China-india standoff, silicone rubber raw materials import and export have affected!

by:Keyuan     2020-09-27
Is known to all, China's and India's confrontation, and nearly two months, the standoff with than previous years, the more, Korea and other international same in extreme condition, instead, as for the disputes between the two countries I want to know a lot of the main reasons of the problem is coming! If the standoff double face down are not willing to pay for it, it is likely to evolve into a war, so in the face of the confrontation, and we have the feeling, the economic loss in the economic development will have how old, import and export of what is the effect of the two countries? Then let's talk about the incident will continue to fester what are the implications for rubber and plastic industry! India's population is growing fast in recent years, natural rubber output can supply global rubber and plastic raw materials, the annual output reached 690000 tons, and from Asian countries, removal of Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, biggest export still belongs to India, and China belongs to the import and export power, the rubber material both import and export have a certain number. At present our country is strengthening the economic drive, completes the area along the strategy, although our country is now in various aspects in the world but still belongs to developing countries, and the rapid rise in recent years, India wants to strive for Asia's power, India in recent years, countries also need a lot of channels for their products from all walks of life, and our country is a huge temptation, so if you continue, so both sides on the economy and industry will be affected by a certain. Manufacturing industry in our country on the other hand, a lot of plastic and silicone products manufacturer of basic spread to all walks of life, for upstream supplier chain fracture phenomena are tossing a few times, so for the standoff that if continue to deteriorate leads to fighting, so not only involves the economic development of our country, import and export for all walks of life are affected by different degree. Understand so for this incident is still hope after India don't continue to fault, extreme realism processing, China and India economic shutdown mutual harmony, can be divided into economy become a great country! Xiamen silicone products manufacturer - Silica gel products co. , LTD. ( )
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