breast enhancement history

by:Keyuan     2020-07-10
The history of breast enhancement is actually a trial history, which combines brilliant innovation.
Since the end of the 19 th century, doctors have been systematically trying to increase the size of women\'s breasts.
The first implant used to enlarge a woman\'s chest is actually a benign tumor removed from the rest of her body;
However, this is not a common practice.
By injecting paraffin, the next attempt to enhance the breast is in your 1890 s.
This method leads to infection, lumps, and overall poor results, thus ending its use at the end.
For some time before 1940 s, several implant types including glass balls, ivory, rubber, bovine cartilage, Polyester sponge, polyethylene fragments and a variety of other materials were tried.
At the age of 1920, the doctor tried to use fat tissue from other parts of the body to treat breast enlargement, but this has never been shown to be permanent because the transplanted fat tissue was eventually absorbed back
This resulted in an asymmetrical appearance, so the fat tissue transplant was stopped within 20 years.
The use of silicone is first of all a simple injection without any shell or pocket to hold the silicone.
These silicone injections for breast enhancement can cause inflammation and chronic infection, so the operation stopped soon.
In 1961, the plastic shell plug-in was filled with silicone again.
Shell implants filled with silicone are very popular, but by1992 silicone implants are prohibited due to the danger of rupture of the shell.
Introduction of soybean implants in a short period of time;
However, it turned out to be unhealthy and has never been approved in the United States.
Salt water is a clear solution of salt water and is also used to fill the implant housing.
The saline implant used for breast milk enhancement has been shown to be safer and has been used since 1960 seconds.
After the ban on the use of silicone in 1992, the Food and Drug Administration again approved the use of silicone in 2006.
The latest version of the silicone implant appears in a form close to solid, often referred to as the silicone implant.
The development of breast implants may have started with raw materials and techniques, but long-term research and innovation have led to the safety techniques we enjoy today.
The inherent dangers of previous implants are no longer something to worry about. today we can safely know that all products have been thoroughly tested.
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