Briefly describes silicone bib pocket market development in the future

by:Keyuan     2020-09-19
For the bib pocket, believe that we all know, this is children infants supplies, subconscious will think is kid around the neck with interface above water. Because the child in a year will grow teeth, mouth water is the objective response of the long teeth, are made with cotton or canvas processing, cotton bib is a kind of traditional bib, main technological or woven, pattern and decorative pattern, cabinet and delicate. Is indispensable for many mothers for baby clothes, cotton woven bib is always cotton products, no difference with our clothes, dirty you need to change. General attentive mom is going to be several sets for baby, dirty, changes, but babies put on cotton bib several times every day, summer air temperature is high, easy to dry. But in the winter or spring, the weather problem, generally cotton clothes dry after being washed is not fast, so it's very upset, is even more cotton bib. For love clean mom, change every day several sets of bib, increase a lot of housework. However, the emergence of silicone bib directly solve the problem of the mothers, I detailed introduce for everybody below silicone bib pocket of the product is different. With many advanced and modern technology now science and technology mature, a lot of traditional cotton products, metal products, plastic products and daily necessities of life more, have gradually become replace the production with silica gel as raw material. With unique creative designers and the combination of science and technology, was born many silicone products, and silicone bib is the one of the paragraph, silicone bib with food-grade silicone raw materials high temperature forming, from the raw material - - - Rubber mixing - - - Forming, the whole process not add any harmful substances, so produce a product is a non-toxic tasteless. Baby products softness is smooth, convenient cleaning, the saliva from the mouth out, directly to the bottom of back and inside, not dirty clothes, can only use a bib all day, need not often substituted. And cleaning very convenient also, as long as the buttons on the back of his neck you loose can undo the bib, then rinse directly, can also be high temperature boiling water disinfection, give babies a healthy environment. In view of the human body engineering, each kind of silica gel children bib is accord with human body structure design, the children in addition to the children in such silicone pocket, the old man is a big group, Recently received a nursing home said over the telephone specially to buy a few bib, later the company free of charge to send a few, the article has introduced in front of me, welcome comments! ) Old to say also is small, it is not false, old people also need to take care of, but such products for the old people, is also very practical. Future silicone bib is not just a simple one just pick up food or saliva products, we will stand in the Angle of the mothers to do a good job in every detail, good monitoring every link, to create a more satisfactory silicone bib, give babies a more clean and tidy environment, a more happy and healthy life!
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