christmas robot. 3d printing and epoxy resin

by:Keyuan     2020-07-24
Everyone is very happy to receive the gift.
But give them better.
What you do by hand will bring happiness to your friends and relatives.
After all, when you make gifts, you give them a share of your soul.
In this work, I took advantage of 3d printing as a quick prototyping method and the beauty of color glass technology using epoxy.
Send gifts, send holiday mood! Happy New Year!
STL file transparent epoxy dye various spangles silicone mat kitchen electronic scale disposable plastic cup wooden spatula, wooden toothpick scissors, pliers, paper knife patience and your imagination :)
As a model, I chose the robot structures logo, which I think will attract fans of the community.
I outlined the outline of the robot on Fusion 360\'s computer and made a 3D model.
I have prepared a 3D printed STL file for you.
Print the model on the 3D printer.
The robot model has some small parts that are not connected to each other.
For the convenience of the work, I made the thin line, combined all the details and had to be removed later.
In the picture, these lines are marked in red.
Prepare epoxy resin.
Take a disposable plastic cup and cut off the top part.
Place the plastic cup on the scale and pour it into epoxy component.
Measure 10 to 15 grams.
Add component B (
10: 5, 10: 5 or 10: 6).
Gently stir the resin with a wooden spatula.
Try to avoid active actions, which can reduce the number of bubbles.
Get a silicone pad.
Put it on a flat surface.
In the middle of the silicone mat, pour the epoxy resin and level it with a wooden spatula to fit the model.
Immerse the 3D model in the resin and make it fully cured.
Check whether the resin layer is flat and cover the model from all directions.
The resin should not cover the model to its full height.
It can only serve as the basis for further pouring. Attention!
The 3D model needs to be \"face down \".
There should be subtle auxiliary lines at the top.
They will need to be removed later. After 6-8-12 hours (
Depending on epoxy resin)
, You can separate the filled model from the silicone mat.
Use a Clipper and paper knife to remove excess epoxy around the model.
Then, remove all the auxiliary lines on the model with great care.
Try not to damage the base layer of epoxy resin.
You will get the outline of the model on a transparent basis.
Take the pigment and connect to the component of the epoxy resin. Stir well.
Place it on the scale and add component B according to the instructions.
Mix gently and start filling the selected color with the details of the model.
I used wooden toothpicks.
Dip the toothpick into the epoxy resin and fill it with a drop.
So fill all the parts with different colors of dye.
Did not leave the model until it was completely solidified.
For decoration, you can use different spangles if you want.
After your model has solidified, take transparent epoxy again and add silver tablets to it.
Small sparks give the effect of snowflakes.
Pour the whole model completely with a uniform layer of epoxy resin.
After drying, you will get a very smooth and beautiful surface model.
Pierce a hole for hanging with a hard object or any sharp object.
Your gift is ready!
Using this epoxy colored glass technology and 3D printing model, you can make all kinds of things.
It can be toys, towel racks, candle holders, lamps and even exclusive watches!
Give gifts to your family and friends from the bottom of your heart!
Happy holiday atmosphere!
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