China Internet development statistics report for 2013

by:Keyuan     2020-09-19
Internet development from 'quantity' to 'qualitative change' mobile terminal applications growing on January 16, 2014, the China Internet network information center ( CNNIC) In Beijing released 33 times the China Internet network development state statistic report ( Hereinafter referred to as the 'report') 。 The report shows that as of December 2013, Chinese netizens scale up to 6. 1. 8 billion, Internet penetration is 45. 8%. Among them, 500 million mobile Internet users, continue to maintain steady growth. The continuous growth of the scale of mobile Internet users to promote the development of the mobile end all kinds of application, become a highlight of 2013, China's Internet development. Internet users into the platform scale growth period development theme from 'quantity' to 'qualitative change', according to the report as of December 2013, Chinese netizens scale up to 6. 1. 8 billion, 53. 58 million Internet users were created throughout the year. Internet penetration to 45. 8% at the end of 2012, 3. 7%. Comprehensive Internet scale data and other related statistics in recent years, China's Internet penetration rate gradually saturated, Internet development theme from 'quantity' to 'quality', have the Internet in the economic and social status, and the traditional economy combine closely, all kinds of Internet applications for Internet users lifestyle affect efforts to deepen and other characteristics, and silica gel following and silicone mobile phone accessories are not the same market share. Mobile Internet users continues to grow high flow mobile application ChengLiang point as of December 2013, scale of China's mobile Internet users reached 500 million, annual growth of 19. 1%, continue to maintain the leading terminal position online. Internet users in the use of mobile Internet population proportion of 74 by the end of 2012. 5% to 81. 0%, far higher than other equipment proportion of Internet users in the Internet, mobile phone is still the dominant driving force of growth in China's netizens. Further popularization in 3 g network, smart phones, and wireless network under the background of sustainable development, video, music, such as flow mobile application has more and more users. As of December 2013, the mobile terminal online watch or download video subscribers to 2. 4. 7 billion, compared with the end of 2012 increased by 1. 1. 2 billion, the growth rate is as high as 83. 8%, in the mobile application user scale ranked first in the growth statistics. Users access to the Internet to mobile terminal equipment, use of basic environmental improvement and is mobile terminal access to the Internet as a decline in the cost of three aspects the main reason for the surge in use of high flow applications. Social class integrated platform for network game terminal competition, according to the report in 2013, microblogging, social networking sites, use of Internet applications such as BBS, down from 2012. Based on the social elements such as instant messaging platform application development and stability: in 2013, the overall real-time communication on the mobile end user scale driven by up to 5. 3. 2 billion, a growth in 64. 4 million at the end of 2012, the utilization rate of 86. 2%. Compared with the traditional timely communication tools, social networks, on the basis of the social comprehensive platform not only have stronger communication function, also increased the social applications such as information sharing, and provides users with comprehensive content such as pay, financial services, maximize the stickiness, ensure the user scale continues to grow. In 2013, by contrast, China's online game user growth slowed significantly. The report shows that Internet usage from 2012, 59. 5% to 54. 7%. The scale of network game users for 3. 3. 8 billion, only for increases in the number 2. 34 million. And the present condition of the network game market overall growth in contrast, the growth of the mobile phone network game users very quickly: as of December 2013, mobile phone network game users in China to 2. By the end of 1. 5 billion, 2012 rose by 75. 94 million, annual growth rate to 54. 5%. The traditional PC online games, growth, facing the challenge of mobile phone network game high-speed growth. Online group buying scale growth enterprise electricity appliance is yet to be promoted the report shows that 2013 is given priority to with network shopping, group-buying business class application maintaining high development speed. In 2013, China's online shopping users to scale up to 3. 0. 2 billion, use to 48. 6 9%, compared with 2012. 0%. In business class applications, the market of the most dramatic growth: 2013 group-buying users scale up to 1. Use of group purchase, 4. 1 billion, 22. 8%, compared with 2012 increased by 8. Annual growth of 0%, utilization of 54. 3%, making business class of the biggest highlights of the application. Compare the fast growth of Internet shopping and buying business applications, enterprise electronic commerce application is still room to improve. In 2013, the proportion of Chinese companies online purchasing and online sales of 23 respectively. 5% and 26. 8%, use the Internet to carry out marketing activities of enterprise scale to 20. 9%. Electronic commerce application rate gap of different industries, including manufacturing, wholesale and retail e-commerce applications is relatively common. 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