Choose to buy intelligent silicone bracelet

by:Keyuan     2020-09-09
Silicone material has been widely applied to the strap on the bracelet, can make a lot of silica gel to wear jewelry on boom gradually, but in how this market, let many people to choose different quality and brand, when buying intelligent silicone bracelet don't know how to judge, so you had to know the material before buying? Now for the electronic smart strap is not as good as mobile phones, simple step, sleep monitoring, waterproof standard, answer the phone, when the headset and the positioning function even if on one level, but with the progress of science and technology, these features also couldn't be worse, and material above the middle electronic components main problem is the lithium battery and circuit board, LED, OLED panel and so on basic and the difference is not big, not too much of a problem, the main problems and its assembly and strap. Intelligent bracelet with the mobile phone is different from, it is in contact with the skin for a long time, so the material can cause human body allergic, so a lot of material is not appropriate to do it, wearing comfort, durability and antifouling performance and wrist strap material selection and design of important indicators, and the silicone material is by far the most close to the class of security environmental protection material, so choose it in perfect. But before silicone products without the correct processing and processing also has certain problem, such as not oil resistant, stained with dust, taste of gum, so before buying intelligent silicone bracelet you need to pay attention to the following questions: 1, surface smoothness, silica gel products processing after coming out as strong adsorption capacity, so the production is also on the way to touch ash, smoothness, or bad surface inconsistent phenomenon, if smoothness is not good enough and have stained ash phenomenon, the product is no injection processing, or silicone strap factory mold coarsely, without surface treatment. Strap can spray hot oil normally keep smooth feel. 2, stretching the springback, the service life of silicone wrist band complete in the material quality of the products, namely tensile elastic, if the product without good resilience and generate power, so that products in the aspect of material is using common or low quality material, so if you buy products under the condition of non-artificial natural fracture phenomenon, that is about to find the source material. 3, color appearance, appearance is the main, effect of surface quality of the product determines its heads, so there is no any defects nature is better, but the silicone bracelet there are shortcomings, mainly lies in the parting line and the appearance of the products color effect, color basic will not appear on the list of color, mixed color dark noise and mark phenomenon, and the parting line is necessarily exist, just different degree of thickness, the more the higher the effect of the parting line of fine quality. So for intelligent silicone bracelet still has certain skills and methods of choose and buy, on the whole, although intelligent silicone bracelet in the majority, but in the use of normal use basic won't appear problem, and artificial damage still majority, so try to don't silicone wrist band with sharp and fire.
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