Basketball silicone bracelet to campaign wristbands

by:Keyuan     2020-09-20
Many people wear when playing basketball silicone bracelet wrist strap this act the role ofing is tasted, it design not only good-looking, and wear very comfortable, more important still is the function of wristbands. Then such a wrist band is how to produce? The silicone factory to introduce production process. First, the silicone bracelet wrist strap before the customized products need to provide 2 D, 3 D drawings or samples to evaluate the price. Secondly, after confirmation of the offer to the customer to the customer can open mould of final artwork confirmation, it is necessary to go open sample mold proofing. Second, mould making, after the completion of the supplier to provide pull this with the customer to confirm the samples. Finally, the customer can be mass production after confirmation. Then on specific about silicone products production process: according to the requirements of the processing product quality first, choose a different temperature, different hardness of materials, products of different color glue, mother color evenly distributed. Raw materials and the dosage of the glue, began after mixing can be ready. After the rubber mixing is blanking. We have to put in the process of blanking cutting machine cutting roller spacing to adjust the length of the glue, and then input blanking width and speed, ensure that when cutting out rubber molding, no shortage of materials or materials. Next is the important step - — Moulding. Refers to put slices of rubber hydraulic press mold, the mold closed, and then let the oil pressure directly heated pressurized. Such a preliminary motion silicone bracelet is ready, then you also need to line, fuel injection, logo printing, packing and so on craft. Visible to produce silicone products is how trival, it is because of the complicated and the necessary steps, in order to let the consumer use high quality wrist strap.
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