Cleaning small method of silica gel products

by:Keyuan     2020-12-03
Silicone products you already not strange, it has been widely applied. But the words say again, you know silica gel products should be how to cleaning? Here are the silicone manufacturers to introduce to you. : 1, the water can wash directly silicone products, have the grease with soap after water rinse, dry silica gel products with hot air blower directly, be careful not to insolate, silica gel is a kind of strong corrosion resistant material. Note: the number of cleaning too often, or silica gel will be yellow. 2, toothpaste, use toothpaste to clean silica gel sets, repeatedly with a soft cotton cloth cleansing, achieve clean effect, enough toothpaste is a very good cleaning tools. 3, rubber, rubber to cleansing to be able to sort out stolen goods, if you are not very serious on the silicone products of dirt, with a rubber wipe away a few times, and then washed with please water only can, also have good cleaning effect. 4, alcohol, use soft cloth dipped in alcohol wiped gently. Silicone products manufacturer for 15 years of silica gel products research and development, customization, processing production, the main medical silicone products, silicone tableware, silicone cake mold, silicone strap, etc. Reasonable price, excellent quality, novel style, quality and after-sale guarantee, through the SGS, FDA, CE, LFGB, DGCCRF such as certification, environmental non-toxic, conform to the international food grade standard. Welcome friends from all walks of life come to visit, guidance and business negotiation.
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