bristol-myers is quitting breast-implant business

by:Keyuan     2020-06-01
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The Bristol-
Shiguibao company, stop selling its breast milk
Due to security concerns, the implant company announced last spring that it would withdraw from the business altogether. The health-
The care products company said it voluntarily recalled its remaining product line of silicone implants instead of appealing the FDA\'s refusal to its application.
Rejection of Bristol\'s application-
Myers and several other breast implants manufacturers did not question the products last month, but said there was not enough information to assess the safety and effectiveness of the products.
The agency said the agency\'s decision does not mean that women should remove the implants.
The debate on health issues says there are several safety issues with silicone breast augmentation, including leakage of silicone gel, which they say may lead to arthritis
Like the disease of the immune system.
This statement has not yet been confirmed.
Advertising, but it has been shown that these devices may lead to a disease characterized by accumulation of scar tissue and muscle contraction around the implant, which can be painful and ugly.
A small percentage of women with silicone implants are allergic.
Advertising that the company withdrew breast implants less than two months ago, federal law enforcement officers in Minni aporiis confiscated 800 silicone breast implants operations manufactured by bioplastic.
Named after the trade name of \"Misti Gold\" because the implant is not approved.
Federal agencies said last spring that all manufacturers of silicone breast implants should prove that the equipment is safe or stop selling.
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At that time, Bristol-
Miles\'s Surgitek Division suspended sales of its polyurethane
Coated implants are not applied for approval because the public is concerned that polyurethane chemical decomposition products may cause cancer.
Although the decomposition of chemicals is related to cancer in laboratory animals, it has not yet been proved to be cancer for humans.
About 2 million women underwent silicone breast implants for cosmetic reasons or follow-up to cancer surgery.
Fewer than 200,000 women installed polyurethane varieties. A Bristol-
A spokesman for Miles declined to elaborate on why the company did not appeal the application for silicone breast augmentation. Bristol-
Miles said it will stop the sale of products for silicone equipment and ask the surgeon for a full refund.
The company plans to close the department of plastic surgery of its Surgitek subsidiary and sell the remaining business of the department.
Headquartered in Surgitek, Wis Racine.
Paso Robles, California
Urology products are also produced. Bristol-
Miles said research will continue to try to address concerns about polyurethane products it has already implanted.
A version of this article was printed on page A00023 of the National edition on September 24, 1991 with the title: Bristol-
Miles out of the breast
Implant business.
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