breast injections blamed in 4 deaths

by:Keyuan     2020-07-26
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Washington, April 27UPI)—
According to a government research paper obtained today, liquid silicone breast injections have killed at least four women, many others disfigured.
\"In many cases, breast amputations are necessary to prevent potential fatal migration of gangrene or silicone particles to the brain, lungs and heart,\" the paper said . \".
A spokesman for the Food and Drug Administration presented a previously undisclosed F. D. A.
Papers responding to the survey.
The spokesman said F. D. A.
Agree with congressional investigators that liquid silicone should not be approved for use in medical cosmetics, such as injections intended to expand breasts, until more research is done on the effects of the product.
He also said that no industrial liquid silicone manufacturer had asked the agency to approve the use of the product for medical purposes, which was illegal.
The doctor has been approved for breast augmentation using liquid silica gel packed in plastic bags.
The use of a fully wrapped silicone \"bubble\" is considered medical safe. The F. D. A.
However, the spokesman said that there are still doctors who illegally use free-flowing liquid silicone in industrial grade during cosmetic surgery.
A version of this file was printed on page 22 of the New York edition on April 28, 1975 under the title: breast injections are the cause of the death of 4 people.
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