Band, new silicone material band

by:Keyuan     2020-09-20
Front end time travel, stay at the airport when discovering accidentally put in the airport lounge silicone watches, suddenly the scene was amazed. We produce silicone products, especially silicone accessories, silicone watches are export-oriented, did not expect to see myself here watches, silicone moment feel very delighted, had to stop to find out carefully. Various styles, all sorts of color of the silicone watch is filled with the whole goods cabinet. Lynn niang, looks a lot of style, but also feel the atmosphere of the silica gel watch stores, can be seen from most of the silicone watch, this is a brand of silicone watches, generally at the airport that places all think that it's very high-grade goods, at that time, I still have some don't believe these are silicone watch, so I entered into the again, the confirmation, yes, this is the pure silicone watches, no matter from appearance or from the point of material, is the production of silicone watch no difference with us. Was wondering, this is probably from our factory. With a grain of salt idea had a short chat with the clerk, get information from where he is very surprised me, completely beyond my imagination. In fact whether silicone watch or silicone products, has a certain market share in China, learn from her and high cost performance of silicone watch, and durable, so it was very popular. Silicone jewelry and accessories in recent years began to popular a kind of dress up products, from the category, can be broadly divided into silica gel hand belt, silicone bracelet, silicone wrist band, silicone bracelet, silicone ring, silicone watches. At present the most popular also count the silicone bracelet, silicone watches, silicone wrist band and so on several major categories. From the point of material, at present the main is to use the solid silicone molding is given priority to. Silicone watch popular represent the silicone jewelry, as a kind of new environmental protection material, its produce will no doubt give a tremendous impact on the market. But there are a lot of silicone accessories needs further development and creation, market need such silicone accessories, consumers also need such a high cost performance goods.
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