Benzoic acid what the function of silicone rubber products

by:Keyuan     2020-12-04
Do silicone rubber products should be with benzoic acid, it has a important influence on silicone rubber. 1. Control the scorch time of a rubber. Improved scorch resistance of the rubber, the rubber rubber mixing and thermal refining production process, because the rubber formula, temperature, analysing, technology and human factors such as reason, rubber will be charred, cooked glue phenomenon, cause needless loss. Encounter this kind of situation, add 1 - compounds in rubber 2 copies of benzoic acid, delay in rubber scorch time is about 0. 5 - 1 min, increasing the safety performance of rubber production. Often can be used rubber production enterprises in the summer. b。 Ensure rubber scorch time, improve the degree of cure: rubber in rubber product performance requirements, a compression permanent deformation, aging resistance, stretching, static stiffness and resistance to sulfide reduction requirement, have higher performance on rubber vulcanization degree general requirements is quite high. In the design of rubber formula, vulcanization system must be strong. T10 such rubber scorch time is short, and the safety of the rubber performance, rubber coke burning phenomenon, appear easily falling cooked rubber and rubber product performance. In order to guarantee the performance of rubber based on rubber scorch safety performance, add 1 - 2 copies of benzoic acid and delayed rubber scorch time, ensure the safety of the sizing performance, performance indicators to rubber design. 2. Increase the flow of the rubber performance: generally add benzoic acid in rubber rubber formula can make the unvulcanized rubber softening, can improve the processing technology and flow properties of the rubber. Softening on rubber mixing equipment, rubber mixing process and the thermal refining process shortens the time. In the process of rubber vulcanization, rubber to soften and improve the performance of rubber flow, improve the appearance quality of the rubber products, raised the qualification rate of products, especially the effect of the mould is complicated in moulded products significantly. 3. Improve mixing and thermal refining rubber bag roll performance: rubber rubber in the mixing process, because the rubber formula, analysing of rubber, rubber mixing equipment, wait for a reason sometimes appear to take off the roller phenomenon, so vulnerable to rubber refining, uneven mixing, mixing time is too long, such as consequences, make the rubber physical and mechanical performance degradation, rubber products not resistant to ageing, shorten the service life of the product. Rubber rubber roller in the process of hot materials not package, thermal refining process is difficult, rubber hot material uneven, greatly affect the process sequence of processes and product quality. In order to overcome the above process defects, add 0 in the rubber formula. 5 - 1. 0 of benzoic acid can increase the rubber mixing process and the thermal refining process in the roll performance. PS: add important points benzoic acid, benzoic acid, although has the above effect, but in use process should pay attention to the following points. 1) Benzoic acid at 100 ℃ sublimation rapidly, its vapor strong excitant, easy cause cough after inhaling. So add benzoic acid in the process of rubber mixing, mixing temperature must be lower than 100 ℃. 2) Acid number ( Greater than 3) Words can make the vulcanized rubber to harden, increase hard role. Especially in the rubber containing rubber gel rate is low. Using benzoic acid number be sure to add the design purpose of benzoic acid. More questions and common problems in the industry, click on the red font.
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