Can Silicone Massage Chair Keypad be installed easily?
It is not that difficult. You are expected to follow the instruction. Then perfect installation and good operation can be achieved. We have realized the easy installation of Silicone Massage Chair Keypad with years of efforts. Each step has been tested, so as to make sure that the operation is normal. You may send an email or call us when faced with any problems. If it is hard to describe, a video is acceptable. Then engineers will offer a solution after analysis.

Xiamen Xiamen KEYUAN Electronic Industry Co. ,Ltd Co., Ltd. has been concentrating on the business of silicone rubber products. We have earned the necessary qualifications for our business. Various in styles, KEYUAN Electronic Industry's silicone household items can meet the needs of different customers. silicone household items as an important product in its industry should be designed with silicone bracelets. Keyuan can offer free samples to customers and send out within 3-7 days. The product is mold and fungus resistant. The mildew preventive is used during its fabric process to eliminate any harmful microorganism and bacteria. Keyuan produces products strictly according to ISO9001 quality management requirements.

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