Busy season has come, silicone rubber material is expected to be back to the price

by:Keyuan     2020-09-27
In late 2016, silicone rubber raw materials through total total reason rapidly expanding continuously, which leads to many silicone products manufacturer's difficult at the beginning of last year, it was not until 2017 and still fight on price, starting in February of raw materials has been rising, continued until mid-may global more than the original silicone rubber raw material gradually stability, mixing rubber manufacturer said comforting, upgrade, the early and arrive in June began to instead continue to begin to decline, whether there are any suspicious? According to the understanding, several price clear stable raw material suppliers, and several have significantly lower phenomenon, silicon industry mixing rubber silicone market in June was really the heart floating, because after nearly ten months prices after shaking, raw material market has improved in June, the market attracting unprecedented dull season, so as the increasing of the organic silicon upstream supply, began to return to silicone rubber raw materials is also inevitable, less cost price support, let the downward trend in silicone rubber raw materials not escape. Comprehensive major suppliers, monomer unit, the overall construction level in the front, the current market are plentiful, mixed gum purchaser will stick to, the current silicone DMC talks in 21000 - price Near 21500 yuan/ton, the downstream factory purchasing sources to reach about 20800 yuan/ton, the price is relatively low. Affected by upstream DMC monomer price falls, the domestic silicone rubber market prices downward. Mixing rubber parts production enterprises manufacturing-according-to-sale, coupled with the raw rubber maintain on-demand procurement is given priority to, stock up enthusiasm is not high, downgrades of silicone rubber price. In the face of more pretty in June, the decline of raw materials can only sigh in silicone rubber market has passed, mixing rubber manufacturer for silicone products unit price control, and customer cooperation so can get some help! Xiamen silicone products manufacturer - Silica gel products co. , LTD. ( )
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