Chemical industry taiping ZongZhao? 'Chemical companies across years in case of fire' from last year to this year!

by:Keyuan     2020-09-29
According to statistics, December 30, 2018 to January 1, 2019, the national criminal fire 2452, killed 15 people and direct property losses of 13. 79 million yuan, not more than larger group die group of injury and fire accidents. And organic silicone products industry upstream chemical researchers focused on the recent fire two chemical plants, is to make chemical accident 'burn' to 2018 from 2019. Across the eve of the chemical plant explosion earthquake! When everyone gathered to prepare the bottom, the town of yangzhou city jiangdu district fairy embellish jiang fine chemical co. , LTD in jiangsu anthraquinone a fire accident happened in the second workshop, fire area of 90 square meters! Too far, according to the local residents in hear them at the same time, obviously feel the explosion was caused by! Jiangsu embellish jiang fine chemical co. , LTD. , founded in March 24, 2003, the company business scope including carbazole, refined anthracene, production, sale, oxidation of anthraquinone production, sales, etc. Company existing staff 150 people, has advanced oxidation anthraquinone and refined carbazole 4 sets of production equipment, with an annual output of 1800 tons of anthraquinone, 400 tons of refined carbazole. The accident caused no casualties, the cause of the accident is still under investigation. In April 2018, the company completed the rectification for security, has been removed, now across the eve of the explosion, is a repeat after rectification of qualified, or other factors, has yet to be identified. But across the eve of the explosions, told us once again no matter when and where shall not ignore the importance of chemical safety. Touches due to chemical industry is too extensive, such as organic silicone industry of chemical products is also many, so even if is the holiday, also want to check whether the device is safety first, whether the equipment is perfect, whether need to close type brake has been handled properly, don't wait for the accident caused casualties to reflect on their own. 2019 the first working day there was a fire! Chemical accident did not die in 2018 at the end of the day, the first working day in 2019, the workers haven't had time to get out of bed, Kowloon park is located in chongqing wanzhou chongqing China song biological chemical co. , LTD. Of the five workshop phosphorus pentasulfide stacking area spontaneous! Now the situation is under control, it caused no casualties. Chongqing China song song biological chemical co. , LTD. , chongqing China biological chemical co. , LTD. , founded in 2008, artificial Wang Hongming legal representative, registered capital of 5. 300 million yuan, the range of experience including the production of hydrogen chloride ( Intermediate) , three chloroacetyl chloride ( Intermediate) , hydrochloric acid, 30%) , sulfur monochloride ( The by-product) ; Production and sales of pesticides, chemical raw materials ( Excluding hazardous chemicals) And so on. Phosphorus pentasulfide as tinder, fire or friction can easily catch on fire, harmful to the environment and poisonous! Fortunately, the accident was controlled in time, environmental detection field surrounding air index did not exceed bid, otherwise the consequence is unimaginable. After shenghua chemical bombing, the country has been going on for a wide range of for screening and safety education work, unaware that for spontaneous combustion accident so soon. The fire of phosphorus pentasulfide also is a kind of for, again in the dangerous chemical industry chemical people always pay attention to safety, is not only the transport and the daily production, pay more attention to and even storage way is repeatedly check, avoid the accident. 'Safety is very important, just want to tell a' although two accidents are near misses, but the chemical safety wake-up call for us. Chemical safety about hundreds of times, but accidents happen. Nothing more than is the time to speak not remember, do not know how to deal with after an accident. Winter dry season has always been a high incidence of fire, electric heating, electric cars and other objects in life improper use can also cause a fire, what's more, is itself is flammable and explosive chemicals harm great? Conclusion chemical accidents, usually the enterprise take any chances. Executives believe that as long as can normal operation accidents will happen, so long as no accident is no problem. What is more, all fire safety education and measures of the equipment is 'playacting,' just to get the related inspectors. But don't deceive others lie to yourself, like shenghua chemical until explosion involving six years without maintenance, finally take the consequences. The New Year, Christmas is the most important. Hope everybody chemical boss in 2019, time to conduct safety training for employees, check the fire hydrant, fire extinguisher, spray the top safety facilities whether can normal use, will account for fire escape cleaning to clean and clearly identified it is forbidden to escape, to ensure that can carry on the defense since the rescue in time, when the accident happened. Finally, I hope you in peace in 2019, it is difficult without a disaster!
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