Ceramic silicone rubber products advantages, waterproof fire off?

by:Keyuan     2020-09-30
Fire retardant plastic material in any industry is absolutely is a kind of useful material, believe to flame retardant silicone also not strange, new type of silicone rubber products industry developing rapidly in recent years, organic silicon material has already been entered every aspect of our lives, I believe you also often see some obscure materials, such as silicone to set, following, and silica gel, etc. , but as living standards improve material are also constantly upgrading, so here is this kind of flame retardant silicone products role in what place, it what is the advantage? As is known to all, silicone rubber belongs to organic polymer materials, widely used in construction, electric power, vehicles, aircraft, ships and other daily life can see the place. If one thousand fires, ordinary rubber are easy to be completely burned in the fire, and fire protection of personal and property security is people care about priority, in order to make the rubber flame retardant effect, previous technology is added with halogen cosolvent, although has played a good flame retardant effect, but a lot of poisonous and harmful gases emitted by burning, accompanied by a large amount of smoke, also want to directly blocked the fire escape, so this technology has been disabled by the domestic and foreign environmental regulations. And everyday we can see the ceramic silicone rubber products, are based on natural clay and various natural mineral as the main raw material through crushing mixing, molding and sintering of materials of various products, basic it is containing no organic inorganic products. With the development of modern science and technology, people have been trying to discover and improve the relationship between the organic and inorganic, so today was born applied in flame retardant material in the field of ceramic silicone rubber. When containing inorganic filler of rubber materials exposed to flame, burning rubber is degraded or, leave behind strength degradation and combustion product loss small inorganic residue or ash content. The residual content is usually not agglomerate or not since the support of, or even broken into granules or powder, so there is no fire prevention effect, as shown in the figure below. Now, new types of ceramic chemical silicone rubber in the flame can form self supporting ceramic body, have a certain strength, thermal shock and performance is good, in 650 ~ 1000 ℃ high temperature flame, a certain period of time ( 0. 5~2h) Can maintain the integrity of the structure, can play the effect of 'passive fire protection', win precious time for fire control safety. With halogen free, low smoke, low toxic, self-extinguishing, environmental protection, easy processing, etc. At present ceramic silicone rubber main components include the following parts: 1. Rubber main use of methyl vinyl silicone rubber. Also can use high temperature vulcanization vinyl methyl vinyl silicone rubber sealing side, namely dimethyl vinyl siloxane base sealing side dimethyl siloxane - methyl ethyl alkenyl siloxane copolymer. This kind of silicone rubber can be used addition vulcanization system of sulfide, vulcanizates high tear strength, low compression permanent deformation, suitable for fireproof silicone rubber sealing strip. If you need ablation resistance better materials, can choose phenyl silicone rubber, also can choose methyl phenyl vinyl silicone rubber. 2. Reinforcing filler used white carbon black, fumed silica, precipitated silica is also available. White carbon black surface treatment can improve the strength of the silicone rubber vulcanizates and increase the hydrophobicity. Surface treated with silane coupling agent, eight four methyl siloxane, etc. 3. Packing at present of silicone rubber added ceramic packing in general is a new type of inorganic filler material of environmental protection, low melting point glass powder developed by Amy micro-nano FR01 and FR02, with high temperature hot melt, have high viscosity, and the physical characteristics of a glass or ceramic, join in advance in the flame retardant silicone rubber wire and cable materials matching temperature of low melting point glass powder, after high temperature impact will eventually in the match, the metal surface to form a layer of expansion and metal color is adjustable, oxidation, reduction, acid and alkali resistance and weather resistance of protective layer. 4. Structure is reviewed. it is preparation for inhibition of fumed silica reinforcing silicone rubber 'structured', guarantee the machining performance, need to add the structure control agents. The use of hydroxyl silicone oil (general The hydroxyl quality score of 0. 06 ~ 0. 12) 。 5. Research and development of heat stabilizer Amy micro-nano D100 heat stabilizer is a kind of new environmental protection inorganic kind the thermal stability of functional powder material, white material is stable base material. D100 with thermal radiation, light radiation resistance, high thermal conductivity, increasing toughness, improve the deformation, shrinkage ratio and multiple functions such as resistance to yellowing. 6. Other ingredients according to the different application scope, different functional requirements, there are some other function in practical formula ingredients, including vulcanization agent, colorant, foaming agent and cosolvent, etc. Ceramic in the silicone rubber is the most important application of low-pressure fire-resistant wire and cable, in order to ensure the safety of the electricity in the process of fire. It is not hard to understand the cable industry of new fire-resistant insulation materials development and application of ceramic silicone rubber pressing enthusiasm. Ceramics, silicon rubber mixing rubber production equipment is the same as ordinary silicon rubber, rubber has very good performance and moulded performance and can be used directly silicon rubber wire and cable equipment extrusion, sulfide as wire and cable, don't need to increase equipment, can greatly reduce the production cost. Ceramic silicone rubber at room temperature with rubber elasticity, after the fire will not crisp fall off like mica tape, can by spray, vibration test. Given the many major civil construction in China in recent years a major fire associated with wire and cable, civil building fireproof cables, is a big demand at present ceramic silicone rubber fireproof cables have a bigger development.
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