Car keys set too brittle leads to those problems?

by:Keyuan     2020-09-29
Silicone car cover is now a lot of young people favor a decorative gifts, now choose cloth, countless choose leather to choose cloth, and so on material, and choose the silica gel protective sleeve is not in the minority, it not only elegant appearance and protective, in use process also occupy a certain life performance, but in perfect products also have defects and matters needing attention, so the silicone set in use process and the production process or need some matters needing attention. Selection problem, the conventional process of silica gel protective sleeve is in commonly used such as stress after extrusion deformation or stretch not bounce have two factors, one is mainly the sizing problem of raw materials, such as silicone rubber of material purity is not enough, purity of silicon molecules reach certain characteristics circumstances beyond stress, will the above phenomenon, and silica gel sets of processing factory production problems, the use of the processing conditions can not reach a certain situation after the products are not ripe, appear the problems of the product is too fragile. Tear phenomenon is one of the main problem, silicone key sets of mold base will exist the phenomenon of right Angle, and silicone products manufacturer in processing mould is not ready to right Angle of chamfer is prone to tearing damage phenomenon, so any product in the process of mould processing Angle needs to be appropriate and R Angle, causing damage in addition to structural problems, is the product of hardness is high overall product too brittle lead to long-term tensile rupture phenomenon, so proper control in the process of high temperature vulcanization sulfide as well as the length of time of processing problems. Surface soft, this kind of problem is only one reason is the silicone factory processing problems, in general motors silica gel set normally won't appear the phenomenon of soft, hardness too low, unless the product processing time is too short, in the process of production and processing in order to promote products to reduce the curing time, lead to the silicone products produce the phenomenon that has the mold in advance. In addition to the above several reasons there are other rare problem, such as break, at the time of the mould, this kind of phenomenon is mainly material is qualitative hardness is too high, mold and rubber card mode under the niang, raw material storage time is too long lead to sulfide are not ripe, curing agent, the new can be refined, product parting line is too thick to product parting line rupture and so on.
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