Bio-inspired soft robot goes off-leash (VIDEO)

by:Keyuan     2020-06-23
Professor George M\'s latest \"soft\" robot
The sidessides research group at Harvard University uses an embedded pneumatic network to achieve motion by pressurizing specific channels.
This work is possible because cooperation is underway in organic chemistry, soft material science, and robotic science.
Unlike the 2011 version of the soft robot, the new silicone rubber robot is equipped with an embedded battery pack that can walk for two hours without help.
The soft robot is made of tough silicone rubber case that can withstand temperatures below zero
9 degreeCelsius), 40 km/h wind, puddles up to 5 cm deep and 3 K Kelvin methane flames up to 50 seconds.
\"It\'s also resistant to acid,\" Spectrum magazine said . \".
The robot can lift up to 8 kg kilograms of heavy objects and can move or turn in straight lines.
It moves around 0. 5cm per second.
Because it is soft and without thorns, it can also be squeezed through the gap.
There are many ways the machine moves-walking, crawling and taxiing.
These are generated when air is pumped into thelimbs, inflatable and deflated compartments to provide structure and rigidity to help move.
These robots employ different manufacturing techniques, such as photography and micro-flow control.
The Whiteside group uses the same principle of motion to manufacture asoft polymer molds with air-pumped channel structures.
\"This is not a complex concept, but the movement you can achieve in this way is really significant,\" Whiteside told American scientists . \".
\"With very simple movements and controls, you can get very interesting movements on these limbs.
Whiteside notes that while the robot\'s movements and body planes are indeed similar to that of soft animals such as starfish, their purpose is to mimic the function, not the mechanism.
With the embedded pneumatic network, the soft robot can realize the curvature change from convex surface to concave surface, as well as various motion modes and flexible tentacles.
The current robot model has a weakness: the \"backpack\" of the battery pack and the air compressor, which makes it easy to be destroyed.
The project is predictably funded by the Department of Defense\'s bureau of advanced research projects, an agency of the Ministry of Defense responsible for developing new technologies for military use.
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