benefits of silicone rubber in wire & cable industries

by:Keyuan     2020-06-12
There are many different types of silicone rubber on the market, especially in the wire and cable industry, the demand for good silicone rubber is increasing, and the non-conductive material of silicon can cover the wire and resist the current.
You must know that the thickness of the insulating silicone determines the current rating.
Depending on the width, you can get high current from any type of insulation.
So in this blog I would like to mention the main benefits of silicone rubber, especially when using silicone rubber in the wire and cable industry.
Silicone rubber cable silicone rubber is perfect when curing from high temperature, low Halo, voltage and flexible wires or cables.
Mainly silicone rubber is ideal for medical grade and cable applications.
It is also used for military and space applications.
One of the key benefits of wire silicone rubber with good flexibility is flexibility, which is very important for cables and wires, the combination of silicone rubber and the ultra-fine wire holder for copper and copper the most elastic wire production is made of copper alloy.
Silicone rubber has excellent weather capability through hand-held equipment, equipment and box structure.
In most applications, usually at a high temperature of 70 °C to 190 °C, it can be used for about-110°C.
In most applications, it depends entirely on variables such as temperature exposure, atmospheric type, material exposure, etc.
In addition, the physical performance will vary at the high and low end of the operating temperature series.
Using a nickel composer, the silicone rubber formula can be used at a temperature of 340 °c.
Compared with other cables, the silicone rubber cable has good chemical resistance, and it can be used in places where chemicals are used or where cables are in contact with chemicals.
Chemical conflicts usually occur in the automotive, industrial and automation industries.
The advantage of high voltage with flexible wire capability its advantage is high voltage rating.
You can also choose from other varieties, such as co extrusion wires, and for low-Crown power-out, you can also use multi-layer silicone cables with semi-conductive layers.
Silicone rubber wires and cables are the most flexible and are suitable for all major applications offered by elistostar.
Safety silicone rubber is non-smoking, which is why it does not release smoke and any other type of game when lit.
So, in terms of high voltage electronics, this will ultimately increase the safety of your employees.
Application of silicone rubber insulated wire this type of wire is recommended for the industry listed below.
If you are looking for cables and wires for the above application, then silicone rubber wires are your perfect solution.
As per your request, simply contact us and choose the line gauge and shield that meets your requirements.
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