Car facing scrap, silicone rubber products can be recycled?

by:Keyuan     2020-09-24
Rapid economic development, car from LingJi years begin to flood the market, upgrading the moment has arrived, a lot of in a few years ago to buy the car is close to scrap in the coming years, 2016 to see the current our country will be more than 10 million vehicles a year scrap, came up out of the situation cars scrap rate over the next five years will become the peak, for such a big scrap amount of rubber and silicone rubber products removed intact in the car accessories whether can continue to use? At present our country's motor car amounted to 3. 2. 5 billion only for ranking the world's second, with the United States in the automotive industry of metal parts, rubber parts, silicone products accessories cause the trendy of the auto industry, across the country have the demand for spare parts, so in the silicone products over the years in the car also nots allow to despise the above application, and about the auto parts industry many capitalists and private enterprises mainly in the field of business opportunities for auto parts in succession planning layout, place the removed a lot of auto parts repair update to some used cars and machinery equipped with, there are many scrap parts connected with the secondary use, guarantee the recycling of resources. Think about a car above silicone rubber fittings to hundreds of species, mainly can be divided into the sealing products, damping products, safety accessories, pipelines, transmission belt, etc. , for sealing products and damping products is one of the common silicone products manufacturer production of accessories, select material generally use of synthetic rubber, fluorine rubber, silicone rubber, high strength rubber raw materials production, general auto parts are high hardness and anti-aging products in more than ten years is no problem, but on the auto parts with fluorine rubber is a bit more, because its toughness degree is one of the best material of synthetic rubber, in accessories are of high quality raw materials. Xiamen silicone products manufacturer - Silica gel products co. , LTD. ( )
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