candle craft: how to make beautiful candles

by:Keyuan     2020-07-05
The candle craft became my obsession when I saw some beautifully made candle holders, and I was so eager to learn the art of candle making.
The lack of facilities allowed me to order a learning candle making kit online.
The starter kit provides some basic materials and copy instructions on a pile of paper (
Not much help).
Collecting information from the Internet and also watching many videos on YouTube, I have made progress in candle craft.
I have recorded my experiments in candle making, and this is the result.
I hope this instruction will be helpful to all those who are interested in learning the candle making craft as a hobby.
Paraffin wax is a by-product of the refining industry.
The highest level of refining production is complete-
Refined paraffin wax contains very little oil and has a high melting point.
It appears in the form of a plate or crystal. Semi-
Refined paraffin has more oil and viscosity.
Its melting point is very low, so it uses half
The refined paraffin was quickly burned.
Generate more soot
It doesn\'t burn properly, and most of the wax in the free standing candle melts and flows along the candle.
Can add half
Depending on the type of candle you are making, refine the wax with a completely refined paraffin with different percentages, and the micro-crystal wax is also a by-product of the petroleum refining process with a darker color.
They are excellent materials used to modify the crystalline properties of paraffin.
This is useful when some desired changes are needed in the candle, such as flexibility, higher melting point and increased opacity.
Gel wax is a mixture of oil and polymer.
It\'s transparent, like a gel, so you need a container to hold the wax.
Before pouring into the container, you can add perfume oil and liquid dyes to the melted wax.
You can also add colored sand, shells and beads with water to the bottom of the container to make the gel candle more attractive.
Beeswax beeswax is a natural product obtained from bees.
The one in the photo is from honey.
Comb, need to melt and filter before use.
Its fragrance is naturally sweet, so adding a little beeswax to the burn will give off the scent.
The washed beeswax is provided in the form of a block or a small pill that can be melted or pre-prepared
Rolled paper, without any melting at all, can be rolled into other types of wax: there are other types of plant wax on the market, such as palm wax and bean wax.
These wax are developed as a replacement for oil-based paraffin wax, and in addition to gel candles, we will use most of the fully refined and semi-refined paraffin wax in all types of candles.
Since then, I have called the fully refined paraffin wax the FRP wax in this manual, and the semi-refined paraffin wax the SRP wax.
The color of the candle can be powder, pigment, dye fragments, or liquid.
There are two different types of colored powder available for candle making in our place.
Fluorescent color: can be added directly to the melted wax as needed.
Candles made of these colors tend to transfer a little color to the surface of the container stored in it, even on a silicone mold for casting.
Oil-soluble colors: These color powders will be made into paste by mixing with oil.
I used coconut oil to mix the paste and store it in a separate plastic container.
Liquid dyes can be added directly to the wax of the double furnace.
Gel candles are made only with liquid dyes.
If there is a separate pouring tank for each color, you can add the color directly to the melted wax.
Otherwise, melt the wax in a larger double boiler, remove the required amount of wax in the pouring tank, and mix the color.
Be careful when adding colors.
If you want a batch of candles of the same color, also a batch of colored wax ready.
Even if the number of colors added changes slightly, it will bring a different look.
To make sure the color combination is correct, weigh the wax and color.
You can also try different color combinations by mixing two or three colors.
If you want to make scented candles, you can use synthetic scents made specifically for candles.
The synthetic spices have a variety of flavors such as fruit, flowers and chocolate.
Add 10 to 15 drops of perfume per kilogram of wax.
Depending on the brand, this ratio may vary.
Too many scents will not be pleasant.
Essential oils such as Eucalyptus oil, lemon grass oil, citronella oil, etc.
It can also be used for candle making.
Candles mixed with citronella oil can play a good role in mosquito repellent.
You can use the fragrance and essential oil with the bracket
There are container candles alone.
Metal molds are the most commonly used molds in the candle manufacturing industry.
They are rigid and have different shapes and sizes in many geometric patterns, and they will last a lifetime if used properly.
Metal molds are made of aluminum or sheet metal.
There are molds for a single candle or multiple casting.
Almost all metal molds are made up of two or more parts that are connected with metal clips or nuts and bolts.
They need to be lubricated for release as molds before waxing.
I am using coconut oil mixed with paint thinners and applied to the surface in contact with the wax.
The disadvantage of metal molds is that they cannot be used to make designer candles with lots of curves and details.
While some molds can be used to make floating candles, the finished product looks dirty.
Silicone molds are the best when making designer candles.
Thanks to their flexibility and heat resistance to a certain extent, you can make candles in very unique shapes using silicone molds.
You can see some candles made with silicone molds here, it is impossible to use metal molds.
The silicone mold needs to spray the silicone mold release before casting the candle.
The only drawback of silicone molds is that they have a limited life cycle.
Mold Release agent is a potion that prevents the finished candle from bonding with the surface of the mold made of metal, plastic or silicone rubber.
Mix part of oil for metal and plastic molds (
I use coconut oil)
Mix with three parts of any paint thinner, stored in a glass container.
This mixture can be gently applied with a sponge or a piece of cloth on the surface of the mold in contact with the wax.
Silicone spray is used with molds made of silicone rubber.
Because we have discussed most of the equipment and accessories used in candle making.
Let\'s continue to make different types of candles using these devices and accessories. The name tea-
Light was obtained from their use as a teapot warmer in ancient times. A tea-
The lamp is a candle mounted in a thin metal cup so that the candle can be completely liquefied when burned.
They are usually smaller, rounded and wider than their height. The tea-
The lamp holder is usually made of aluminum, but star-
Shape brackets made of aluminum foil can also be provided. Multiple tea-
Due to the size of the lamp and the lack of light, the lamp often burns together.
The melted wax can be poured directly into the cup, or into a special mold, and then into the cup.
If you pour directly into the Cup, either you need to stick the cup down with glue
When the wax part in the cup is cooled, select the label Wick before pouring or inserting a 1 inch primer Wick. For tea-lights in star-
The shape of the aluminum foil, before the wax, you can place the primer Wick in a tilted position.
For Candles cast with special molds, pre-
It is possible to insert the option card wick through the hole formed by the needle pointer provided in the mold.
Mix with 30% FRP wax and 70% SRP wax.
Add color and fragrance as needed.
Multi-Axis candle holder for storing many teas
Lights on the market can be used on special occasions.
You can make stacked pillar candles with tea
Lamps cast using special molds.
Because these teasPre-lights-
Formed holes, you can pass the wick through these holes and stack any number of parts of different colors.
After stacking the required amount of debris, quickly dip them into the melted wax, which will form a very thin outer layer that will glue all the pieces together.
Trim the Wick about half an inch above the candle.
Votive candles, also known as prayer candles, are candles that burn mainly as a votive offering during religious ceremonies.
Votives are molded separately and burned in the container.
These candles can be formed with molds made specifically for votives or even paper teacup.
Typical votive Burns for a long time and consumes most of the wax used to make it.
Votives are not separate candles, so they burn in containers specially prepared for them.
The wax and method used for votives are the same as the container candle, the only difference is that votives are formed separately and then put into the container.
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