Choose the silicone strap and leather strap? That better?

by:Keyuan     2020-12-03
The silicone strap and leather strap is two completely different strap. Material and the quality is quite, the price is relatively difference is bigger. But can according to individual be fond of and USES to choose and strap. Silicone strap is USES the pure natural green nontoxic made of silicone rubber, without any harm, close skin permeability can be directly zero distance contact with the skin soft and comfortable, and has a certain piece together is not easy to deformation, long service life, there are many different kinds of color. Leather strap also has a relatively soft, light quality, wearing more comfortable, not easy to hurt the skin and clothing and other advantages. But when they wear often come into contact with sweat and other chemicals are brittle, harden, easy to produce the phenomenon such as aging rupture. Two kinds of strap relative than different. Cheaper leather strap. Silicone strap it is relatively a little bit more expensive. The relative than to choose better, of course, is to see their own purposes. Silica gel is quite popular abroad, show the life that has grade and informality, young people and older people yearning young state can choose. Suits, leather metal would never wrong, if you bring a silicone table with a suit, unless you are of the entertainment industry, the somebody else will shine at the moment think this person really creative. Casual clothes, leather strap or generic, but the silicone more general of course! Foshan co. , LTD. Is a silica gel products design, development, manufacturing, sales and service in the integration of domestic enterprises. All kinds of products for customers, with rich production experience of the best materials for customers to solve all problems.
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