cnc nyancat food mold (nyancake!)

by:Keyuan     2020-07-04
CNC tools and food!
What better?
Plus, it\'s supereasy.
This is an overview of how I make nyancat food-
Safety mold, of course, with the magic of CNC and digital CAD files, you can apply it to any shape you want.
The basic idea is to grind out the foam and pour the food
Place the safe silicone in it, and then pour the food into it when the silicone mold is cured.
Some type of requirement CAD.
Autodesk inventor is free for students (people with . edu emails).
CAM and CNC milling machines or 3d printers can be used.
Money for food
$20 safe silicone.
Well, if you\'re making jelly, you can make the mold with hot glue (
I used it--
Definitely destructive mold removal, I had to pry open the Lego toy with pliers)
But I\'m not sure how safe this is, 100%.
I think it\'s OK with pudding or something.
Cake/pudding/jelly mixture, yogurt, watermelon juice no matter what food you want. Oveview 1)
Spend hours at nyancat.
Add a shell to the CAD file to make the mold shape on the front, you can pour the silicone into 3)
CNC grinding out the front mold for building foam or 3d printing 4)Apply 2-part food-safe silicone (Putty or rubber)
Make a negative model for the positive Model 5)
Mix cake, jelly, pudding, etc.
If you are making a cake, make sure to release it using a mold, aka 6)Eat!
Sponsorship of angled instructures
The sponsorship scheme of angled instructures. )
Mark the image []below.
The first step is to make any mold you want to make.
You design a positive version for your image and then add a \"shell\" around it so you can pour the silicone into the shape. [1]
The shell is not necessarily round, that\'s what I did because I wanted a cupcake.
There are three main considerations when designing the mold.
If you are milling out your mold: 1)
The drill bit determines what size to use to limit the function of what size you can have (
But for the cake, the little features don\'t show up very well anyway)2)
The length of the bit you are using limits the level/depth you can walk, 3)
The size of the mold affects the price of expensive food.
You will use = what I did: you can see how I started the sketch and then use the tool> sketch picture. . . .
Insert the reference nyancat image into my solidworks file. [2][3]
Since nyancat is pixelated, I also played with the grid settings to get a grid that roughly matches the image (
And scale the image to match it). [4]
Specifically, I know that I want to get the file details with 1/8 bits without the need to spend forever (
Use 1/16 bits)
So the spill is bigger than that one.
I use the grid size of 0.
14\', the diameter of the mold is about 6 \'. This is huge!
It ate almost $20 in silicone mold.
I make materials on Amazon.
More about this in step 3rd.
I didn\'t really think about the depth of the mold and I was lucky because the bit I used was deep enough to cut the groove.
The drill bit is definitely not long enough to cut off the mold--
I \'ve been paying attention to this, and I stopped it just as it started burying in the foam. [5]
Please note that finer details do not appear if you are planning on making a cake. e. g.
The pieces on this CAD model will certainly not appear on the cake.
In fact, they tend to appear in the opposite way. sprinkles. [6]
However, it shows well on jelly and pudding molds.
For milling, I don\'t want to waste my time cutting the mill into a circle, so in the last picture ,[7]
You can see I made the case extra-
Big so that it doesn\'t try to grind that surface and then when I use the milled CAM software I select a rectangle around the shape to cut the mold.
Finally, I have attached my CAD file here: 1)the sldprt (
Solidworks 2013 *)file and2)
The exported STL file programmed by CAM for a grinder or 3d printer can be read to generate x, y, z motion (or polar?
I know people with homemade robot arms and delta robot 3d printers. . . )
For motor moving cutting/extrusion ends.
Well, I really hate that they are not backwards compatible, E. G. g.
You can\'t even open it in solidworks 2012.
I\'m graduating and can\'t use any of these files__-;
The folder I am using for ease of editing: C: \\ User \\ Picture \\ Picasa \\ screen Title C: \\ User \\ Picture \\ downloaded album \\ 113942194695013581888 \
yanweighthen turn STL file into g-
Write code using the CAM tool of your choice and then do milling or 3d printing.
For grinding, an insulating foam that is cheap and easy to grind can be used (
Also widely used in architecture models).
The foam is good because the silicone is easy to release from the foam.
Don\'t Breathe in too much dust.
Sold in stores as \"foam insulation\" or \"extruded polystyrene.
See the Internet for more information.
Note about 3d printing mold, when I 3d print the scaled version of my 6\' diameter nyanCAD, the external \"shell\" will fall off and can be fixed with the dab of the strong glue.
Clean the end of the foam mold, you can clean the remaining foam \"burrs\" after grinding with a hot air gun \"(
See the picture 10/23 14: 07).
This melts the polystyrene a little (
See the picture of 10/23 15: 34)
, So it is not suitable for nyancat with sharp pixel;
I just manually picked up most of the foam.
= For me: I use shopbot at MIT Media Lab, so I use Partworks.
I also used masterCAM, where you have to make the toolpath by hand.
This is actually hard to do with nyancat because all the paths are in the same place and MasterCAM gets confused. Ugh.
Let some UX people use the software. . .
Partworks is like \"Hey, look! it\'s a 3d file!
Let me have the amazing file for you!
Let\'s be friends!
\"I took some photos of the settings I used for the party.
I cut two molds, one in December and one in November, which is why there are two sets.
They are all the last pictures.
You can also see a small 3d print and I\'m fixing the hexarideable pod (
Based on the situation of the New York manufacturer faire 2012 at the time, so I don\'t have time to make the mold wall thin properly.
Actually, I found some very nice people at the New York manufacturer faire print house and printed a mold with a thinner wall, but I had to leave before I finished (
Looks like the printer needs some setup adjustments as well).
Thanks to the Luc Nikiema and Tjiko snap 3d characters.
The plan is for people who print pancakes to buy some batter and enjoy some nyan-pancakes :)
Note: The mold is not a mouseproof!
Make sure to store the mold in the mouse-proof location!
During the winter vacation, I left my things at school and saw the mouse chew my mold when I came back.
WTF, seriously, not cool, mouse :\'(
Two kinds of food-
Safety silicone for mold
Silicone putty (
\"Consistency with cookie dough\" for smaller moldsg.
My 2 diameter 3d printed)
And silicone rubber (pourable).
The former is cheaper.
We use silicone to make the negative die because it is flexible and you can peel it off directly from the negative die.
SourcingI bought mine from Amazon prime because I have a student trial so you can buy it from Amazon if your time is shorter than money.
Though, Holy garbage, it\'s $26.
When I bought it, it was now priced at $34. 63.
You can see prices change over time on camelcamelcamel: If you have time to wait for shipping, maybe look on the Internet, or look at local craft shops.
$25 per pound, some, but $10 more, so @ _ @ Smooth-
Manufacturers of all molds
Related food, too.
Safety silicone: Smooth
Sil®940, Sorta Clear®40, Sorta Clear®18 and spring equinox®Series.
\"I took a look at MA\'s dealer,> vodldsam. com.
It looks like the price is a little more reasonable, and the price of two LBS is about $35 in addition to the shipping cost. . .
There is no really good answer here, except to get funding like art grants at your university or city: PThe putty here: 1lb Easymold silicone putty pour rice into my foam mold, to estimate how much mixture I need (
Water can also be used, just a bit confusing)
Then pour it into Tupperware.
If you only have one plastic container (
It will fall off when silicone is cured)
, You can mark the line with sharpie and throw away the rice.
I just used another identical Tupperware container.
The Easymold mixture is the volume of Part 1: 1 a: Part B, so it is very simple to pour half with Part A and then half with Part B.
Then I mixed it up with popsicles.
Saved on rubber, I carved some foam pieces on a piece of cardboard with my hands to make one --of-two-
Try to save a little bit of material on the part mold.
If you do this, you should state this in the riceEstimation steps.
I clipped the top and let it sit for half an hour and took it off.
Remove mold/clean silicone mold silicone once cured, it should fall off the front of the foam cleanly.
I ended up destroying the mold, but you don\'t need to really break the foam if you design it.
I don\'t have enough burrs to remove/clean the foam mold, so the pieces of the foam mold are stuck in the rubber mold.
Some may be inevitable.
I just picked up a bit on the silicone mold.
MSDS says the combustion product is CO, CO 2 and soot, and you may also melt it off.
\"Molecular weight of polystyrene\" is still possible msds (
Material Safety Data Sheet)
For specific insulating products that are ultimately used.
It does not like to fall off the cardboard.
The silicone for 3d printed ABS is very clean.
The silicone captures very fine detail, so it captures the \"3d printing\" stock of the plastic look. Yay! That was easy.
Turn it into food now.
From the laziest to the laziest: CakeMake be sure to apply vegetable oil or butter!
The face is particularly difficult, so be careful.
The failure mode of Nyancake is very rich.
Make your cake.
Complete if you do not apply mold release (oil/butter)
You take the zombie nyancakes or anonymous.
You can see that the mold is not heated evenly. -
If the temperature is high, I think this is white cake and it will burn.
Well, food visualization of heat distribution. . .
Figure 1/23/12 shows how much a box of cake powder costs--
Enough to fill 2.
Month nyancake mold, probably.
You can use dieter\'s trick if you are lazy, all you need is cake mixture and clear soda.
Transparent soda replaces all liquid ingredients.
This version actually seems to allocate heat better, or may depend on the type of cake.
Pending! (science? )JelloFrom jell-o mix. It\'s all hunky-
Dolly also needs to heat the water compared to the cake.
It captures finer details than the cake.
All you need to do is add milk to the mixture and stir for two minutes.
This is less stable than jello --so-frozen though.
PancakeI did not make it work well except for the smallest 1\' diameter mold.
The silicone is a bit like an insulator and doesn\'t heat up quickly, so you can\'t really flip the pancake and just sit there and wait for a minute or two.
The most lazy way!
Pour the yogurt inside and put it in the fridge :)
= Bread/cookies/muffins: I haven\'t tasted this yet, but it looks like muffin bread (
Or the thick cake)
Capture the details of the mold better than the cake.
The main cost is food. safe silicone. Two-
Two materials may need to be manufactured to reduce the amount of material
Like I did with cardboard, but more. . . CNC.
Something like this: also turned to small 3d-
Hope to make a nyancupcake tray one day.
I haven\'t found it yet, though.
Change the material of the oven-
The safe material is like silicone rubber.
I \'ve thought about making a negative piece of metal or heat.
Resistant to plastic and then coated with \"silicone food sealant\" but this material is also expensive.
If I know more about the woods, maybe there are a few that are suitable for use in an oven below 400 degrees F.
I can grind a large chunk of sugar or something, refuel it thoroughly, and pour the cake batter into it.
It won\'t really be reusable, though. PET-
G and corn starch are also used to make food molds, although the former is not suitable for the oven and the latter is-time use.
See and possibility: Sing nyancake!
Embed an attiny piezoelectric battery in the cake and maybe add some code, so it will only start singing when it is picked up. See: jarv.
Well, Valentine\'s Day is coming.
There may be some mold
In my future. . . (
For my edit use, my blog entry on this topic: drystonecakemakerfairenyancad)
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