terms, Jane. VELEZ-
Mitchell: Sure.
She jumped from judge to judge.
Remember, she had a female judge at the Cannes party and she didn\'t come back and the judge yelled at her.
Then she got Judge Eldon Fox.
This is the look of Sharon Stone.
You have to look at this. Woo!
Now, I just hope that when she sits in court, I really hope that Lindsay Rohan doesn\'t do cross legs that Sharon Stone is so famous.
I think we all know why she\'s so famous.
Your question or idea, madam.
Jane, my question is--
Hello, how are you? --
When is enough?
She violated her probation several times.
All she got was a slap in the face on her wrist. If it was T. I.
Chris Brown or anyone else, they go to jail instead of a prison for just 20 or 30 days. VELEZ-
Mitchell: Yes, Madam, I agree with you and I have to point out that this is not the first time Lindsay Rohan has been accused of sticking her fingers, even though she has never been accused of stealing.
In 2009, Lindsay was accused of taking a $400,000 necklace from the photo shoot of Elle magazine.
She posed on the cover of the magazine.
Now, this is a huge scandal.
In 2008, she was accused of stealing the $12,000 mink coat from a New York nightclub.
The owner of the coat found LiLo in these paparazzi photos wearing the coat, even though you know what I would say, I want to say, the fur was actually first stolen from the peeled animal.
But let\'s go back to LiLo.
She was also accused of taking away her friend\'s $35,000 Rolex watch in 2010.
Again, it has never been charged.
But so many charges
Wendy Murphy, do you think they would treat these as bad things before?
I hope so.
Contrary to some new defense tactics, you know, she\'s addicted to very wealthy people ---
I read your book, Jane. It`s great.
I don\'t see that chapter. You know?
But believe me, even though the prosecution would say that she has a history of bad behavior, which suggests that she is a criminal and not someone with mental health problems, her defense team would say, this proves that she has a mental health problem.
She can\'t stop herself.
She obviously has a lot of money.
She went to court wearing diamonds.
So she really doesn\'t need these things.
Why would someone steal these things if they were not needed?
The answer is that they have the right to do so.
They need to go to jail where they can be taken to zero and get it together.
Not just addiction.
It\'s about rights.
She needs to go to jail. . . VELEZ-
Mitchell: Wow, wow. wow. Wait a second.
In my book \"country of addiction\", I did talk about how addiction jumped from one thing to another.
So sometimes, when you give up drugs, you need another impulse.
You heard it too. Drew.
Stealing is not addictive.
Howard Samuels, you\'re an addiction expert.
What do you think is the truth?
Well, of course, Jane.
I mean, there\'s a climax when you steal something. It`s a rush.
Everything is in a hurry.
It\'s all about running away from something.
This is the meaning of this thing. So the addict-
Drunkard likes to rush and stimulate.
There\'s a lot of excitement about stealing. Come on. VELEZ-MITCHELL: Yes.
I just want to say--go ahead.
Murphy: What I\'m trying to say is that it\'s better not to defend in the trial.
It will be ridiculous.
Whether there is an addiction problem in her life is different from whether her defense team should be allowed to laugh at our legal system. VELEZ-
Mitchell: Here\'s the problem.
Talking about a joke, they are already talking about reaching a plea deal.
Now, if someone else is caught wearing a videotape of the jewelry they put on in the store and then put on the jewelry ten days later, do you think a plea deal will be reached for prosecution?
They don\'t need it.
They have evidence.
Why is this girl immediately negotiated for a plea deal, this young woman?
Great. thank you.
Could this be the latest chapter of plastic surgery failure?
Then there\'s a horror story. (
Business break)(
Start Video Editing)
Unidentified man: Ice Poison causes the teeth of healthy people to fall off within a month.
This is the worst disaster on Earth. (END VIDEO CLIP)VELEZ-
Mitchell: Tonight, after police raided an ice poison lab in North Carolina, shocking and furious findings were made. A 4-month-
Little boy with chemical burns on his small body.
Police accused the baby\'s mother of 23. year-
Old Ashley Milligan, child abuse, ice poisoning, obstruction of justice.
They said she had a second son. and third-
He has endured the pain for quite some time.
Ashley is the seventh person who was cracked in the raid on the poison nest.
By the way, the suspected laboratory is at the grandparents \'house.
Can you believe it? Unbelievable.
Go straight to Sheriff Hubert Peterkin.
Thank you, Sheriff.
Are these people not reporting and taking their children to the hospital for treatment because they are worried that their medicine nest will be exposed, is that true?
Sheriff Hubert Peter King (via phone): Yes, it is.
The survey showed that they deliberately extended the treatment time to the child because they did not want the treatment to interfere with the actual drug operation. VELEZ-
Mitchell: It\'s disgusting.
Now, I hear my mother say, well, I\'m out of town.
I left the baby to my fiancé\'s mom.
I don\'t know if she has anything to do with drugs.
How much do you know about this?
Peter King: investigation--
You know, the officer investigating the case could actually put her on the spot in the house.
Not only use meth, but also help make meth. VELEZ-
Mitchell: What\'s the situation with this poor little baby and how he got hurta-
Ice lab?
Peter King: Well, now we think the injury was caused by some sort of chemical in the house. The 4-month-
He got a second child.
Degree and third
Degree of burn in the right chest and arm area--
On the right side of his body. VELEZ-
Mitchell: addiction expert Howard Samuels, you hear Danny bonadus talk about how meth and meth are the scourge of the Earth.
Why is it often fatal?
In terms of explosions and such things, what can it do?
Well, you know, it can be very dangerous that you mix so many chemicals together in the lab, okay?
They will explode.
They are very exposed to fire and flames, you know.
Jane, Ice Poison is popular in this country.
I\'m not surprised by this case.
As a matter of fact, I have heard such cases all the time.
What it does to the body, what it does to the teeth, I mean, it\'s terrible.
It\'s like an epidemic.
Jane, this is disgusting. what\'s the impact on people. VELEZ-
Mitchell: sheriff, is there an epidemic in your county?
In North Carolina?
Peter King: Actually, we were a little surprised.
Now, in my county, we haven\'t experienced a massive rash at the meth lab.
In North Carolina, however, some parts of our state are actually in progress.
It\'s like an epidemic in their community.
We were a little surprised.
You know, we had a case or two a few years ago, but this case, it just came out quietly on us. VELEZ-
Mitchell: We\'re glad you found this kid, Sheriff. Well done.
Good job, Sheriff.
Thank you very much, Howard Samuels.
Most importantly, Nancy Grace and her team tell the story of a South Carolina mother accused of abandoning a newborn baby in a public toilet.
Start at 8 in the evening and watch Nancy Grace for two hours every night. m.
In addition, police say four women flew from London to London for a bad operation. One died.
We will tell you next time. (
Business break)VELEZ-
Mitchell: surgery under 20year-
An old woman died after an ass shot at a hotel in Philadelphia.
Police say the woman and three others have traveled from London.
This is not the first time they have come here to stay in a hotel room.
Is this the latest work on a series of back room plastic surgery?
Did the two most beautiful people in the world fall into a vicious war because of their daughter\'s appearance and racial identity?
Harley Berry has a fierce custody dispute with her white ex-boyfriend.
The boyfriend held their beautiful daughter in the middle.
Halle says she thinks her daughter is black.
We\'re asking, why did she choose?
We will answer your call. (
Start Video Editing)DR.
Plastic surgeon Ronald Warren:ph)
Basically, what they use to inject is industry.
The grade is not much better than what you used to sew the ditch at home.
Of course, this is toxic to the body. (END VIDEO CLIP)VELEZ-
Oh, my God. Caulking?
Inject it into your ass?
Tonight, breaking news, a woman suspected of injecting a strange deadly drug is looking for it.
This is another nightmare of plastic surgery.
Police say 20-year-
The old woman came all the way from London and received an ass shot at a Philadelphia hotel.
She died a few hours later.
Police say Claudia arotiniph)
Got the silicone she thought was injected into her ass.
It happened Monday afternoon in a room. -
Yes, you\'re looking at a hotel--
Hampton Inn.
After about 12 hours, her friend was frantically calling 911. (
Start Video Editing)LT.
Philadelphia police John Walker: the medical staff\'s response to the Hampton Inn is that a woman has difficulty breathing and pain in her chest.
She was transferred to the Fitzgerald Mercy Hospital where she died. (END VIDEO CLIP)VELEZ-
Mitchell: I like the Hampton Inn, but I don\'t like surgery.
Police believe Claudia has set up the program through the Internet.
Investigators are trying to determine if the woman who injected her is licensed.
I think we may know the answer to this question.
I\'ll give you two sentences. -Hampton Inn.
It\'s a hotel, not a hospital.
No room service.
This is the latest in a series of plastic surgery horror stories we have reported here in the past few weeks.
Why are more and more women risking their lives to pursue the perfect ten in their budgets?
Go straight to Philadelphia police station, Lieutenant Raymond Iverson.
Thank you for joining lieutenant.
Sir, have you found the woman who actually injected these drugs? LT.
Raymond Iverson, Philadelphia police (via telephone)
We haven\'t found her yet at this time.
We have identified her.
We know who she is.
We also know the identity of the dispatcher, or the identity of the kind of person who communicates with girls in London.
So at this time, we are actively working with our district attorney\'s office, the ME office in Montgomery County, to file a case together, and we will see the implementation of all this in the next few days. VELEZ-
Mitchell: Okay.
Well, now, we keep seeing this video where a woman with a sheet on her head walks into a place that looks like a police headquarters.
What do I think? -
My producer told me it was a friend of the victim?
Any friends? Who`s that?
Evers: I don\'t know what pictures you\'re talking about, but there are four people, four young women coming to Philadelphia from London, England.
We know that the two have received some kind of cosmetic enhancement, two of them. -
Or went to New York to buy something.
But we know there are two people who get some kind of treatment from this person. VELEZ-Mitchell: now--thank you, sir.
Claudia reportedly received silicone injections from the same woman last fall and she returned.
As you just heard the lieutenant say, she and her three girlfriends took advantage of the holiday.
Two shots.
The other two came for fun.
Who knows? they\'re planning a show in New York together?
The whole idea of a plastic surgery tour is a terrible trend.
It\'s not a holiday.
This is a medical procedure. (
Start Video Editing)
Warren: If the silicone enters the main arteries and veins, it spreads around the body.
You will get sick soon. (END VIDEO CLIP)VELEZ-MITCHELL: Ok. Dr.
Kevin Brenner, you\'re on the board.
Plastic surgeons
Now, I know the silicone implant is legal, but the silicone injection is not legal.
In particular, the police say the silicone injection is one level higher than the filling material. DR.
Kevin Brenner, board certified plastic surgeon: Yes.
Jane, you know, I think it\'s very important to distinguish between solid silicone implants, silicone breast implants and free silicone injections.
Free silicone injection is very dangerous.
Our silicone breast implants for breast augmentation, breast reconstruction and cosmetic breast augmentation are FDA-
After many years of testing and certification, it is a safe recognized equipment.
Free Silicone Injection is a completely different game.
I think, you know, it\'s often lost in the details of the headlines.
What this patient may have injected is exactly what you said, you know, it\'s just industrial grade silicone.
You really need to pay special attention to a few questions.
Not only the type of silicone, but also who is injecting, where are you at the time of injection, and how is the condition of the facility. (CROSSTALK)VELEZ-
Mitchell: You mean they shouldn\'t be getting silicone injections.
If you want a bigger ass-
Frankly, I don\'t want a bigger ass.
I don\'t understand--
No, seriously, I don\'t know.
I can understand breast augmentation, but I can\'t understand it. -
Brenner: this is the case with many women. VELEZ-MITCHELL: Ok.
But you\'re talking about implant surgery.
Don\'t give an injection.
Those injections are probably illegal, right?
Brenner: Well, I\'m not saying I\'m going to implant it.
Technology like fat
Grafting is a very safe and effective docking enhancement.
But if you choose to implant silicone, you really need to do your research, because silicone injection can be very dangerous and fatal in this case.
What happens when the silicone is injected, whether it is medical grade or not, if the injection volume is too large, the injection is improper, it will enter the blood, in this case, it will enter the lungs, causing an overwhelming inflammatory response that interferes with your ability to breathe. VELEZ-
Mitchell: That\'s a good explanation.
Brenner: It sounds like something happened in this case. VELEZ-MITCHELL: Yes.
Thank you, doctor.
Now, this is my big problem.
Stop looking for medical price cuts. Seriously.
Great sales.
But plastic surgery is not discounted.
Not a good idea. Ok.
Just last month, the woman named Vanessa Castillo was accused of running a chest and hip injection clinic in the Bronx apartment.
Police say she imported silicone from South America and charged a round of shooting.
She allegedly closed the wound with crazy glue.
What shocked me was that people didn\'t seem to have-
These people do these crazy injections and they are looking for customers.
Spencer Allen, you\'re a board.
Practicing lawyer, medical accident lawyer
Why would someone come all the way from London and go to the hotel for an injection, when you can fly and get your ticket first --
First class treatment in London, real doctor?
Medical Accident Lawyer Spencer allonfield: Well, I think the more important question I want to answer is what\'s going on in our world, in our society, and people feel this huge force, put their whole life, their whole life at risk of a bigger ass or a bigger breast?
They did so according to reports from all the media that these pump parties, these butchers and these doctors who don\'t even have a license died one by one.
However, they came across the ocean to the United States with illegal silica gel. (CROSSTALK)VELEZ-
Mitchell: Well, I\'ll give you an answer.
ARONFELD: why do they feel the need to risk their lives? VELEZ-
Mitchell: I will tell you why.
It`s Hollywood.
Hollywood has set a very dangerous precedent for women.
I would like to point out that the E show \"breast shaping\" at Exhibit \".
I\'m going to use it as evidence.
Let\'s have a look.
This is a game show, brides. to-
Before getting married, the competition won plastic surgery.
Of course, who will forget the real star Heidi montagh, who has had ten plastic surgeries in a day.
She left a whole new body and a lot of regrets. Listen to this. (
Start Video Editing)
Reality TV star Heidi montagh: I don\'t want to do this to my body anymore.
I don\'t want to do Botox anymore, I don\'t want to do surgery anymore, and I don\'t want to do lip injections anymore.
I think I\'m in good shape right now.
Yes, I feel like I\'m with them now. I really do.
I really, you know, sometimes I think--
I wish I could return to the original Heidi with nothing. (END VIDEO CLIP)VELEZ-
Mitchell: Howard Samuels, as a culture, I talked about this in \"The country of addiction,\" and we are bombarded every day with images of these surgical procedures --
Enhanced women, and women are becoming more and more addicted to trying to be such people.
Howard Samuels, CEO of Hills\' treatment center: Well, you know, Jane, I live in Hollywood, so I \'ve been watching this all the time.
I mean, that\'s not enough.
Facial care is never enough. VELEZ-
Mitchell: that\'s addiction.
Samuels: There has never been enough breast work.
This is an addiction.
That\'s why it\'s so sad.
I mean, these women look terrible in the end because they think it\'s never enough.
So this work has to be more spiritual and to understand what really happens inside us as a country, it\'s all about the outside.
This is such a sad thing. VELEZ-
Mitchell: that\'s true.
Lieutenant Ivers, if you\'re still there, is this woman doing it, is she licensed, or is she just a lady with a needle?
Evers: at this time, we\'re still investigating if she has the right license to do this, but just because she makes people travel from the United States. K.
Going to Philadelphia to stay at the airport hotel and communicate with people over the Internet, I doubt very much if she has--(CROSSTALK)VELEZ-
Mitchell: will she be prosecuted for the woman\'s death?
Is it possible?
Iverson: Excuse me? VELEZ-
Mitchell: This woman is dead. Is it possible for her to be charged?
Evers: Well, it\'s a suspicious death right now.
This is a death investigation.
The Philadelphia district attorney\'s office will sit down with the investigator, my office. (CROSSTALK)VELEZ-
Mitchell: you will make a decision.
Thank you, Lieutenant.
I\'m leaving it there.
Thank you, sir. Ok.
Thank you, panel.
This is a problem.
Harley Berry and her white ex-boyfriend have had a fierce custody dispute.
Boyfriend was involved in a war for her daughter\'s racial identity?
In a new interview, Hal said she felt her daughter was black.
But what we\'re asking tonight is, why does this kid have to make a choice?
Why do we ask this question when she has a white father?
Is this a step back?
Is this in the best interest of the child?
What do you think? Call me, 1-877-JVM-SAYS, 1-877-586-7297. (
Business break)(
Start Video Editing)
Every mother in the world will tell you that life is changing, you know. It`s profound.
It gave me a bigger goal.
I think, I am like other mothers in the world.
She\'s the love of my life. (END VIDEO CLIP)VELEZ-
Mitchell: Tonight, the epic battle of child custody between superstar actor Halley Berry and model Gabriel Aubrie may have just reached a new low.
Not only did they argue who got their precious beauty 2-year-
But are they really arguing about this little girl\'s race?
What does this have to do? Who cares?
This is just the last painful and ugly battle for this lovely little girl.
Halle Berry told Ebony magazine that she thought her daughter Nahla was black because there was one
By the way, this theory dates back to the era of slavery.
More of a moment at this point.
Last week, TMZ spoke to one of Gabriel Aubry\'s ex-boyfriends
Claims Gabriel doesn\'t like people calling his daughter Black and thinks she\'s white.
We can\'t confirm at all that this is true.
Gabriel, anyone involved in this matter can always tell their position on our show.
But if that\'s true, apparently the couple can\'t even agree on the race of their own children?
Maybe they should discuss it before deciding to have a baby.
What do you think?
Give me a call, 1-877-JVM-SAYS.
Direct contact with Kim Serafin senior editor for \"weekly contact;
Kim, I\'m very angry about this whole thing.
What is the update on this?
Kim serafin, senior editor of Contact Weekly: Well, as you mentioned, I mean, it would be a very bad custody battle, a very bad oneup.
As you mentioned just now, their allegations are about race. There`s also --
A source told keep in touch that Harry was apparently upset about Gabriel and Kim Kardashian\'s going out because she didn\'t want their daughter around the reality TV cameras.
There are allegations of jealousy.
Gabriel reportedly doesn\'t want to go to New York, which is why Halle has to quit the latest movie.
It really got really bad.
I think it\'s unfortunate, especially since both of them look good.
As you mentioned, this little girl is cute and unfortunately people don\'t want to see this happening in the media. VELEZ-
Mitchell: and two of the most beautiful people I \'ve ever seen.
I can\'t imagine these two beautiful people arguing when they might have something like this--
She looks like one of the most beautiful kids ever.
Harry Berry said she believed this. drop theory.
I have to say that this is a major breaking news, a huge blockbuster, because it refers to the Jim Crowe law that exists in the United States. S.
During the 1876 s to 1950 s, separate facilities were provided according to race.
You know, so
Called independent but equal.
It is used to discriminate against Africans. Americans.
If a person has a drop of blood, they are banned from passing as white.
Halle Berry is the daughter of a white mother and a black father.
Her predecessor, Gabriel Aubry, is the son of the French.
Canadian parents
He\'s white, of course.
Berry maintained one.
The Drop theory turned her and her daughter Black.
Now, Van Shin Cox, you\'re an actor, you\'rehost of --
What I\'m trying to say is, I don\'t want to mix this up. -
[Mixed sister chat podcast]
This is a bite.
So you\'re a hybrid.
Actress Van Shin Cox: Yes. VELEZ-
Mitchell: because I thought we had crossed this, what do you think about it?
Cox: Well, I think people have the right to identify what they want and choose how their children recognize it.
However, my disappointment is to call this-drop rule.
The problem is that it is used to oppress people.
Like we bury N words, we need to bury the concept of the word --drop rule.
This is not good for us.
If she chooses to identify with this way because she is proud of black culture, we still believe in race very much in this country, and hope we don\'t believe in race any more.
But when we do, it\'s OK to be proud of this culture.
But these concepts, which are actually used as a means of negative use, are used from 1800;
Hopefully we can start working on this. VELEZ-
Mitchell: My big question is not why we have to choose, why is this little girl in this article
Must we choose a multi-ethnic society?
I mean, she\'s like the other kids right now.
Come on, 1/7. -
No, but racism. -(CROSSTALK)VELEZ-
Mitchell: Wait a minute.
Racism still exists. VELEZ-
Mitchell: one out of every seven new people is a spouse of a different race or ethnicity.
So many people think that they are mixed blood, mixed blood.
I\'m Puerto Rican and Irish.
I\'m glad to have both.
I\'m happy to be a Puerto Rican.
Happy to be Irish.
I don\'t want to choose between the two.
K. Foxx, weighing.
Moderator K. FOXX: Well, basically, I think she should accept two cultures;
Black, white, beautiful in both ways, because I have a nephew of a twin and a brother of a twin.
This makes them more beautiful because they can learn more from both cultures. VELEZ-
Mitchell: of course.
She shouldn\'t have taken her daughter. -VELEZ-
Mitchell: come on.
OK, let\'s remember that this young girl may face racism when she goes to school. VELEZ-
Mitchell: there\'s more on the other side.
Wait there. (
Business break)(
Start Video Editing)
Jennifer brandt, a family law lawyer: Halle really needs to learn how to share.
She had a baby with this guy and now she has to share her with him.
He obviously won\'t leave.
He wants to be with this kid and he will have time in most of the courts today.
So she \'d better get used to communicating with him, just--
She \'d better relax.
I don\'t think she wants to listen to him.
I think that\'s the problem. (END VIDEO CLIP)VELEZ-
Mitchell: The Battle of Harry Berry\'s ugly child custody has become more ugly in a minute;
Now, the new charge says the former couple are divided in the competition between the two. year-old daughter.
Cheryl Lynn, Florida, your question or your idea, madam?
Cheryl Lynn, Florida (via telephone): Yes, Jane --
I like your show. VELEZ-
Mitchell: Thank you.
I want to ask this question.
Why did she choose?
She has to make a choice because she\'s in a country where we can make a choice.
We have nowhere to go and don\'t have to fill out an application for an apartment or something, it will ask what our race is.
This country will not come back again.
It\'s not that far.
It does not recognize the race of the United States. VELEZ-
Mitchell: OK, Madam. very good.
What is your idea?
K. FOXX: Unfortunately, society treats us according to our appearance.
Harry Berry, who seems to be a black woman, agrees.
So this is not a problem.
But in order for her daughter to choose, she just needs to raise her as an interesting person
When she grows up, she will understand the concept of race and culture and the things of this nature.
Then she can choose. VELEZ-
Mitchell: I\'m a little worried that she\'s going to put her kids in the spotlight this way.
I had to doubt her judgment.
You know, she\'s unfortunate in love, and that\'s a little tactful.
We\'re talking about Hallie Berry\'s love life.
Her first husband, baseball star David Justice ice, was physically abused, she said, but he kept denying it.
His second husband, Eric Bennett, is a Philadelphia man suspected of sexual addiction.
Five years later, Harley Berry broke up with Gabriel Aubrie, who said Harley\'s allegations were completely untrue and irresponsible.
So I\'m bringing it back to Kim Serafin.
Is there anything?
SERAFIN: You know, yes, she\'s obviously unfortunate in love, but she\'s also such a great actress, I think a lot of people even just went back to her speech at the Oscars and she was obviously exciting.
When she says that this moment is more important than her, she is serious.
That\'s not what she said.
Therefore, she is obviously very proud of her tradition, but also proud of her achievements in life as an actor. VELEZ-
Mitchell: Well, I think--go ahead.
Okay, let\'s remember it\'s--
It\'s a feat, we all call her, you know, we all call her, it\'s a black woman who won an Oscar.
We call the president a black president. -
Many of us, our first black president.
He chose black identity in the census.
It depends on him. there is a reason why people choose this.
We need to understand this.
Parents need to be honest--VELEZ-
No, listen.
I chose to be--
It would be great if she agreed with black people.
If I were her, I would think she was beautiful.
You know what I mean.
But it doesn\'t matter if she wants. But I think --
What I\'m questioning is getting her daughter involved and making sure her daughter is too young to speak for herself.
This is where I have problems.
Bring this Jim Crow in.
This is where I have this problem, this one-drop theory.
This seems to be a step backwards.
COX: I agree.
Again, in terms of what we have heard about the husband\'s view of all this, these are allegations.
But it is important to know how he sees it, and she may be preparing for a family that does not accept her standing on his side.
We don\'t know if she did that.
It\'s important to her.
But I finally agree and hope that all of us will first get rid of the concept of race and see each other on other things. VELEZ-
Do you know what I\'m saying? Moveon.
Organization on this topic. Thank you. (
Business break)VELEZ-
I\'m Jane weisres.
This is my problem, Mitchell.
Lindsay\'s in court again.
The judge again issued a strong warning;
This time, the judge said that you are no different from others.
Please don\'t try your luck.
Guess what, she\'s had her luck many times.
Every time she gets another warning.
When she missed an important court hearing because she was in France, she was warned.
She was warned when her scooter bracelet fell off.
When will the warning end and when will the real consequences begin?
Now, she is charged with major theft on suspicion of stealing a necklace, and we have heard that there has been talk about plea bargaining.
I fully agree with Lindsay to stay awake, but if we are going to take a sympathetic approach to her, then, let\'s take that view with thousands of people because we are now speaking for the lesser crimes. I`m Jane Velez-
Mitchell, this is my problem. Think about it.
They\'re in jail now.
Next is Nancy Grace.
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