Blue star group launched a new high strength of silicone rubber

by:Keyuan     2020-09-26
Recently saw the rubber and plastic industry, the French blue star group again to launch a high tensile meteorology act of silicone rubber, marked by Starsil? HCR series 3100, high resistance to tear silicone rubber, a total of four products, the effect of different hardness material which role is largely in the silicone industry construction, machinery parts, electronic components accessories! Main is the use of different environment and producing! All know silicone rubber raw materials mainly divided into meteorology act silica gel and into fixed method of silica gel, and can be divided into single component and a two-component! So for different silica gel products choose different raw materials, high tensile meteorology act silicone or rubber gas phase, the price is expensive, but for the use of the effect and the performance of the various aspects are outstanding, so any material need to quality and quality! And for a lot of friends need high quality and various aspects can through the test, the silica gel products factory using gas phase rubber production of finished products can achieve basic standards. For this bluestar launched the latest raw material of specific effect still needs to be validated and the time to prove, but the demand is the main solid silicone rubber research and development is right, so basically from raw materials on the basis of the number of performance, such as for the silicone kitchen utensils and appliances, auto parts, electronic apparel accessories, machinery accessories and so on appearance of tensile performance has focused on the improvement, according to official introduction, on the basis of the original gas phase adhesive increased under the following a variety of performance. Main performance:? Tearing performance increase more than 20%? Low pressure deformation performance ( Pressure can be controlled within 20%) 吗? Processing performance, the mixing time shorten, curing speed, easy mold release? Good appearance, transparency, good resistance to yellow degeneration, feel more comfortable? Good thermal stability, heat resistant up to 200 ℃? Long-term storage is not easy to structured? Mixed with organic silicone paint for bright color, won't appear the phenomenon such as mixed color slants color! ( 文章/ yingduyuegaoguijiaoc_1。 html)
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